Mercury Retrograde: Why It's Positively Awesome

Mercury Retrograde is Awesome

It's Mercury Retrograde!

What feelings does that bring up in you when someone says that?

Do you groan and think, "Oh no! That's why everything is so crazy." 

Why do we do this?

So that then we can blame life's mundane regular challenges on planetary forces beyond our control?

Then do you get worried about all the activities you've been planning and looking forward to over the next 3 weeks?

I want to share with you why Mercury Retrograde is an awesome time.

It feels to me that many astrology buffs play to the fear-factor element of the cosmic dance. Perhaps it's based upon honoring the remnants of our ancestral memories, when people feared the unknown forces of nature. 

Yet truly Mercury retrograde is just a matter of perception. For the planet Mercury is always moving forward in the sky. It just seems from our Earthly point of view to be going in reverse for a period of three weeks a few times each year. 

Retrograde isn't about Mercury actually going backwards, but about how we see Mercury. 

Thus, Mercury Retrograde is an opportunity to shift our point of view and change the way we perceive this whole situation and the happenstances of our lives. 

Mercury Retrograde Change of Perception

I have found that Mercury Retrograde is an awesome time for many things. Being a Gemini, Mercury is the planetary ruler of my Sun sign, so I always felt like Mercury Retrograde was a holiday that I got to be a part of, when Mercury was being talked about, and everyone was paying attention to what he was up to. 

Mercury is a very important Roman God, known as the son of Maia and Jupiter. He is the patron of finances, communication, luck, divination, poetry, travel, boundaries, and abundance.

As his mother Maia is the Goddess of midwifery, guiding souls through the journey to birth, he guides souls to the underworld. Mercury also carries the dreams of Morpheus to sleeping humans. 

Mercury is similar to the Greek God Hermes, the god of magic and messages.

He's also the archetype that the modern superhero The Flash is based upon (which is one of my favorite TV shows of all time - the recent Supergirl/Flash musical crossover episode was amazing).

The elemental energy of Mercury is about trusting in the flow of prosperity, words, opportunity, and higher spiritual forces at work. Mercury is a guide, he assists souls in their journey. 

Many people find plans go awry during Mercury Retrograde, as well as blame a myriad of random unfortunate events on this planetary perception.

I propose that one may need to loosen one's personal plans during Mercury Retrograde to have faith in the divine journey. 

This is an ideal time to align deeper with our soul mission and dedication to service for others. 

I love Mercury Retrograde! I get a LOT done during this time by harnessing the energy of this period. However, it's not always how I plan it.

A big part of maximizing Mercury retrograde is loosening your ideas of what you think is going to happen and trusting in the higher purpose of what is actually happening. 

Though you could speed through work and activities, this is a good time to slow down and go with the flow.

Why Mercury Retrograde is Awesome 

Mercury Retrograde: Why Retro is Awesome

Retro is Hot

I've been rekindling my love of retro style recently. The above photo is my 3 month old and I at the Ashland Hills Hotel in Oregon, which is recently remodeled and designed honoring the style of the original hotel built in 1978 (the year I was born!). 

Retro is all about reviving and imitating fashions of the recent past. 

During Mercury Retrograde, it's a great time to remember what you were excited about when you were younger. Maybe there is something that really inspired you that would be beneficial to bring back into your life in a new way, and could help you to appreciate how far you've come along your journey already. 

Through the path of life, it's good to reflect upon your progress, and take the time to remember what has been that's supported you to get to where you are. 

How can you reconnect with a part of your history at this time? 


Mercury retrograde is a great time to do some internal reflection: to process, learn from, and integrate the experiences of one's past.

It's a great time to go through old photos and writing, revisit your previous goals and see what you've accomplished, what you've been putting off, and what needs to be re-prioritized in your life.

It's also a perfect time for self-care and rest. 

Introspection provides the opportunity to reassess the direction we're heading in and make adjustments if needed, as well as prepare for what's ahead. 


Mercury is a guide who is connected with magic and luck.

Mercury retrograde is a time when things may not happen as you expect, but can bring deep insights and prosperous blessings, if you are open to the possibilities. 

Be open to alternative doors opening in your life that are creating the connections for your soul mission and true path in life. 

Maximize the potential for synchronicity by being flexible with timelines, and allowing things taking their own time of completion. 

Keep a look out for signs of magic in the world around you of which direction to take.


I love getting rid of old stuff that no longer serves my highest joy and good during Mercury Retrograde.

It's a fabulous time for decluttering, organizing paperwork and files, cleaning out closets, and taking old items to the thrift store or consignment shop to find new lives. 

Taking the time to declutter and organize periodically helps create the space in our physical environment and our thoughts to focus more clearly on what we really want in our lives. 

Letting go of the old and bringing order to our past, clears the way for  the best of the future to have a place to enter in your life. 


Are there unfinished projects in your work, home, and life that need completion?

Take advantage of Mercury Retrograde by going back and focusing upon what you've already started. 

My dear friend Annie Botticelli is an internationally renowned astrologer whom I took a class on Mercury Retrograde with in Sedona 7 years ago. She recommended that Mercury Retrograde is a great time to continue what you've already put into motion and commit to goals you've already set. 

What have you been working on that needs attention? 

Mercury Retrograde is the best time to complete old projects. 

Mercury Retrograde

Maximizing the Magic of Mercury

I hope this inspires you to use the awareness of this astrological passage for optimizing what works best during Mercury Retrograde. 

There is no need to worry about what could go wrong when there's so much potential for self-growth, goal completion and clearing during this time. 

Feeling frustrated about the retrograde anyway?

It's okay! Life has challenges, that's a part of our human experience.

When upset or stressed out, I always recommend increasing self care, connecting with nature, journaling, and cleansing showers or baths, as well as the healing power of naps. 

Then take a look around and see: what small action step can you take towards your goals?

Keep moving forward, one step at a time.

It may seem that you are not going anywhere or moving backwards, but remember that's just a matter of perception.

Progress is not always linear, it's more like a spiral, like the cosmic dance of planets spiraling around the Sun. 

What do you do to get the most from a Mercury Retrograde cycle?

I'd love to hear from you in the comments below. 

Many blessings,