Make the Rest of the Year the Best

Believe in Your Dreams

There are two months left in 2014. 

I was reading a discussion in an online group for entrepreneurs I'm in, and one woman wrote that she was just going to slide by the rest of the year and really pay attention to upping her business next year. 

Are you thinking this about something that you want to change in your life? 

Don't wait to make transformation in your life, health, happiness or business. This is your chance. 

Now is the time, I encourage you to make the rest of the year the best of your year. The stars are aligned and the next thing to do is level-up. There is no hitting pause on life. 

You are needed in the world today to speak up, share your ideas, tell your story, make a difference, build community, be a part of the transformation in the world, build a conscious business, be supportive to people, and to thrive, prosper and grow. 

Follow the path, do the work and take advantage of the opportunities when they are here. 

The best way to create change is to start now.

After an astrologically wild October with two eclipses and Mercury retrograde, we have had an extremely active Sun that has been pulsing out non-stop solar flares for the past two weeks. All this energy may be making you feel like crawling into bed and taking a nap. 

That's okay. Take care of yourself, do some extreme self-care, nourish your body, stretch, dance, get outside, drink tea in front of the fire - and also start taking action on your dreams, ideas, goals and visions. 

We are now entering an astrological window through the remainder of the year that is conducive for manifesting your goals and energizing your health, but you must take action now. 

If you want to make 2015 the best year ever, you're going to need a running start, and we are in the Chinese Year of the Horse leading us up and into the new year.  

Don't wait to make change with New Year's resolutions because there is no point in setting goals if procrastination is already a habit. It's the daily habits that count, the consistent movement toward success through valleys and over mountains. 

In the Celtic wheel of the year, it is now Samhain on October 31st, this harvest celebration is considered the beginning of the New Year. This is the time to bless the Earth, Sun, Moon and nature that sustains us, gather the seeds and plan the garden for what you wish to grow and harvest in the upcoming seasons. 

Make a change and take a leap now!

Your attitude and intentions right now set the vibe for journey of your life. 

I believe creating a peaceful healthy and prosperous humanity upon Earth involves each of us taking responsibility for doing our part in every moment that we can. 

Let's create a new conscious paradigm of vitality, prosperity, community and spirituality through creating our dreams today. 


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