The 4 Things You Can Do NOW To Start Taking Action

The 4 Things You Can Do NOW To Start Taking Action

No matter what you want to achieve - you have to take action to accomplish your goals. 

Movement is vital for growth. 

We begin our journey in life as a single cell. 

Then rapidly things start to change. 

One cell divides into 2, then 4, then 8, then 16, 32, 64 and our DNA replicates itself into every cell at an astonishing rate. 

As the first cells divide, the embryo is also moving through the fallopian tube to the womb hoping to implant into the uterus and keep growing into the being you are today. 

The journey to through life is a never-ending process of growth and movement over time with nurturing and patience. 

Once we are born, we find an expanded space to move our arms and legs, strengthen our muscles and keep growing rapidly to learn how to use our bodies to their full advantage. 

As an adult, our bodies stop growing taller, but we keep moving to do things, go places, experience life, explore the world and find our way. 

Are there goals that you wish to achieve but feel stuck on how to make it happen?

Take action everyday. 

Creation is a process, and every journey takes time. 

Through movement we can harness the primal force of life to grow in amazing ways! 

Here are 4 ways that you can begin to manifest your big vision and goals TODAY. 

The 4 things you can do NOW to start taking action:

  1. Make a List: Write it down. Writing is a powerful form of action, it takes your thoughts out of your head, clears your mind, and makes it easy to see what action steps you can do today, tomorrow and this month to get to where you want to go. Getting your ideas down on paper can allow you to feel more organized, release any worry or stress and get you moving forward on the right track. 
  2. Talk to Someone: When you are starting something new, it may seem bigger, harder and more challenging that it really is, just because you've never done it before and lack the experience. Talk to people who have done what you want to do, and find out how. A knowledgable mentor can guide you to find the best way to tackle your goals and help break down the steps you need to take to get there, without having to go through all the trials and error that they may have gone through. Whether it's a coach, teacher or community member, there are people out there who LOVE to help and are just waiting for you to ask. 
  3. Break it Down: While it's important to keep your thoughts focused on the long-term vision, it can also seem daunting to try to build a skyscraper all at once. Break down your goal into small bite-sized chunks and plan to tackle one baby-step at a time. Start building your foundation brick by brick. It's easier to think about calling one person, or writing one email, rather than creating an entire online empire or global movement. All the little pieces are what makes the puzzle whole. 
  4. Schedule It: Get a calendar, or several, and plan ahead. Just as you would schedule time for your doctors appointment, parent-teacher meeting, or your job, you also want to schedule time to commit to YOU and your goals - whether that's working out 3 times a week, writing a new blog post once a month, or cooking a nourishing meal at home. I have several calendars that I use to plan out my life, family and business, including Google Calendar, a wall calendar and a planner, and when I stay up to date with planning things out ahead, it's SO much easier to get it all done, and stress less about it along the way. 

Remember also to move your body! Your body is the most valuable thing you have - it makes you who you are, and is your most powerful tool for getting things done. Take care of your health and take time for nourishment, exercise and rest. 

I find that when I get stuck on a project, getting up and dancing is the fastest and funnest way to get my creative energy flowing again, bring clarity and focus to my brain and feel good! 

Here's my new hoop video, created by my husband Jahsah Ananda, that will inspire you to start creating movement and action in your life today.

Watch the video here: 

You can create what you desire through the alchemy of mind and motion.

With the combination of focused thought AND action - you will definitely be starting something! 

All the best,