The Sacred Feminine is Rising: Midwifing the Rebirth of Divine Union

The Sacred Feminine is Rising: Midwifing the Rebirth of Divine Union

We are in a new era.

A time of great change in which the sacred feminine is able to rise up and regain her equal place in balance and loving co-creation with the divine masculine. 

Through these turbulent global times we can see that the rippling effects of war, violence, poverty, pollution and chemicals are destroying the health, peace, and potential of humanity. 

It is our destiny for humans to live synergistically with the Mother Earth.

We are to be her caretakers and stewards, growing and evolving in our spiritual development. Yet, humanity is struggling. 

Our connection to our true divine potential has been obscured and oppressed for thousands of years by the patriarchy.

Yet, the divine feminine cannot be killed or hidden or forgotten.

The divine feminine is eternal. 

She is infinite, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, the divine feminine is resurrected, again and again.

Until her message of love, compassion and humanitarianism is heard by the people of the Earth, and the respect and honoring of women and nature is universal, she will keep birthing her wisdom into the world to uplift the divine feminine warrior healers to keep working for peace and prosperity. 

A long time ago, the feminine principle was celebrated for the gifts of fertility, abundance, love and sensuality.

In cultures around the world, we see the remains of the ancient ways. 

When the cosmology of human cultures recognizes and honors the divine feminine, there is respect in the culture for women, healing, and nature.

There is a place of balance for all people and an honoring of the Earth. 

Today the feminine principle is not equally honored in the expression of the major global religions and spiritual traditions prevalent today, and thus women are subject to the oppression that results when the cosmology of the culture sees them as less than holy. 

All life is sacred!

All people are expressions of the spiritual force of nature and the divine. The feminine and masculine principles are needed to evolve together in harmonic love frequencies to create the sacred birth of a new humanity. 

The tides are changing.

Today women and men are rising up to bring compassionate and conscientious leadership to the world to help people heal our communities and planet. 

The divine feminine has always been here.

She is Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Isis, Sophia, Kali, Shakti, Aphrodite, Artemis, Hecate, Demeter, Maya, Shekinah, Lilith, the Black Madonna, and so much more. 

She is rebirthing herself through conscious feminine leaders today.

The time is now, when the era of the feminine resurrection is here. She is rising to take her place in our hearts and consciousness to help us to recognize that LIFE is sacred. 

Her story has been erased, books and libraries have been burned, wise women have been silenced for thousands of years - but her stories are alive in our feminine soul and we know the truth. 

No one is less than any other.

We are all one cosmic family.

Maybe a the human family is a little dysfunctional at this moment in human history, but LOVE can heal anything.

And the love of the divine mother is returning now to awaken her children to our true potential and destiny. 

Do you feel the rise of the divine feminine within your soul?

It's a new time, and it's now safe for you to express and embody the divine feminine in your own life.

We are midwifing the rebirth of sacred union today!

Many blessings, Kara