The Love Hormone Solution: How Boosting Your Oxytocin Levels Decreases Stress for Women

Blissful natural self-care practices are a must for women's wellness and health!

My secret to de-stressing quickly when I feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and not sure what to do is to boost my LOVE hormones! 

Oxytocin is a special hormone that men and women make in our bodies when we feel pleasure and connection.

For example: when snuggling, hugging, cuddling, kissing, and making love we get a rush of sensual energy and a high of oxytocin that makes us feel safe, relaxed, and blissful. 

This is because oxytocin is a direct antagonist to cortisol, our main stress hormone.

When we increase oxytocin, it causes our cortisol levels to decrease as a result. 

While all sexes make oxytocin, women are able to create peak amounts of this hormone in our life, such as through breastfeeding, birth, and orgasms.

The more pleasure you experience in life, whether through enjoying a delicious meal, taking a soothing bath, or experiencing sexual activity, the greater your oxytocin levels, and the more calm one feels and carries forth into their life.  

Plus, women who have higher oxytocin levels experience stronger, longer, and multiple orgasms easier. Who doesn't want more of that?

How the love hormone oxytocin decreases stress in women and increases pleasure, bliss, and well-being.

Oxytocin is enhanced by estrogen, the female sex hormone, and so effects women stronger.

We also have a higher need for oxytocin than men, due to the effects of stress impacting our bodies, hormones, reproductive cycles, immune systems, and fatigue more. 

When we are deprived of oxytocin, we get cranky from the lack of love hormones and the rise of stress hormones!

Sacred Sensual Self-Care for Women is essential for enhancing our health, wellness, and happiness and supported by how oxytocin supports well-being, directly decreases cortisol, and enhances feminine sexual health, mood, and bliss!

This is the fun feminine way to support positive living and longevity through empowered self-care! 

What self-care practices do you enjoy that boost your oxytocin levels and help you feel happy, calm, and bliss? Prioritize doing one of these practices today.

Wishing you abundant wellness!

In gratitude, 


The Pleasure of Pampering: Sacred Sensual Self-Care for Women's Wellness

The Pleasure of Pampering

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Sensual self-care enhances oxytocin, the love hormone, which supports our feminine health, sexuality, and vitality. 

Discover natural healing practices of wise women healers and traditional midwives for enhancing your feminine bliss through empowered self-care.  



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