Love Yourself & Unleash Your Creative Fire

Love Yourself and Unleash Your Creativity By Playing Bigger

Be more of who you are!

How many "women's health" related articles have you seen telling you to minimize your thighs, reduce your body weight, tone your muscles, or eliminate your curves? 

There's no need to tone down who you are, minimize your message, reduce your presence in the world, or eliminate a part of yourself.

Your body is your sacred vessel that creates your self-expression of your voice, your story, your message, your calling, and shares your energy with the world!

These not-so-subliminal messages tell women that we need to shrink back from being who we really are! It's time to love your whole self - body, mind, emotions, and spirit! 

Our health is the energy we have in our bodies to express ourselves in our lives through our relationships, work, creativity and manifestation. 

It's not just physical, yet that's just one aspect in our lives in which we are given cultural programming that hold us back trying to shape us into something different. 

We live in a culture that is constantly trying to decrease our sense of value - we can see this directly related to targeting our bodies especially. 

It's time to look within and recognize the power we have as changemakers in our own lives and the world. There are so many forces trying to minimize our feelings of success, self-worth, and success. 

You are ready now to shine! You are beautiful and powerful just the way you are! It's time for women to speak, dance, work, share, and be bigger in the world today!!!

I want for all the women in my community to stop waiting, take action now to be more visible and present in the world, and make a bigger impact in your communities and lives, because now is the only time we have. 

Here's a secret - people respond more to your energy, to your passion, to your love, smile, and eyes, than to your makeup, hair or clothing. The more different you are the better - because you can stand up and people will remember YOU, in all your uniqueness. 

You are deserving of all the joy, love, prosperity, clients, work, creativity, sensuality, and bliss that you desire!

What do you really want in your life?

What are you waiting for?

Are you ready to claim your worth now?