Radical Prayer: Transform Your Life and the World in 28 Days

Dearest Benevolent One: Thank you for making this a day of astonishing miracles!
— Annie Botticelli
Radical Prayer Book by Annie Botticelli

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Annie Botticelli’s new book “Radical Prayer: Transform Your Life and the World in 28 Days” is now one of my favorite bedside table books for daily blessings.

I love having uplifting books to turn to for positive inspiration and this is a wonderful addition to my collection.

Annie is a world renowned astrologer with a popular YouTube channel with over 4 million views of her monthly horoscopes.

She’s also a teacher, coach, entrepreneur, author, and a dear friend of mine.

I met Annie 10 years ago when she ran up to me beaming smiles in a cafe parking lot in Sedona, Arizona, and said something along the lines of “I’m so excited to meet you! We are going to be great friends!”. I responded with something like “Awesome!”, not knowing who she was yet, but loving her energy and feeling a kindred connection from the start as well.

Annie was right, of course. We’ve been great friends ever since.

She’s a magical miraculous women with an independent spirit for truth, health, love, nature, and joy.

I treasure her personal, spiritual, and astrological insights - and her laughter is absolutely infectious.

Both of us have experienced cross-country moves, having new babies, and growing our holistic businesses online over the past decade, and I just adore her more than ever.

Annie’s a special kind of person who listens to her heart and intuition, is super smart, and full of wise counsel for aligning with divine guidance which she shares in a fun, light, and sparkly way.

She continues to bring her positive rays of energy into my life through the daily readings of her prayers that are as positive and effervescent as her personality.

Reading her book “Radical Prayer” is like getting bursts of Annie’s real bubbling magical downloads of creative and spiritual motivation.

I love being able to read a positive prayer of hers each day to get an infusion of her joyful spiritual words of wisdom.

Annie truly is one of the most magical and in-the-flow people I know.

Reading her book brings you through a journey of 28 powerful positive prayerful declarations to focus and align your heart and mind with Source to bring forth joy, healing, prosperity, love, and blessings.

Positive daily readings are a great way to get one’s mind aligned with the highest outcome for the day, connect with spirit, and boost your mood.

I love Annie’s new prayerful book of positive transformation and sparkling spiritual alignment.

Check out “Radical Prayer” at Amazon and find out more about Annie Botticelli at AnnieHelpsYou.com.

Positive affirmation from the Radical Prayer book by Annie Botticelli