The Womb Codes: The Amazing Ways Our Menstrual Cycles are Naturally Syncing with the Moon, Sun, and Earth Rhythms

Womb Wisdom

Once upon a time, women's sexuality was celebrated and honored for it's life-giving powers and creative energy of manifestation.

Ancient priestess paths from around the world kept the knowledge of the sacred connection of our wombs for time-keeping, conscious manifestation, spiritual connection, and evolutionary creation. 

Women's life generating powers and multi-orgasmic abilities were seen as a gateway to both ecstatic embodiment and a connection to expansive spiritual awareness.

Women's cycles from menarche to menopause, and beyond, were honored and celebrated for their connection to the creation codes of life, the universe, and spirit–and the ability this gives women to be connected to the wisdom of both the Earth and the Cosmos. 

Those who wished to control the power of the people began to attempt to suppress the power of women's sexuality, in order to subdue their creativity, spirituality, and freedom.

Women's power became feared, oppressed, and coveted. The oracles, priestesses, and shamans were deemed to be witches, and the temples and sacred sites were destroyed, taken over, and hidden. The wisdom of the womb had to be hidden to be saved.

We still live with the repercussions of this submission and alteration of female energy today, but the power of women's sexuality and spirituality has not been completely obscured, and cannot be controlled forever, for it is embedded within the codes of our womb and our cycles.

Womb Wisdom

The codes of the womb are hidden within the time and space synchronization of a women's body to the cycles of the Moon, Sun, Earth, and Galaxy. 

The wisdom of these codes were honored in traditional cultures worldwide and are still present, yet hidden today, in modern culture within art, symbology, mythology, games, and within our own bodies.

As we awaken to recognize the innate connection within our deep feminine nature to the creation of the whole universe with we live in, it invokes the power of understanding, synchronization, healing, and transformation that can guide us to tune into our own inner guidance and wisdom in more effective ways. 

When women are empowered in their cycles, bodies, and sexuality in natural ways, they have the power within themselves to create changes within their own lives, as well as their family, community and the world.

A woman who is healthy, vibrant, and sensual, and connected to the wisdom of her natural menstrual cycle, is a woman who's creative life-force energy propels her manifestations in all cycles of life. 

The practice to disgrace women's innate sexual and creative energies coincided with the cultural shift away from honoring nature and living in harmony with the cycles and rhythms of the moon, seasons, and stars.

As our modern civilization attempts to continue to hack nature, and synthesize our lives into a technological and plastic replication of the natural world, we have collectively fallen into a trance, forgetting that the codes of infinite creation are within ourselves, and that we are deeply interconnected to the natural world around us, from the invisible web of bacteria to the incredible dance of the stars in the cosmos. 

Pharmaceutical control of our hormones disconnects us from the natural connection of the synchronization of our womb cycles with the universal rhythms. The menstrual cycle holds vital information about our health and wellbeing, and synthetic hormones mask the underlying issues that can cause hormonal imbalance, as well as disrupt the power of our intuition and spiritual connection to nature.

This disconnect from nature and our womb codes is also collectively embodied in the shift from natural calendrical systems based upon the rhythmic cyclical movements of the Moon, Sun and stars, to the Gregorian Calendar which is the common modern system used today which is out-of-sync with the harmonic synchronicity of time. 

Do you constantly feel like you are short on time?

Do you feel like the days, weeks and months fly by and that you are always rushing to get things done by the end of the month (which unnaturally changes from 28, 29, 30 or 31 days depending on what month it is)?

Do you feel out-of-sync with the world, as if you just can't explain why you feel something is not right, but you know within yourself there is a different way that must be more aligned?

Reconnecting with the codes of the womb helps us to find our own natural synchronization and relationship to the ever-present rhythms of life, and to understand our place here in this life on Earth in this time and space. 

There are numerological codes connected to women's sexual cycles that are repeated throughout the patterns of life in the natural world around us.

While all women are different, and we each have our own unique rhythms and cycles, influenced by our own lives and environments, there is an harmonic pattern that collectively is seen, and resonates through all life and creation. 

Connecting with the power of our menstrual cycle and womb codes, supports us to get in sync with the rhythms of nature and the universe, opening up infinite possibilities of creative manifestation in our lives. 

The Womb Codes: Women's Wisdom in the Cycles and Syncing of the Menstrual Cycle to the Rhythms of Nature

The Hidden Codes of the Womb

The menstrual cycle is the key that unlocks the deeper codes of the womb.

Some believe that the very first calendrical system that humans ever used were based upon women's tracking of their menstrual cycles and connecting it to the cycles of the moon. Through deeper understanding of the patterns of the menstrual cycle, humans became aware of the lunar calendar and the 13 moon cycles in a lunar year. 

