Open Yourself To The Abundance of the Universe

Open to Abundance

There is power in vulnerability. We are taught that we need to be strong, to do everything ourselves, to isolate ourselves in our own homes, lives and minds crafting an ideal personality, presence, and even social media persona.

But life always has challenges, these are the profound life experiences that facilitate massive spiritual and creative growth and healing. We need to embrace that sometimes things are hard and that's okay. 

What's needed is to open ourself to support, coaching, and help. To admit and ask for what we need. To let others know when we need reassurement, community and love. 

Many people don't like to share when they are in a hard place. But when you do, you allow yourself to receive the divine love and abundance of the universe flowing to you through the people who love you and care about you the most. 

People want to help you. Be strong by being vulnerable. Let people know what you need and how they can help you. By showing your vulnerability, you allow others to do the same, and you allow the people who want to help you to know how they can do so the best way. 

If this scares you, then it's exactly what you need to do to grow the most. Which is more terrifying? Opening yourself to receive blessings and miracles so that you can achieve your goals, or staying in the same stuck place for the rest of your life? 

Go for it! Do what you fear the most. Ask for what you need. Let people know how they can support you. Follow your dreams, and don't ever let fear stop you, because only love is real. 

Many blessings, Kara