The Seven Sisters: Sacred Feminine Chakra Activation Meditation

Since the beginning of human history, people have been fascinated by the phenomena of the celestial spheres and lights. 

Our lives as humans are so dependent upon the energy received from the Sun, which makes plants grow, ecosystems thrive, and provides nourishment for our bodies and life.  

Cultures around the world have stories and myths regarding the stars and constellations that have significant similarities and complexity. 

The constellation of the Pleiades is the brightest star cluster in the sky, and has one of the richest histories of being noticed by ancient cultures around the world. 

This small bright group of stars is also known commonly as the Seven Sisters, and the main seven stars are today named after Seven Sisters from Greek mythology, who were associated with the Pleiades. 

Just as the cycles of the moon affect our lives, and our bodies regulate to the daily and seasonal cycles of the Sun, the movement of the stars also create effects in our lives. 

The Pleiades is significant because these Seven Sisters are a constellation that is tied in movement around our Galaxy with our Sun and Earth. 

In the Greek mythology, each of the Seven Sisters were Goddesses and midwives.

They each had unique characteristics that created together a full spectrum of empowered feminine icons.

Together, they represent seven archetypes of divine feminine leadership, which are ancient stories with powerful meaning encoded within them for modern women today to find balance and create conscious leadership pathways. 

I have long been fascinated by the Pleiades and called to study the mythology, lore, and stories of the Seven Sisters. 

In hours of meditation and visioning, I have felt renewed energy, balance, vision, and connection through connecting consciously to the stars of the Pleiades, and have received transformational messages and support from this council of star Goddesses. 

The Seven Sisters each resonate with one of our seven chakras, and brings energy to our body, mind, and spirit. 

More people are feeling called to connect with the energy of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, for they are the sacred feminine midwives of this new era that we can call upon to bring healing, balance, and transformation to our lives, to birth the world that is our divine destiny. 

Many people are going through personal changes, breakthroughs, and huge shifts in their lives right now. 

The Seven Sisters may remind us of how women today are called to be full spectrum, to create new roles of feminine leadership that honor and celebrate the variety of ways that we have to express ourselves and share our gifts with the world. 

You may find during times of eclipses and astrological shifts, that the archetypes and roles you play in your life may shift, for we can embody multiple aspects of the faces of the sacred feminine at different times in our lives. 

If you are going through changes, transformation, and growth in your life, connecting with the Seven Sisters will bring balance and support to help you step into the next stage of your personal evolution in resonance with the universal frequencies of harmony and rebirth. 

The Seven Sisters Chakra Activation Meditation with the Sacred Feminine Mythology of the Pleiades Goddesses

The Seven Sisters Chakra Activation Meditations

You can meditate upon the Seven Sisters by focusing your intention upon receiving the energy of the Pleiades star constellation.

Simply relax into a meditative pose, either sitting comfortably with your back straight, or lying down with your spine at ease.

Envision the constellation of the Pleiades above you in the sky shining light down upon your energetic body.

Feel the energy of each of the Seven Sisters, the seven main stars of the Pleiades, energizing and balancing your seven chakras.

Notice any feelings or thoughts that you have. You may feel a light sensation of calm, comfort, and electricity.

You may have symbols, words, or ideas come to your mind.

It can be helpful to journal and write down any thoughts or images that came to your mind during this meditation, after you are complete.

The Seven Sisters Circle

If you would like to know more, I have created a series of Seven Sisters meditations in the Seven Sisters Circle online course that goes deeper into the meanings of each of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, as 7 Sacred Feminine Archetypes for Feminine Leadership today.

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Join the Seven Sisters Circle online course to discover the sacred feminine wisdom of the Pleiades for transformational living. 

The Seven Sisters Circle

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