How to Manifest with the Moon

How to Manifest with the Moon at

Having awareness of the Moon phases can help us to understand ourselves better.

We can use the wisdom of the lunar cycle to create more health, abundance and joy in our lives through manifesting with the moon. 

The lunar cycle synchronizes with our biorhythms, emotional patterns, and women's menstrual cycles.

Through consciousness of how the moon cycles effect our wellbeing, we can learn how to work with the changing lunar energy to plan important work, events, and projects in our lives, as well as support our health, fertility and relationships. 

Moon Manifestation

Waxing Moon: From New To Full

Knowing the moon cycles means that you may plan to start a creative project right after the New Moon for maximum lunar waxing energy to work with to manifest your dreams. 

You may also utilize the more extroverted waxing lunar energy by planning a party for right before the Full Moon when your friends and community are feeling really social, outgoing, and amorous. 

Waning Moon: From Full to New

When the moon is waning, after the Full Moon, is an ideal time to finish up projects, declutter, and get organized, as this is great energy for completion but not as easy to start things. 

Before the New Moon, as the moon is getting to the darkest part of it's cycle, is an ideal time for self-care, extra rest, journaling and visioning, as people feel most introverted and emotionally sensitive. 

Manifesting with the Moon Cycle at

Keeping Track of the Moon Cycle

It's simple and fun to connect with the Moon through daily observation and tracking with a lunar calendar.

You can keep your own lunar calendar by marking the moon cycles in your planner or schedule.  You can also purchase an annual calendar that includes charts of the moon cycle. 

If you are tracking your menstrual cycle or practicing fertility awareness, it's very helpful to chart the moon cycle on your monthly charts. It is very informative to see how your menstrual and fertility cycles align with the lunar changes. 

I find that my cycle often lines up with the New Moon or Full Moon for months at a time, and then will switch. I notice that I feel differently and have different energies and focus in my life when I menstruate at the Full Moon compared to the New. This is really interesting and insightful when paid attention to! 

How to Manifest with the Moon at

Surfing the Lunar Tides

The Moon cycle is well-known to influence the movement of the tides on the Earth through it's magnetic energy. Just as the moon effects the ocean, it also effects the fluid rhythms within our own bodies. 

When we are manifesting a goal in our lives, following our dreams or working to bring a new project to life, it's easier and takes less energy when we work with the tides. 

Just like a surfer will have an easier and more fun time of getting to shore if she catches a waves and rides it in, anything you want to manifest in your life will be easier and more fun, if you surf the lunar waves and align with the cycles of nature. 

In addition, by resonating with the natural cycles of energy which govern life, we vibrate at a higher frequency aligned with natural co-creation which brings greater health, creativity, vitality and energy into our whole lives. 

Through discovering the potential of living aligned with the moon cycle, we can manifest our dreams just like surfing a wave. 

You can bring to light what your soul is calling for in this life! 

I believe in you!

Many blessings,