The Write Way to Journal for Joy

The Write Way to Journal for Joy

There's one important thing that I never go anywhere without and that's my journal. 

I always have paper and pens with me to write down my ideas, to focus on my goals, to vision, be thankful, and to remember important information. 

Since I was 8 years old, I've been journaling regularly, and over the years I've developed many different specific kinds of journaling practices to help me get unstuck, feel better, think clearly, and manifest with greater ease. 

Many people often ask me how I am able to get so much done, as a mother of 3 boys and a busy entrepreneur I'm constantly filled with ideas for creative projects, writing, and goals, and consistently work to bring them out into the world one by one, despite having a busy home, family, adventures, and life. 

This is how I get everything done! I journal. 

The Power of Journaling for Manifestation

I am amazed to read through my old journals and often find the message that I exactly needed to remember, that I wrote myself months or years prior.

I am reminder of miraculous experiences in my life which gives me the motivation to overcome any kind of day-to-day mundane challenge.

It's incredible to see how what I write down in my journal comes to manifest in reality with ease in divine timing!

I'm a huge fan of journaling and I talk about it in many of my courses. It's a foundational part of the Women's Healing Arts Teacher Training, the Awesome Birth Teacher Training, and the Maia Mystery School.

I consistently see people having profound breakthroughs through discovering their own intuitive creative powers and wisdom through the journaling practices in my courses and coaching

Thank goodness for journaling! It truly is healing and magical and reminds us of our inner power. 

Yet, I also know how overwhelming the sight of a blank page can be.

What to write? Where to start? How to break through the writer's block and get into the flow? 

That's why I've created My Synchronicity Journal, a powerful printable e-book with 7 inspirational journaling practices for you to tap into the power of manifestation, magic and creativity in your life. 

Find out more about this potent workbook with journaling suggestions, affirmations, and writing prompt pages to create more abundance, manifestation, and joy in your life today! 

Discover 7 simple practices to harness the power of journaling for manifestation & joy! 

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