Turn on the Love Hormone for Ecstatic Feminine Health

Do you desire to experience more pleasure, bliss and sensuality in your life? 

I've had powerful lessons in my life on the importance of self-care for health - and am fascinated with the essential nature of pleasure for women's wellness.

As I've worked in the healing arts for over 20 years, I've strived to serve others and provide effective and nurturing care. I've also experienced a few bouts of exhaustion and burnout, due to pushing myself too hard caring for others, so that I've overworked and neglected myself. 

In healing and nurturing my body, I've found myself returning over and over again to the very practices I love to share: bodywork, sacred bathing, healing foods, sensual herbs, ecstatic dance, and conscious breath work. 

It's amazing how powerful rest and rejuvenation is to our feminine health and wellbeing. 

To be a successful women in the modern world filled with increased stress and demands, we must even more deeply embrace the ancient practices of natural women's healing arts. 

My own experiences have impressed upon me the importance of allowing ourselves to rest, and to nurture and pamper ourselves with pleasurable sensual healing arts that support and nourish our vitality, sexuality, and feminine health. 

Through work with my clients and community over the years, I have seen women push themselves to care for everyone else but themselves - until they create an accident or illness that forces them to stop, shift, change and take that time for rest and rejuvenation. I have also seen women completely transform their health and chronic conditions through embracing these gentle natural practices of self-love. 

We've been taught to feel guilty for doing things for ourselves - but it's time to recognize the vital necessary nature of self-care and pleasure.

Self-care is necessary to create health and wellbeing. It is the foundation of a thriving vibrant body, mind and spirit. 

Did you know that stress is the #1 cause of illness, and the leading cause for 70-90% of primary care physician visits?

Stress impacts women more than men, and women manifest more physical and emotional symptoms from the effects of stress, resulting in menstrual challenges, depression, anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, loss of libido, and much more. 

Women have a special stress response called "Tend and Befriend", when we experience stress we can reduce it by engaging in caring activities or connecting with other women, which creates oxytocin - the hormone of love.

The higher levels of oxytocin we have in our bodies, the less stress effects us, and the more we feel love, bliss, bonding, connection and health. 

Oxytocin is enhanced by estrogen, and thus it effects women stronger, and we have a high need for oxytocin to support our everyday wellbeing and combat the effects of stress. Oxytocin deprivation, through high stress, lack of touch or self-care, makes us grumpy. 

This hormone of love is released in peak quantities during orgasm, birth and breastfeeding, and it also stimulated through sensual activities, pampering, massage, enjoying sensual foods, and more.

When we have high levels of oxytocin in our body we feel warm, tingly, sensual, loving, compassionate, happy, blissful, trusting, relaxed, alert and confidant - and this supports our optimal sexual health and vitality. 

Self-Care and the Love Hormone

Sensual self-care enhances oxytocin, the love hormone, which supports our feminine health, sexuality and vitality. 

Traditional women's healing arts utilized by wise women, midwives, shamans, priestesses and medicine women around the world all focus upon natural healing practices that support relaxation and enhance women's sexual health.

Through caring for ourselves with empowering positive healing practices used by women for millennia, we can decrease our stress and increase our sexual health, through massage, herbs, and healing arts. 

Nourish yourself so you can follow your dreams, feel your best and be of the best support to others.

Say YES to your health, to your well-being and your joy and pleasure!

Take control of your life and your happiness. Get to know your body, what feels good, what makes you feel good and about how to support and enhance your pleasure and health at the same time. 

Through honoring the arts of traditional women healers around the world, we can recognize the sacred nature of why women healers, medicine women and midwives from diverse cultures have utilized the practices of massage, sacred movements, herbs, bathing, and pampering to support women's health and wellbeing. 

Take your self-care to new levels and ignite your feminine sensual energy, confidence and passion! 

When we care for ourselves, we reduce stress, the #1 cause of all illness, and create positive changes in our body, mind and spirit.