How Love is a Key to Building Real Relationships Through Social Media

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We All Crave Love.

Love causes us feel connected, blissful, happy and makes stress, pain and loneliness just melt away. 

All of our social connections involve oxytocin - the hormone of love. This neurotransmitter is produced by the pituitary gland in the brain and has receptors in the heart, the breasts, the uterus, and the central nervous system. The release of oxytocin in the body makes us fall in love, bond, trust, and create relationships with others. 

Orgasmic Bonding

Oxytocin levels rise and make us feel happy and loving when we hug, kiss, hold hands and cuddle with others. Oxytocin also increases when we look into each others eyes, sit eating a meal together family style, or share stories and engage in conversation. 

We experience high levels of oxytocin during love-making and orgasm which cause us to bond deeply with our partners. 

The Oxytocin Birth High

Mothers and babies experience lifetime peak levels of oxytocin during the moment of birth which supports the labor process, causes mama and baby to fall deeply in love, and dilates the eyes supporting deep eye gazing immediately postpartum. 

The high levels of oxytocin experienced by both mothers and babies facilitate the forming of deep human connections necessary for survival of the infant and thus humanity. 

Oxytocin also continues to be stimulated during breastfeeding, further supporting the care and protection of the baby through the mother-child bond. 

Love is a Survival Skill

We are biologically programmed to desire deep loving relationships and to crave high levels of oxytocin in our brains and bodies. 

Understanding the role of oxytocin and relationships continues to be essential throughout our whole lives, as it is vital to all social connections. 

We all want to form real relationships through human connection, bonding and trust. This can be done from afar, through connecting socially through laughter, intimacy, and support of each other by calling each other on the phone, watching a video, or writing an email.

Social Media Networking Enhances Oxytocin

Especially online, through the internet and social media, we have to understand the role of oxytocin, the hormone of love, to build real relationships and trust with others. 

In fact, science has now proven that social media networking also increases oxytocin! I believe this is why social media is growing in importance and influence, because it allows us to connect and feel good, which is the natural drive of humans. 

So share your personal stories that make us bond with you, show us photos where we can see into your eyes and connect, share funny things that make people laugh and feel good, or just like and comment on people's social media posts because connection is what we all crave. 

Spread the love! 

Many blessings,
Kara Maria Ananda

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