The Power of the Heart: Love, Energy And Intelligence

The Power of the Heart: Love, Energy, Intuition, and Heart-Centered Consciousness

Connecting with our heart energy is the most powerful tool we have for creating balance, harmony, love, transformation, and peace in our lives, relations, and consciousness.

Our heart is a very powerful organ, new scientific research from the Institute of HeartMath is confirming what poets and mystics have shared for thousands of years - LOVE is the most important thing of all.

The new field of neurocardiology studies the intelligence of the heart, specifically the neural cells of the heart, which contribute over 60% of the heart, and the strong electromagnetic frequency of the heart's vibration.

The heart creates a field of electromagnetic energy detectable up to 8 feet from a person, which entrains the electromagnetic frequencies of all other systems in the body, including the brain, as well as communicates to others whom we interact with.

The heart field is the strongest electromagnetic field in the body, it’s 5000% more powerful that the electromagnetic field of the brain. 

Entrainment is when two oscillating systems come into synchronization together.

The physics term of entrainment was coined by a Dutch mathematician Christiaan Huygens in 1665 after noticing that two of his pendulum clocks were swinging in synchronicity, and when disturbed and left alone would again find unity in rhythm. 

When two people are touching, the electrical energy from each of their heart’s is being transmitted to the other person’s brain.

This has been demonstrated at HeartMath with people connected to EEG and ECG machines.

We also entrain to other people's heart energy fields who are near us, and through creating a strong heart energy field with coherent positive emotions, we can affect other people's energy as well. 

Connecting with your heart and feeling love is the most important thing you can do to create balance and peace in your body, mind and emotions. 

Heart Breath Meditation

Here is simple, excellent Heart Breath meditation to use any time, especially for moments of stress. 

Try cultivating the Heart Breath and creating a vibrant heart-centered state for a few minutes a day.

This is an excellent tool for pregnancy and parenting, as well as any time of life. It can be taught to children or to anyone.

  • As you inhale, breath in the feeling of love. Imagine the universe sending you love, from the stars above, the earth below, the air surrounding you, and the light from the sun.

  • As you exhale, breath out gratitude. Send the gratitude to the world around you, let it permeate your entire body and energy field.

  • Focus on the heart. Feel the area of your body around your heart and notice any feelings or sensations. Focus on expanding your sensations of love and gratitude in your heart.

  • Continue breathing in love, exhaling gratitude, cultivating awareness of your heart.

  • Sense the feeling of love growing inside your heart, expanding outward and vibrating through every cell in your body.

The more you focus on appreciating what you have and see around you, the greater the frequencies of coherence build in our hearts and energy fields, making it easier to focus on love. 

Tune into the power of your heart for love, energy, intuition, and heart-centered consciousness.

With love and gratitude, 
Kara Maria Ananda