How to Regulate Your Menstrual Cycle with the Moon

How to regulate your menstrual cycle and balance your hormones with the light of the moon through lunaception.

The moon and the menstrual cycle have a strong resonance with each other, and women may be able to flow better through their menstrual cycles by connecting and entraining their ovulation to the Full Moon.

Women can regulate their menstrual cycles naturally by using the light of the moon.

This is done through a practice called night-lighting or lunaception, in which a women sleeps in a dark room at night except for the Full Moon and the day before and after the totality. For these three days you sleep with the light of the moon coming in, open drapes, or even a night-light.

This resets the hormonal clock, aligning the menstrual cycle with the lunar cycle within a few months. 

Night Lighting for Hormonal Balancing

Women have found that night-lighting has helped to not only regulate their cycle naturally, but to also increase fertility and reduce symptoms from menstruation and menopause. 

The time of menstruation is often called a women’s moontime because it is intrinsically connected to the lunar calendar.

The feminine menstrual cycle is on average 29.5 days, which is equal to the length of the lunar cycle.

Science has shown that the moon creates a tidal force upon the Earth, affecting the ocean’s tides.

The moon and it’s varying light and magnetic qualities also affect each women’s menstrual cycle. 

In pre-industrial times, when humans were not exposed to artificial lights at nighttime, the light of the moon affected women’s pituitary glands to regulate menstruation for many women at the dark time of the New Moon.

The growing light of the Full Moon would induce ovulation at the time of the brightest evening sky.

Now, women have varying cycles partially because we are up late at night, exposed to all sorts of artificial lights, televisions, screens, computers, and street lights. 

How to balance your hormones and regulate your menstrual cycles with the light of the moon through lunaception.

Lunaception for Syncing with the Moon

Night-lighting is a technique that can be used to help harmonize irregular menstrual cycles, and is also known as lunaception.

To practice night-lighting, a woman needs to darken the windows of her bedroom with heavy curtains or blankets and sleep in total darkness with no artificial lighting in the room for the majority of her cycle.

Some women have tried using sleep masks, but those can still let some light in to the eyes, and it’s best to totally darken the bedroom for the highest effectivity. 

During the three days surrounding the Full Moon, open the curtains on the windows so that the light of the Full Moon can illuminate the room.

If the moonlight is not available then an artificial light to mimic the moonlight can be used for these three days.

The light triggers the pituitary gland to stimulate ovulation, and practicing this night lighting routine for several months will regulate the menstrual cycle, align it with the moon cycle, and assist in ease of fertility awareness and menstrual health. 

This practice of night-lighting for inducing ovulation is also known by farmers.

Chicken farmers have been known to leave the lights on all night in their hen houses to stimulate more egg production. 

Christiane Northrup, M.D. reports in her book “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom” that in one study of more than 2000 women with irregular cycles, over half of them achieved regular 29 day cycles by sleeping with a night light on by their bed for the three days around ovulation.

I believe that even more of the women would have achieved regular cycles if they had also aligned their night lighting practice with the lunar cycle and had been able to also use the natural moonlight which is even more powerful than an artificial light. 

How to Harmonize Your Menstrual Cycle with the Moon

The effects of modern living due to environmental issues, stress, poor nutrition, hormone disruptors and artificial lighting cause many women struggle with irregular cycles.

When women go to their gynecologists, the only solution they seem to have for that is to go on birth-control pills to regulate their cycle. This just acts as a band-aid to the situation. 

Birth control pills mask the deeper hormonal and lifestyle issues that are causing irregularity and hormonal imbalance to begin with, while suppressing a women's natural monthly ovulation.

Through sleeping in total dark most of the month and letting the light of the moon shine into your bedroom for the three days around the Full Moon, you may be able to balance your hormones, increase your fertility and ease menopausal symptoms.

This ancient, simple and low-tech women's health practice is today helping many women to regulate their cycles naturally for greater fertility and health. 

While I have had irregular cycles in the past, as well as suffered from mood changes and cramping, I find that when my menstrual cycle matches the lunar cycle I have less symptoms of discomfort.

I also feel more tuned into my intuition and creativity when my cycles are synchronized with the moon - especially if I give myself the gift of slowing down, journaling and meditating. 

Even paying attention and spending time each night to go out and look at the moon and where it is in it’s cycle, while also sleeping in a darker room at night, can help to create homeostasis within your body, mind, and spirit.