Why I Love Essential Oils for My Body, Home, and Family

Why I Love doTERRA Essential Oils for My Body, Home and Family Wellness

Essential oils are amazing and my family and I turn them everyday to support our wellbeing.

I was asked today why I choose to use doTERRA essential oils rather than other companies, and turns out I had a lot to say on the matter!

I did a lot of research before joining doTERRA into all the top essential oil companies today and am blown away by the integrity, ethics, sourcing, testing, research, and philanthropy of doTERRA.

A few of the things that were significant for me is that they are more rigorous in their testing than any other company out there, they test every single batch of oil with 5 different methods, both in their own extensive labs, as well as every batch is always again tested in a third-party independent lab.

The fact that they require every batch of oil to undergo this extensive testing by them, and by an outside lab, and then provide testing results on every batch of oil through their Source to You website is what makes doTERRA the premier choice of health professionals, hospitals and research companies.

John Hopkins University is using doTERRA oils in their research studies on essential oils, because they tested a variety of companies oils and found that doTERRA's oils had the highest therapeutic profile, the most regular chemical consistency (meaning your not going to get different quality oil each time you buy it), and it was the purest oil they tested.

This is all extremely important to me as I want to ensure that especially mothers, children and people with compromised immune systems are using the safest and most effective oils. 

The other factor that is very prominent for me is their Co-Impact Sourcing initiative which guides their work sourcing their oils from communitites around the world in ethical, environmental, and socially responsible ways. Other oil companies go and buy up land, farms and distilleries around the world, and also produce large amounts of their plants in greenhouses in the US.

doTERRA instead works to connect with the local farmers, wild crafters, distillers, and people around the world and helps them to form coops, strong local businesses, gives them better pay then other companies, ensures they receive payment based on providing the top quality oil rather than the most quantity oil, so regardless of how much they are able to produce in a season, they get paid what they are promised in order to produce the most pure therapeutic potent oil.

In addition they provide massive amounts of funding and relief efforts in communities they work with and beyond, helping to create schools, wells, facilities, health clinics, birth centers (which is especially important to me!), and even homes, as well as funding micro-loan programs, agriculture training programs, and menstrual health and pads programs (also important to me!).

In addition, in places they have created schools where previously girls had not been allowed to get education, they made sure that both girls and boys were admitted and welcome at school, and are making a huge effort to support education and health care for girls and women worldwide. I just love that! 

I love that they are all non-GMO, and have no pesticides, synthetics, molds, mildews, heavy metals, or any cross contamination, as well the oils come from plants grown in their indigenous climate by farmers who own their own land and businesses, not purchased out from under them.


Got doTERRA?

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