Wise Women Healers and The New Paradigm of Women's Healing Arts

Wise women, herbalists, midwives, witches and priestesses. 

Women have been healers since the beginning of time, blending a knowledge of the plants, waters and earth with the spiritual practices of their culture and time. 

Today there is a new paradigm of women healers arising.

Those who honor the ancient traditions and support the integrity of ecstatic women's health and cycles, yet re-envision this in a modern way to reach and support women globally today. 

The new paradigm healer works with respect to the ancient traditions of natural healing, honors feminine cycles and bodies as inherently healthy and natural, while integrating modern science, historical awareness, and technological communication into our ways of supporting, teaching and empowering people today. 

The New Paradigm of Women's Healing Arts by Kara Maria Ananda

There have been witch hunts for thousands of years, they still continue.

Those who practiced empowered self or community based healing arts have been harassed, abused, and killed for threatening institutions of power, whether religious, political, or economic.

Since Ancient Greece when women were prohibited from practicing as midwives, to the burning of healers as witches in Europe in the Middle Ages, to today when homebirth midwifery is still illegal in many states, and women's health clinics are targets of violent acts - women healers have a history of oppression, because healthy women are empowered women, and empowered women change the world

However the new age of social media, internet and global communication has allowed us to network, to learn from each other, to share our wisdom and practices, and to revitalize the ancient traditions and keep them alive to help women to thrive.

The New Paradigm of Women's Healing Arts

The wise women, witches, priestesses and healers of the past are the entrepreneurs, bloggers, women's empowerment coaches, nurses, massage therapists, doctors, midwives, yoga teachers, artists and writers of today.

We are finding new ways to keep the feminine wisdom alive. 

Discover the many empowering ways to honor and care for your body, breasts, womb and cycles with natural healing practices!

Share your stories, your voice, your wisdom, remember the ancient ways of the wise and wild women healers of the world.

Follow your soul's calling and be the sacred feminine leader you are here to be. 

Now is the time when the feminine is rising, to bring balance and healing to world, and all of us are called to step into our ancestral power as keepers of the women's wisdom today.

Knowledge opens the door for us to protect our bodies, our sisters, our spirits and heal the Earth.

Many blessings,

Kara Maria Ananda