Wise Women Healers & the Rebirth of the Divine Feminine

Wise Women Have Always Been Healers

Since the beginning of human civilization women healers honored and observed the sacred cycles of nature, time, and spirit. Women healers served their communities through midwifery, spiritual healing, nutritional and herbal healing, massage, hands on healing, prayer, ritual, dance, song, music, toning, and dreaming. 

Wise women healers offered healing support for their communities through ceremony and nurturing care from birth to death, from “womb to tomb”. 

The healing ways of women have been demonstrated in every culture around the globe by traditional women healers, herbalists, and midwives. Women have been practicing the arts of midwifery and healing for thousands of years. 

In earlier human culture, women healers were honored for their sacred feminine healing arts. In times of oppression, patriarchal religions have targeted women healers and midwives. 

Women have always gathered together during times of hardship, illness, menstruation, and birthing. In traditional cultures around the globe, female healers are an integral part of the community, and arose out of the community of women, through gaining experience and respect. 

Traditional midwives learn their healing craft from elder women in the community, often a mother, grandmother, aunt, or neighbor, thus weaving a web of women’s wisdom that connects the community of women and holds together the whole tribe of men, women, and children.

The traditional female healer blends knowledge of herbs and midwifery with cultural and cosmological beliefs. The interweaving of art, science, and spirituality creates a holistic model of care that nurtures and empowers the body, mind, and spirit. There are women healers and midwives from every culture around the world.

She is known as the wise woman, herbalist, midwife, village healer, or shaman. She is the South African sangoma, the Hispanic curandera, the South Asian dai and Dyamaju, the Mayan granny healer, the Appalachian granny midwife, the French sagefemme, the Japanese samba, and the Polish babka.

Midwifery is the healing art of being ‘with woman’ and healers of the sacred feminine are true midwives. 

Women's healing arts are founded upon a deep connection to nature and an honoring of the human body. Women’s sexuality is valued as a healing, empowering, vital, and integral power. 

The creative power of women is honored for both the ability to bring forth new human life, as well as the ability to bring forth evolutionary and visionary energies through our womb wisdom.

It is time for all women to awaken to the experience that we are co-creators of our life, reality, and the universe. Women’s healing arts are designed by nature and spirit to awaken our higher health and consciousness using the spiritual technology of our bodies and a synergistic relationship with the healing elements of the Earth. 

As modern women healers we can midwife the birth of a new consciousness on Earth that will bring our role as humanity on this planet to the next level of evolution aligning us with our soul purpose as stewards of the Earth. 

We are the midwives of the rebirth of the Divine Feminine awakening to our evolutionary womb prosperity and vitality.

Through the reclaiming of women's healing arts, we can uplift and energize the divine feminine energies rising today, and support the healing transformation needed today to bring peace, love and abundance to all. 

Many blessings,