Sacred Prosperity: Your Source of Abundance

Sacred Prosperity: Your Source of Abundance

It is right to desire greater wealth, success, prosperity and abundance. 

Life's natural expression is for growing into a greater levels of health, joy, happiness, relationships, and achievement.

Prosperity is the state of being prosperous, and is more than just money - it's about recognizing and appreciating the blessings of the world around you.

It's about enjoying all the good things of life, from our home, environment, great food, friends, family, and having the ability to say YES to what you want in your life! 

Do you struggle with feelings that asking for your worth in your work and service is not spiritual?

There is a false teaching embedded within the last couple thousands years of human history that spreads the destructive thought that poverty is virtuous and holy. This is actually a lie written into spiritual teachings designed to keep the mass population poor and complacent, and thus more easily ruled and controlled. 

In the feudal times of the Medieval Ages when poverty was rampant, the religious leaders focused upon teaching that being poor was more spiritual to keep the population from revolting against the lords and noble rulers. 

It is your true birthright to seek to embody the riches of your spirit in all aspects of your life. 

Do you wish to help change the world today for bringing greater health and peace to people as well as to protect our natural wonders of the world and environment?

To create buildings, natural conservation projects, clean air, water purification systems, new schools, homes, birth centers, and health centers it takes money.

To raise or adopt children, to feed them, house them, and provide them with the means to grow into fully capable, healthy and intelligent adults takes money. 

To have access to higher education, tools to utilize your skills and gifts, and the ability to play instruments, to read books, to learn new things to better your life and the world takes money. 

It is a sacred calling to be in conscious cultivation of financial wealth in order to manifest the optimal use of our world and lives, and enrich the lives of others. 

Money is not evil, it is not good or bad, it is a tool that is pure energy, and how you choose to use that energy is what gives it meaning. 

It's time to choose to be wealthy in body, mind, spirit and life, and to use the tools that the world provides with us in the highest way to further our spiritual callings and path! 

It's not practical to go back to a barter system in our increasingly global economy, you cannot barter with someone in another country or far-away region for livestock or baked goods in exchange for professional services. 

The energy of money is the most powerful and direct force for the exchange and circulation of wealth today on the planet.

You can learn to use this force for great spiritually directed purposes.

It's vital to recognize money as a manifestation of the blessings of abundance and appreciating both receiving and giving this energy in your life. 

To be wealthy is to fully utilize your gifts, ambitions, thoughts, actions, and service to enhance your life and the world. 

In order to achieve all that life has waiting for you, you need to be wealthy and fully welcoming of the spiritual path of prosperity. 

Our source of all wealth is purely divine and loving.

It is the Source of All Life within and around us wanting to express itself in the world fully through us. 

Whatever you call this Source of All Life: Universe, God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Creator, Quantum Energy, or the many others names of Sacred Source, it is divine, loving, and wants for you to be successful. 

Is there a desire within you to make a difference in the world today?

Is there more that you want from life?

Would you love to have more freedom to spend time with your family, travel to beautiful places, enjoy leisurely activities, improve your home, enhance your health, wear gorgeous clothing, and eat delicious food? 

Are you wanting to be a force of healing and transformation in the world to bring greater peace, prosperity, health, education, and services to communities and families worldwide?

It's time to step into your Sacred Prosperity and know that the Universe has got your back!