The Gentle Power of Energy Healing

The Gentle Power of Energy Healing

I walked into her hospital room and was greeted with a smile. 

She could barely move, and was in extraordinary pain, but was so grateful to have a visitor. 

I was working as an intern at the Swedish Medical Hospital in Seattle, WA, during my massage school training in 1998, providing hands-on bodywork to patients in the Acute Rehabilitation Unit weekly.

This woman made a huge impression on me and our time together taught me so much about the power of energy healing. 

When I first met her, she told me about how much suffering she experienced at every moment of the day.

She was recovering from multiple traumas, surgery and debilitation.

I talked with her about how she was feeling and what I was available to offer for support as a massage practitioner. 

Though she was joyful to welcome healing support, there arose a challenge as soon as I began to massage her.

She was in so much pain that any physical pressure was excruciating, and she would cry out at even the most light gentle massage strokes. 

I had to stop massaging her right away, but she asked me to please help her discomfort. 

Then I shared with her that I also practiced energy healing, and would be happy to offer that to her.

I shared how I could use my hands to direct the flow of healing energy to support her with the lightest stationary touch, or even above the body without touching. 

Her eyes opened wide in curiosity, and she nodded in agreement, so happy that I wasn't going to leave her alone in her room with her pain. 

She said just breathing hurt and could I please help with that?

My heart burst for this dear woman. 

I sat by her in her wheelchair and gently placed my hands on her while guiding her through focusing on slowly deepening her breath, and receiving the healing energy.  

After a few minutes she sighed and said that it was so good and helpful, and that she could breath better than she had in weeks.

She could feel the energy moving through her body as a soothing warmth, and I could hear her breath begin to become more relaxed.

I ever-so-lightly placed my hands on her body, and would hold my hands above areas of the most sensitivity, while allowing the universal energy of oneness to move through me to support her relaxation and healing.

Every week when I would arrive for my shift, I would see if she was still there and visit her as soon as I could.

We formed a wonderful relationship and she taught me so much about the power of energy healing.

She was SO excited to receive the energy sessions and repeatedly would tell me how it was the best relief that she would have all week. 

Not only did our energy sessions ease her discomfort and stress, they helped to reduce her pain, enhance her rest, support her breathing, and also would center her mind to take her focus off of her pain and loneliness. 

When it Hurts So Bad, Nothing Else Works: The Gentle Energy Solution to Suffering

One day she wasn't there anymore, and I heard she had gone to stay with a family member. I was happy she was out of the hospital, but sad to no longer see her again. 

However her memory and what she taught me has stayed with me. 

While I was working at the hospital to provide injury treatment massage, deep tissue, circulatory massage, and myofascial release - the best results I had with any of my patients there was the hour spent with this woman doing energy healing, breathwork and guided visualizations each week. 

This deepened my appreciation for this ancient art of energy healing, and taught me how profound the healing effects can be of sharing energy with others through the lightest touch - or no touch at all. 

In fact, using energy healing allowed me to direct the healing support right to the areas that needed it the most, such as sites of inflammation or recent surgery, without having to touch the area, which would have been contraindicated for massage during such acute times.

This experience taught me that the gentlest approach can often create the most profound results. 

For 20 years, I've been studying and practicing energy healing. 

I've had many profound experiences since that have continued to confirm for me the effectiveness of this modality and taught me how to integrate and adapt this work for people in all ages and stages of life, including babies, children, pregnancy, labor and birth, injury, rehabilitation, elderly, athletes, and for animals too. 

The Maia Method: Energy Healing Practitioner Certification

Through this course you will learn practices for self-healing, offering energy sessions to others, and for teaching groups. 




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