The Advanced Art of Manifesting Your Goals

The advanced art of manifesting your goals...

What is the problem when it feels like your desires are not manifesting?

I recently asked my community what goals they had that had manifested through vision boards (one of my favorite manifestation practices) and was wowed at the answers!

Many people shared that they had manifested their soulmate relationships, honeymoons on tropical islands, dream houses, paid off their car loans, created their successful businesses, accomplished their desired educational training, and more!

But others shared that nothing they wanted had manifested and said they didn't understand why "The Secret" didn't work for them. 

Beyond the Law of Attraction

Well let's address the big issue, which is that "The Secret" shares some information on the art of manifestation, but it's very simplified and watered down for marketing through the mainstream media.

The Secret talks about the importance of visualizing your goals through the Law of Attraction, but it doesn't share all the other techniques that manifestation masters have been teaching for centuries, including the ones who's information and books the movie is based upon.

Universal Laws of Creation

For one visualizing what you want IS important, but then you also have to speak and affirm positively what you are calling in from then forth. 

It's vital to no longer speak of past losses or challenges, or share your ideas with others who will talk about how hard that is, and try to dissuade you from your ability to create such new achievements in your life. 

There are many universal laws at work in the art of manifestation. Just as there are many forces at work in the laws of physics beyond electricity and magnetism, there are many forces that work in the quantum realm that effect how our thoughts and actions create results in our lives. 

Law of Action

Another thing that all comprehensive teachers of the Law of Attraction share, is that visualization to create magnetization is just one part of the process, but just as essential is the Law of Action.

You must not only visualize and believe but also take action - whether it's tiny or big, towards achieving your goals. Action creates momentum which helps to speed up the actualization of your desires in big ways! 

Law of Gratitude

Another important universal law at work in the art of conscious creation is the Law of Gratitude, which is the act of expressing thankfulness for the things you love, enjoy and appreciate in your life now. 

Being thankful for what you do have is powerful, because if you don't appreciate what you have then the Universe isn't necessarily going to bring you more.

The Law of Blessings

The Law of Blessings generates our power outward, strengthening our ability to see and send love and transformation to the world around us. 

Through the action of blessing our surrounding, we actively become a part of the healing of our world, transmuting every moment of our life into powerful opportunities for change!

Bless and praise what you see around you. Bless your challenges!

While the Secret is a good introductory documentary to the practice of manifestation, I find that some people can get very frustrated by not having accessed the more in-depth information that many of the teachers in that movie actually use and share.

Divine Timing

Another thing that I've found is that sometimes it takes time to manifest our desires, and it's vital to not give up hope due to impatience with divine timing.

Our dream house may have someone else in it right now, maybe it's not yet available, and maybe you have to move around for a while and be grateful for the home that one has, and that one HAS a home, rather than feel frustrated at not having the dream home yet.

Yet, through maintaining a positive thankful state, constantly blessing the situation that one is in, and maintaining a firm solid belief that what you desire - or better - is coming, good things do manifest!

Recognize What You Do Have

To those who feel that nothing you want has manifested, I pose a challenge, is there really NOTHING in your life that you want?

What IS in your life that you do desire and love?

Focus on that, just that, and appreciate it with gratitude and bless it with love!

Give love, blessings and thanks to the little things: like time to nap, great conversations with a friend or loved one, playing with your kids, a favorite song on the radio coming on, a meal with your favorite foods. 

Remember that many people around the world do not have such blessings or privilege and be grateful! 

Know that you now, reading this article on the internet, with your computer, tablet, or cellphone, all powerful advanced technology devices, and probably in a place with electricity, are more well off than any millionaire 150 years ago, who did not have ANY of those things!

Appreciate and notice what you do love about your life so more can grow.

Create Space for What You Want

If there are things you don't really like about your life, how can you release that now so as to make room for more things that you want?

Is there clutter? Old clothes you don't wear? Piles of magazines lying around?

I find getting rid of stuff, and clearing space, creates a magnet for new things.

Patience & Persistence

Don't give up! Some things come quick and others take time.

I've found blessings in little awesome things manifesting all the time, but some of the big ones I've dreamed of have taken 5, 10 or 20 years to manifest!

The bigger the blessings the more it's worth waiting and holding onto faith for!

There are still many things I've been quietly working on manifesting for a long time that I do believe I WILL manifest in my lifetime, I'm just waiting for the divine time when the world is ready - and so am I!

If you want to study more about the art of manifestation, there are many books available on the subject that go much deeper into it than the popular movie that keeps some of the important elements still secret. 

Beyond the Law of Attraction: The Advanced Art of Manifestation

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My Favorite Books on Manifestation: 

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The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder. This is a powerful comprehensive book on the many Universal Laws that support our manifestation process.

Originally published in 1962, Catherine Ponder is a well-known Unity Minister who has written and spoken about spirituality, prosperity, manifestation, health, and love for decades.

This is a great introduction to her work and if you enjoy it, I also recommend her other books The Prosperity Secrets of the Ages and The Prospering Power of Love

The Game of Life & How to Play It & more by Florence Scovel Shinn are wonderful books, first published in 1925.

Florence Scovel Shinn was an influential New Thought teacher and writer on the subjects of spirituality and metaphysics. 

She was a big influence on Catherine Ponder who I mentioned above, so there are a lot of similarities in their work. 

This book was very powerful for me when I was going through some challenges a few years ago, and reading the affirmations aloud created visible manifestations in my life that cleared obstacles that seemed impossible! This is a potent book.

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles is a classic book on manifestation originally published in 1910. 

This is the book that the creator of The Secret found that changed her life and influenced the creation of the movie. However this author also highly speaks of the importance of taking action after visualizing. 

These vintage books on manifestation spell out so much more of the practices that are at play in the act of conscious creation. 

This book is one that many extremely successful entrepreneurs read over and over again. 

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is the most famous of the older manifestation authors who have influenced the new teachers on the Law of Attraction, and was first published in 1937.

Considered a "must-read" by many business people, it's also a harder read because of the antiquated language and masculine-focused direction of the writing. 

Yet, in this book you will also read about the Invisible Counselors method that Napoleon Hill used to consult in his imagination with mentors, that was highly controversial at the time - but it very effective! 

If you love to read, get this book - and check out the chapter on his inner secret council. 

The Art of True Healing by Israel Regardie is a unique and quick read about a powerful energy healing practice to activate your body's energy field to enhance your manifestation. 

This little book is easy to read, and is a modern edited version of the original, first published in 1932. 

Utilizing the chakras and Kabbalah, this energy practice combines a meditation that activates the centers of our body, moves energy through our auric field, and then uses this enhanced charge of our body, mind and spirit to power our affirmative prayers and declarations for the manifestation of health and prosperity.

Are there books, practices, or resources that have helped you to develop your powers of manifestation?

Please share in the comments below. 

Many blessings, 



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