There are four weeks in the average menstrual cycle, which resonate with the four seasons in a solar year, and the four phases of the moon cycle. 

Four is the number of stability in the pattern of life creation, it is the physical foundation for the manifestation of consciousness in matter. The fourth trimester is the completion of the childbearing year, the three months postpartum in which the soul of the new child becomes grounded into physical embodiment. We have four extensions of our body to primarily connect with the world through - our two feet and two hands.

The average age of menarche, a woman's first menstruation, is 13 years old. 

13 is a powerful numerological number long associated with the feminine. In the suppression of feminine wisdom in the world today, 13 is culturally revered with superstition, and is so feared that it's common for tall buildings to omit the 13th floor, for house numbers on a street to skip the number 13, and for airport terminals to not have a gate 13. Perhaps the most common superstition of all, Friday the 13th is called an unlucky day. Yet, 13 is the number of lunar cycles in a year, the number of weeks in a season, is the average age a female embodies the fertile sexual mysteries of the menstrual cycle, and is a potent number of meaning in many ancient spiritual traditions.

It is long been connected with the honoring of the Sacred Feminine. The ancient Celts viewed 13 as a number of the Goddess, and the ancient Egyptians believed there were 13 steps on the ladder that leads to eternity. The word enlightenment has 13 letters in it. 

The average age of menopause is 52 years old, which resonates with the 52 weeks of the year. 

The age 52 is considered the time in many traditional cultures when one is honored by the community as becoming a wise woman or wise man. It is the completion of the creative fertile phase of life, and a time when one's energy is then redirected from the physical process of creation toward spiritual consciousness. 

52 is a significant number in numerology and mirrored throughout the cosmic calendar of time. The Mayan and Aztec calendars were calibrated to mark the 52 year cycle of the Pleiades aligning with our Sun. The brightest star in the sky Sirius is actually a binary star in which Sirius B takes 52 years to circle around Sirius A. 

The 52 card playing deck, is an encoded book of wisdom that is said to have been encoded by Ancient Egyptian Magi's with planetary and numerological wisdom. The cards have 4 suits representing the 4 seasons, 13 cards in each suit representing the 13 weeks in each season, and 52 cards for the 52 weeks of the year. Each of these numbers also connect with the womb codes. 

There are 7 cycles of 52 days in a year, plus one extra day, which represents the connection of our Earth Cycles with the Solar System and Galactic Cycles through the activation of our 7 chakras. 

There are 7 primary chakras in our physical body through which are all activated and integrated when the womb is resonant. Through the chakra system the womb frequencies resonate in harmony with the heart and pineal gland supporting hormonal balance, natural synchronization, and creative expression. 

The 7 chakras also connect with the 7 major planets in our solar system besides the Earth, as well as the 7 stars of the Pleiades known as the Seven Sisters

The Womb Wisdom in Our Menstrual Cycles.

Cosmic Womb Resonance

The menstrual cycle is a micro cycle that resonates with the macro cycles in nature, the Earth's cycles, and the cosmos.

There is an ancient spiritual practice of connecting and synchronizing the frequencies of the womb with energetic vibrations to create stargates that allowed humans to access higher levels of cosmic connections. 

The womb is the stargate for Earth, bringing souls to manifest in physical density on this planet in this time and space. Yet, the womb is also able to become a conduit to become a stargate for accessing other dimensions and facilitate spiritual journeys of many kinds. 

As women today reclaim the natural power of our menstrual cycles we can tune into our womb wisdom and activate the womb codes to embody our feminine power, create more synchronicity in our life, and access higher realms of conscious creation, evolution, and manifestation. 

Know that your menstrual cycle and stages of life do not need to match these exact numbers shared, they are used as examples of harmonic resonance and synchronicity, yet we all have our own frequency and rhythms to embody. 

Whether or not you have a womb, the wisdom of the womb codes are available to all, for we all have been born through the portal of the womb, and that primary experience in our lives encoded the wisdom of the womb within each of us. You can also tune into the womb energy chakra center within your body as a women, even if you have had a hysterectomy. 

As women today synchronize our womb cycles together and create more harmonic resonance of our womb codes with nature and spirit, we can give birth to a new consciousness for all of humanity.

Tune into the wisdom of your womb, pay attention to your cycles and allow yourself to be intuitively guided in what feels best for you to do at anytime - whether to rest, to dream, to dance, or to manifest! 

The potential is infinite for what can manifest through embodying our womb wisdom and synchronizing our womb codes with the universal rhythms. 


What is Your Womb Power?