Mary Magdalene: Sacred Feminine Leadership

Mary Magdalene: Sacred Feminine Leader

Mary Magdalene is one of the most important women leaders in history, yet the most misunderstood and maligned. 

She's one of the most prominent women in the Bible, was a spiritual teacher who's known to have taught in France and beyond for the remainder of her life to a loyal following, as well as being a wealthy successful woman who funded Jesus's whole campaign, and was his beloved, wife and true successor of his teachings. 

There is no evidence that she was a prostitute, yet the slandering of her name is perpetuated to this day associating her with demons and sexual impropriety. 

There is a story in the Bible of a women who is said to have been "taken with adultery" that later got associated with Mary Magdalene, as part of the obscuring of her importance as a spiritual leader when her story was erased and rewritten by the early patriarchal church in the first centuries. 

The perpetuation of the patriarchal demonization of Mary Magdalene continues to feed into the cultural idea that women's sexuality is sinful, that women's wealth and leadership is to be ignored and devalued, and that being in service to a man is the way for a woman to redeem herself. 

It is very clear that Mary Magdalene was of great importance in history due to her being the one person who was both witness to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, and was also a primary financial supporter of Jesus's journeys and campaign. 

This leads us to a whole new perspective of Mary Magdalene as a wealthy benefactress: she was a women of influence, importance, wealth, healing abilities, business skills, and spiritual leadership.

The Magdalene Today

It's now time for us to reclaim the stories of women's spiritual leadership and sexual empowerment. 

For thousands of year, Mary Magdalene's story has been warped to continue to persist the hateful social constructs of shaming women's sexuality, lives, and importance based solely upon the sinfulness of a women's body. 

Growing up I attended Catholic school for many years, and was a part of the first co-ed class to enter my Catholic high school, which for decades was all-boys prior.

The dismissiveness toward the inclusion of Mary Magdalene (barely) into the gospel stories contrasted so much with her prominence in imagery, and always confused me when younger, until I learned more of her true story. 

I still vividly remember the times we had to sit in the chapel during high school for special holy days or masses, and looking around the room at the series of stained glass images encircling the chapel depicting the stages of the crucifixion, wondering why they choose to put so many images up in a boy's school that depicted a women who they called a whore?

We were taught that Mary Magdalene was just a poor destitute prostitute who Jesus took pity on. I wondered often, even as a young teen, how it was affecting generations and decades of boys growing up to be men to be surrounded by images of a women they were told was "just a prostitute" when in sacred spaces. 

I would sit and think about how uncomfortable it was to be lectured to by a male priest surrounded by images of a women I was told was a whore and prostitute, possessed by demons, while being ordered to wear short skirts and told to cross our legs.  

How has the demonization of women's sexuality and the suppression of women's leadership been influenced by thousands of years of damage to Mary Magdalene's reputation? 

High Priestess

Many scholars believe that Mary Magdalene was a spiritual teacher equal to Jesus, and was the primary person to carry on his mission as he desired after his death.

It is believed that she was a high priestess studied in the Ancient Egyptian alchemical practices, as was Jesus, and that together they worked to bring higher consciousness and spiritual awakening to humanity. 

She escaped after the crucifixion to the South of France, where to this day in Provence there are numerous shrines and sacred sites dedicated to her. 

My mother's side of my family is French, descended from Provence, then having moved to Quebec and then the US. Every woman in my family for generations has the middle name Marie, except for me, as my mother decided to be radical and name me Maria. 

When I started researching the story of Mary Magdalene, I found out her given name was actually Maria. This really resonated with me, as I feel part of my spiritual mission is to bring light to her true story as a model for divine feminine leadership in health, wealth, spirituality and love. 

Mary was actually a very common name in that historical time and place, given to women who were healers.

Mary Magdalene was often referred to as "The Magdalene".

Magdalene means "tower" denoting Maria Magdalena's experience as a master healer and high priestess.

Feminine Leadership

Mary Magdalene was financially wealthy, as the leader of a spiritual group, who was aligned with both ancient teachings and the mystical message of love, life and brotherhood that Jesus preached. 

She was his equal and beloved, and though her story has been lost, new gospels and scrolls have been revealed in recent times illuminating her importance. 

Her story is very valid to feminine leaders today regardless of religion or spiritual beliefs, because she is a powerful example of a historical feminine leader who excelled financially and spiritually, as well as having healing abilities and teaching about essential oils.

So many stories of powerful woman have been lost, hidden and slandered by the dominant masculine retelling of history, and it's vital for us to reclaim our feminine heritage as priestesses, healers, teachers, leaders and entrepreneurs to return balance to the divine masculine and divine feminine today. 

She overcame so much and despite thousands of years of oppression her legacy lives on today! 

Mary Magdalene's legacy as a Sacred Feminine Leader is rising today, an example of a women successful in spiritual leadership, natural healing, entrepreneurship, and feminine empowerment. 

So when you face challenges in your life or work, think: What would Mary Magdalene do?

You can be a spiritual, successful, and wealthy as a leader and healer. 

Women long have been, our stories have just been hidden, but the truth about sacred feminine leadership is being resurrected today! 

Mary Magdalene's story is too powerful to be hidden forever, she is not forgotten.

Many blessings, 

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