Start Now: Take Action Today to Bring Your Goals to Life!

Start Now! Take Action To Bring Your Goals to Life

Every great story has a beginning. 

Every hero must decide to begin their quest, though they may not know exactly what lies ahead on their journey. 

In order to bring your dreams to life, it is vital to take action and begin now. 

You may not know how you will get from here to there. You may not be able to see your destination, but it's by taking one step at a time (or one leap at a time) that you will get to where you want to go. 

The sooner you start the faster you will be able to manifest your big ideas, goals and dreams. 

You can do it! 

You don't need to know everything or have it all planned out. There is something magical about taking action.

Once you put things into motion, the universe starts supporting you. 

Nature loves growth, movement, change and evolution. 

When you're caught up in thinking, planning, worrying and hesitating it creates the energy of stagnation. When you start moving you create momentum. 

Nature loves to resonate with the energy frequency that is happening.

If you are stuck, it's hard to get unstuck. You'll find yourself attracted to other people who are blocked and not believing in their goals, and they might keep you stuck with their conversations about how hard it is and how it's not the right time. People who are stuck don't like seeing other people going boldly into the unknown because it makes them feel uncomfortable with their own resistance.

However, when you put yourself in motion, you start to connect and attract others who are also taking action. You become a part of the collective field of energy that is going forth in the world. 

It's like if you never leave your town, and you just hang out at the local cafe that only locals know about. That's wonderful and cozy but you'll never meet new people doing the same thing. You want to eat at your favorite cafe, but also try new places if you want to eat something new and experience different flavors (which you may even like better). 

If you go traveling, and go to hotels, hostels, and cafes in new places, you'll surround yourself with people who are all adventuring, with stories and inspiration from their global travels. 

Whatever your goal is, whether it's to travel, to grow your business, to have a family, to create vitality and health in your body - you need to take action and step outside the unknown. 

By just simply STARTING you put into motion the energy that will bring new opportunities, experience, allies and wisdom into your life. 

Your actions send a big message to the universe that you are ready NOW!

The best way to start is to just do it now. Take a baby step, just take a step. 

What are you dreaming of? What are you putting off for someday? 

What can you do now to start taking action today?

Go for it!

I believe in you!

Many blessings,