How to Be an Abundant Healer

Be a successful wellness professional and create healing and abundance.

You CAN create a successful wellness practice today that will make a difference in the world and abundantly support you and your community. 

I passionately believe in the work of healing arts practitioners, coaches, teachers, mentors and conscious entrepreneurs.  

I know that the more people feel good in their bodies and minds, then the more they are able to go out and be a part of the positive change needed in the world today. 

Having grown up surrounded by holistic health practitioners, and having been in the natural health world for many years as a birthworker, bodyworker, coach and teacher, I have been impressed, influenced, and awed by the amazing work of those who seek to improve the quality of life for people and the planet.  

Yet, I have been dismayed to see so many holistic practitioners experience burnout from pushing themselves too hard for too little results, have to rely on day jobs doing work they are less than excited about, or just simply struggle for years and years doing what they do for passion without consistent financial growth.

One time I was at a gathering where I encountered a staff member of my massage school, which is one of the top schools in the US with incredible teachers who were acclaimed on the national and international level. She asked me if I was still doing massage and bodywork, and I said yes. She said that was awesome because truthfully only about 5% of graduates were able to sustain a practice as a massage therapist! Holy cow! That shocked me!

This is common with other holistic education programs too. Many holistic practitioners, doulas, midwives, acupuncturists, coaches, yoga teachers, and more struggle and are unable to pay the bills with the work they love, despite the huge investment into their education, so their passion becomes their hobby, and a return to the corporate world pays for the bills. 

I know that it does not have to be that way. I know that you can thrive while doing the work that your heart and soul are passionate about - and that uplifts the world. 

You can make a difference and create the life of your dreams - it just takes some strategy, skills, tools, support, and confidence.

That is why I've created the Healing Arts Business Academy to support and uplift holistic entrepreneurs to have the systems and mind-set to succeed in whatever your soul is calling you to share.  

With the internet and social media today, it takes a whole fresh new perspective on how to create a successful business. We need to be not just great at our health and wellness practice, but also at heart-centered conscious marketing, communicating, publishing and networking.  

You can be totally successful in making your passion into your thriving career and I am completely excited about supporting you to do so!

In fact, I think that it is your obligation to be prosperous and share what you have to offer with the world, because we need you to help make the world a better place. 

You have a sacred duty to embody your prosperity.
When you step into your power as a healer, teacher, guide, mentor, advocate and entrepreneur, you uplift everyone. 

When you trust in the value of what you have to offer, and know that it will enhance the wellbeing and empowerment of others and the whole world, it is your calling to find every way possible to share that.  

Your clients are waiting for you to share your amazing skills and passion with them, to help make theirs lives better and solve their problems.  

Many blessings,