Sound Healing: 3 Ways to Experience the Therapeutic Power of Music

Sound healing is a therapeutic form of musical vibrations for optimal human experience.

Sound has been used for healing purposes all over the world for thousands of years. From singing, toning, chanting, drumming, instruments, and now audio technology there are many ways in way sound healing can be experienced. Humans have long known about the transformational powers of music and vibration.

Listening to music inspires creativity. Certain music can be calming and meditative. Just playing music that we enjoy can shift our emotions, activate our brain, and enhance our health, productivity and wellbeing. Upbeat music can also inspire movement, dance, exercise and encourage a higher degree of fitness. 

There are simple ways that you can incorporate the healing power of music into your life. 

3 Sound Healing Practices You Can Try:

1. Toning:

This is an easy practice to do and the vibrations of toning directly effect the neurological system as well as all the tissues and cells in the body. Toning creates a simple long sound such as “AH”, “HU” or “OM” which creates vibrations that are felt within the resonant tissues of the body. The vibrations relax the cells, muscles and nervous systems. 

2. Listen to Music:

Through listening to an uplifting and positive song on headphones or speakers, we can uplift our mood and energy. Music and lyrics that make us feel good, inspired and happy creates changes in our mind, body and emotions for enhanced wellbeing. Listening to the right music can enhance our rest, creativity or work performance depending upon the tempo and tone of the song. 

3. Play an Instrument

There is evidence on the Earth of instrument making over 40,000 years ago, and that's just instruments that were made of materials that survived this long for us to rediscover them.

The practice of playing and listening to instruments live can have even a more powerful effect on the whole body than just listening to music recorded, though that can be highly beneficial too. 

There are certain kinds of instruments that create vibrations that are very soothing and relaxing to the human body. The cells in our body are all vibrating, so the frequency can be effected by harmonic sounds. 

Drums, flutes, didgeridoos, gongs, harps, tuning forks and singing bowls are a few of the instruments that are well-known for sound healing and are fun to learn how to play. 

Tuning forks are wonderfully simple sound healing tools that can be used on oneself or incorporated into many different healing practices from massage, bodywork, acupuncture, chiropractic, nursing, doula care, and all forms of medicine. 

The use of frame drums has been used since Mesopotamian times by women in celebrations, healing and ceremony according to Layne Redmond, author of “When the Drummers Were Women”. Drums are used for healing by people all over the world and the rhythms help to synchronize our brain wave states. 

On Dr. Oz it was reported about how sound healing through the playing and listening to of singing bowls is used in cancer treatment. Sound healing through the use of crystal or metal singing bowls is shown to create a significant shift in the brain frequencies of listeners that decreases stress and thus supports the immune system. 

The didgeridoo is a long hollow instrument played with the breath to create deep resonate sounds that are rhythmic and healing. While the didgeridoo comes from the hollowed out instruments of the eucalyptus tree by the Aboriginal Australians, similar instruments have been made by other cultures around the world with other materials such as agave, bamboo, and more. 

Learning to play vibrational healing instruments is fun and feels good. As you learn and play, you get to reap the benefits of soothing frequencies and tones. 

Pick up an instrument, sing, tone, or listen to some inspirational music today! 

It will uplift your body, mind, heart and soul.

Many blessings, 

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