The Sacred Wisdom of Women's Healing Arts: Wise Women, Witches, Midwives, And Shamans

The Sacred Wisdom of Women's Healing Arts: Wise Women, Witches, Midwives and Shamans

Women have known natural ways to support the health of our wombs, breasts, bodies, cycles, and sexuality for thousands of years. 

The sacred wisdom of women’s healing arts has been passed along from women to women for generations through art, song, stories, apprenticeships, visions, and dreams.

This is the knowledge of the ancestors, grandmothers and the wise women.

In cultures all over the world, there are traditions of women healers, these are the midwives, herbalists, healers, priestesses, shamans, granny healers and medicine women.

Since prehistoric times, women were healers.

In Paleolithic times, humans honored the divine feminine through art, culture, and ceremony, and thus women’s health and spirituality were honored and nurtured.

In cultures that are honoring of the divine feminine, women had powerful roles as medicine women, both as healers and as shamans or priestesses.

This was the way of women healers from North America, to Ancient Europe, to Africa, Asia, and South America.

It is only in the past few thousand years that women’s central role as healers in society has been suppressed, and at times quite violently.

In the Middle Ages, thousands, if not millions of women, were killed throughout Europe, and wisdom of the wise women for healing and midwifery was lost or sent underground.

Throughout the times of the European witch hunts, the healers and midwives were targeted as the worst of the witches, because they provided healing outside of the church’s select group of approved male doctors.

The teachings, songs, and stories of the ancestor midwives, wise women, and grandmothers are encoded within our DNA, we just need to remember how to download this primal wisdom once again into our bodies, hearts, and spirits through the ancient practice of shamanic women’s healing arts.

A Chukchee proverb is “Woman is by nature a shaman” and women is by nature also a healer.

The Sacred Wisdom of Women's Healing Arts: Wise Women, Witches, Midwives, and Shamans

In our physical bodies as women, our womb is the source of creative energy which manifests in all aspects of our lives as our health, wealth, sexuality, and relationships.

As we embrace the power of the womb we reclaim the ability to create our lives as we choose with abundant authenticity.

Our physical health, energy and vitality as women is intrinsically interconnected with our emotions, beliefs, and feminine spirit.

Through deepening our awareness, health, and self-care of our sacred feminine sexual energy through our breast and womb health, we are able to create balance within our hormonal cycles and conscious choose how to channel our powerful feminine creative energy for love, vitality and success.

Through natural health practices women can achieve healing and rejuvenation of our feminine bodies and health.

Women today are finding relief and healing through massage, energy healing, acupuncture, bodywork, nutrition, herbal healing, superfoods, essential oils, exercise, yoga, meditation, dance, and upgrading our belief systems.

Natural healing has the power to transform women’s health and wellness.

We each have by our birthright the ability to heal ourselves and support each other in healing.

There are many more options available to women than drugs and surgery, the big two choices from Western allopathic medicine, which views women’s reproductive organs as good for two things: making babies or making cancer.

Thus, doctors today are quicker to recommend preventative removal of a women’s breasts, uterus, and ovaries over cleansing, nutrition, acupuncture, massage therapy and plant-based medicine.

Women can take charge of their health and prevent and treat many hormonal, breast, and pelvic health concerns naturally and avoid medical intervention.

However, when medical treatment is necessary, natural healing arts can also be used in adjunct to speed healing, ease pain, decrease anxiety, and increase effectiveness.

For example, women who use acupuncture in conjunction with infertility treatments have higher rates of conception.

Women who practice yoga, tai chi and meditation recover better from breast cancer treatment.

My passion is to empower women’s vitality, sensuality, longevity and prosperity globally through natural health education.

Through the reclamation of women’s healing arts we can access a higher awareness of our inherent feminine vitality and allow the healing of the feminine to bring balance to our communities and the planet.

There is an infinite source of creative energy potential within our cycles, wombs and breasts that are available to tap into for manifestation.

Healthy vibrant women are powerful innovators, healers and leaders which our world needs today to create a conscious transformation for peace, abundance, and wellness for all.

Let us keep respect for the ancient wisdom of women healers in our hearts as we co-create a new feminine health revolution.

Many blessings,