Twin Flame Love Manifestation

Twin Flame Love

When we trust our intuition and instincts, and make new choices based upon our inner guidance, we open to the manifestation of divine synchronicity. 

When I met my husband 7 years ago in Mount Shasta, California, it was facilitated by pure synchronicity and the magnetism of our souls.  

I was living in Eugene, Oregon and he'd just returned to the US from spending 6 months in Thailand and Japan. He made a spontaneous decision to move to Mount Shasta because of a job opportunity and I made a spontaneous decision to change my plane ticket to a conference I was teaching at in California, hop in my car, and take the road trip to drive there instead. 

For several months I had been getting signs to visit Shasta - someone walked up to me on the street to ask a question carrying a can of Shasta brand soda, the lady checking me out at the grocery store had a name tag saying "Shasta", a client's bathroom had a giant framed picture of Mount Shasta - it just kept popping up over and over again until finally I said "OK Universe! I'll go to Shasta already!" 

I stayed at the hot springs resort and in the morning decided to go soak. Bathing in my private mineral springs soaking tub, I remember looking up to the ceiling and saying, "OK Universe, I'm ready!" I didn't know for what, but I felt that something was imminent in my life.

That was when I first saw Jahsah, as we crossed paths outside of the baths, probably 10 minutes after my proclamation, we looked at each other and smiled - and his eyes GLOWED. I swear, there was this magical twinkly light energy that came not from him but THROUGH him - a sign from the Universe to PAY ATTENTION to this person. I have never seen that before or since in that way in another person. It was definitely some kind of spiritual recognition of our souls, that actually stopped me in my tracks, made me look back at him walking to the creek and say to my friend who I enticed to drive to California with me, "Did you see that guy? There's something about him..." 

Sometimes we don't always pay attention to the Universe's signs, and I left not speaking to him. However the Universe can be persistent. I stopped by the natural food store for some lunch before hitting the road and saw him AGAIN, we smiled, and yet I drove away to go to my event. 

After the conference I was planning to visit hot springs in Northern California, but awakening at a friend's house in Marin en route to the retreat, I had a strong urge to drive back North to Shasta instead. I had this magnetic energy pulling me back, and I drove all day bouncing in my seat with excitement, not knowing what I was so excited about.

I pulled in to a parking spot in the city of Mount Shasta, right after the sky had gotten dark and it started to rain. I wasn't sure what would be open but looked up to realize I had parked in front of a store that friends had described to me 2 years before as a place I had to visit but I had been unable to locate on my 2 previous trips here in the past years. 

I walked in to that store and Jahsah greeted me. That was the store that he had been offered a job at and decided to take spontaneously, just having moving in to his new home over the weekend while I was teaching at that conference since I first saw him.

I looked at him, not recognizing him from before, and said "I feel like I know you." and he said, "I feel like I know you too". We talked for hours, he asked me to dinner and we've been together ever since. I moved to Shasta the following week and 9 months later we were married on the mountain on the day of a Full Moon. 

If I hadn't payed attention to the signs, took chances and following the trail of synchronicities, we would never have met. For this and so many other reasons, I am a firm believer in paying attention to your intuitive guidance and the signs of the Universe!  

Notice the signs around you, for they may be the inspiration that leads you to amazing opportunities you couldn't even have imagined! 

The path of synchronicity calls us forward along our soul mission as we pay attention to our intuition and the clues that become present in our lives. 

Signs and synchronicities come in many ways - through chance encounters, words or images popping out at you during the day, through dreams, and from any place and anyone in our global web of community. 

The power of synchronistic experiences teaches us about trusting in the divine, and how connected and intertwined we all are - all people and nature together on this sacred planet. 

Follow the urges and nudges you get with confidence for they open the way for the divine to facilitate synchronicity and miracles. 

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Many blessings,