Reclaiming the Power of Feminine Sexuality

Reclaiming the Power of Feminine Sexuality for Women's Sensual Wellness

There is a secret to the law of attraction that is not mentioned in popular modern books and movies. 

Your feminine sexual energy is the most potent force for creation and manifestation in your life. 

Sexual energy is the life-force that runs through all of nature, and is at work throughout our lives inspiring us to take action, to grow, to connect, to live in all ways more. 

We can see the sexual nature of life at work all around us through the pollen swirling in the air from trees, in the bees flying from flower to flower, in the urge of plants to grow higher toward the Sun, and in our own lives craving intimacy and attracting us to people and opportunities that bring us delight and joy. 

This energy can be harnessed and channelled into every aspect of our lives to propel us to create beauty, abundance, love and prosperity in the world around us, through our relationships, home, work and artistic expression. 

In the classic books on prosperity written in the early 1900's it was clearly acknowledged that sexual energy was the most potent form of energy to harness for manifestation. 

Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, writes about the powers of sexual energy for true complete success, yet in his book written in the 1920's directed toward men, he also specifies that for a man to achieve the highest level of success it is vital that he have the support of a devoted woman. Here's a clue, in old-fashioned writing, that guides us to understand that even a century ago successful male leaders in the industrial revolution were harnessing the power of feminine sexual energy to achieve prosperity and manifestation of the highest order.

Napoleon Hill was writing the methods of success that he had learned from the financial giants of the industrial era, thus passing on and writing for the first time the secrets men have used to attain success through the power of conscious direction of energy, and the harnessing of sexual power. 

Now is the time for us as women to harness our own powers of sexual energy for manifestation! 

Reclaiming the Power of Feminine Sexuality for Women's Sexual Wellness

Did you know that it's scientifically proven that when we ovulate we have higher levels of good-feeling hormones that make us more attractive to others, more confident in business and life, and support us to achieve higher goals? 

Yet if our cycles are irregular, or ovulation is suppressed from artificial-hormones, we can lose that clarity in finding our peak levels of hormones that attract abundance and opportunity into our lives. 

When girls are taught to feel shame or guilt about our sexual nature and cycles of menstruation and fertility from a young age, live in fear of pregnancy for decades, and then cancer for the remainder of our years, than we can unconsciously channel that great power of manifestation into creating exactly what we don't want. 

There are powerful ways to naturally tune into the abundant healing and manifesting energy of our female sexual hormones - which are actually the hormones that are needed for health in ALL aspects and ages of our lives.

Even when we are no longer in an age of cycling, our body is still producing hormones for sexual energy and health (and another secret is that post-menopause is when many women truly tap into the power of full sexual expression, once the fear of pregnancy is past, opening up pathways for new creative expression and success in life!). 

Many Blessings on Your Health & Abundance!

Kara Maria Ananda