How Women’s Intuition Boosts Sensuality & Health

How women's intuition boosts sensuality and health.

When we are turned on, we're more responsive to subtle signals and energies from others - a touch, a breath, sounds, a look in the eyes...

Increased sensitivity of arousal allows us to experience greater connection, enhancing our sensual pleasure and communication skills. It allows us to tune in on deeper levels to ourselves and others. 

Intuition also let's us know when someone is not being totally honest or upfront with us, which is especially important for women, as men have been shown to be better at hiding emotions, which means that we need to be really perceptive to know when someone who may be sending you sexual signals is also hiding the truth about something important or just trying to take advantage of you. 

Intuition is a highly sensitive perception that guides us to become aware of subtle energy and communication, as well as get us in touch with our own higher intelligence. 

Did you know that intuition plays a big role in attraction to ideal sexual partners?

Our intuition is deeply connected with our sexual energy, and can help guide us to find the right relationships and harness the power of our sexuality in greater ways for more pleasure, satisfaction, and discernment.

Women have been shown to have greater abilities to read subtle cues from body language, facial expression, and read through verbal communication cues to perceive the subtle messages being sent from others. This also gives us a powerful ability to discover important information about our sexual partners and relationships!

However, when women are on artificial hormones, it can actually suppress our intuitive abilities and changes who we are attracted to.

So many women have found themselves going off of hormonal birth control pills and realizing that their current partner is not actually sexually compatible or longterm relationship material! 

In addition, research now shows that our intuition is connected directly to the subtle signals being received and transmitted from our top three centers of intelligence in our bodies: our brains, our hearts, and our gut.

Our heart actually creates changes in our body based on intuitive knowing before the brain consciously becomes aware of it! 

It's very important to pay attention to our intuition, for our own sexual relationships, to make sure we are attracting the right partners, to experience heightened states during lovemaking, to know when our partner may be hiding something from us - as well as to enhance all our relationships, communication skills, and professional skills. 

Many successful entrepreneurs have written and taught about the power of harnessing our sexuality vitality and intelligence for enhancing business and leadership.

Napoleon Hill, the author of "Think and Grow Rich" and one of the most popular teachers of the Law of Attraction, also spoke of "Sex Transmutation" or the power to channel our sexual energy into our work for greater prosperity, drive, charisma, and charm. 

Our intuitive intelligence is also important when working with others in the healing arts supporting sexual health and empowerment, such as women's health education, midwifery, birthwork, childbirth education, bodywork, movement arts, counseling, coaching and more, as we need to turn on our intuition to become aware of the subtle messages people are sending us about what's really going on with them that they may not feel comfortable talking about right away because of trauma or the imprinting of shame around sexual topics from childhood, religion, and culture. 

Midwives have used intuition since ancient times in supporting women through pregnancy and birth, which is a very powerful sexual rite of passage in a women's life.

Through building trust through conversation and touch in pregnancy, a midwife is able to be invited into the sacred space of birth, and pays close attention to subtle changes in the laboring mother's movements, sounds, flush of skin, and more to know how to best support her during this powerful experience.

Also, sexually active people have increased brain cell growth, including neurogenesis in the hippocampus, which is a part of the brain also connected to intuition!

Learn more about the role of heart-centered intuition for women healers in the Women's Healing Arts Teacher Training.

Enhancing your intuition can enhance your sex life, your intelligence, and enhance your professional skills as well! 

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