You're Not Crazy: Why Women's Moods Matters

You're Not Crazy: Why Women's Moods Matter

How many times have you been dismissed or belittled in your life because someone blamed your emotions, intuition and intelligence on acting hormonal?

"It must be that time of the month!"

Women's cycles and hormones give us a connection to expanded states of consciousness and can help us be more sensitive and aware to imbalances outside of ourselves.

For thousands of years, women's sexual cycles and hormones have been put down and pathologized, as a way to keep women activists and leaders suppressed. 

Hysteria, as in acting hysterical, was considered a women's disorder of the womb, which led to many women who acted out of the social norms of society, such as speaking out politically, or organizing groups of women to create change, to be committed to insane asylums or be forced to undergo surgical hysterectomies.  

Do you ever feel frustrated with the state of the world or things in your life and have people act like you are out of whack?

You are not crazy!

In fact, crazy is not a real term. 

There are over 450 mental disorders defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the standard reference for the American Psychiatric Association, and "crazy" is not in that book.

It's a dismissive slang word that creates stigmatism for those suffering from real mental health issues, which encompass a very broad spectrum of mental health challenges. It perpetuates the problem with treating mental health issues, for people in fear of being labelled crazy may not then seek out support for real issues.

1 in 5 Americans suffer from mental health challenges in any given year, such as depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Yet, only 2 in 5 people actually seek out support, therapy or guidance in fear of being labelled crazy or dismissed as it "all being in your head". 

Your emotions are a guidance system to help empower you to trust your intuition, your feelings, and take action - you create change with confidence, you speak your truth, and you're going to protect those who can't speak up for themselves. 

We have a real issue with mental illness today in our society which is at the root of the problems with violence, drug abuse, and suicide we face today.

We need a compassionate understanding of how to honor our feelings, create real wellness today, provide resources, and support for those who suffer. 

Women today experience more challenges with mental health issues than men, due to the struggle for women in having health care providers take their symptoms seriously.

Additionally, women are 40% more likely to develop depression, and twice as likely to develop PTSD. 

However, traditional treatments of talk therapy and pharmaceutical drugs often don't address the root cause of the issue, especially for women in which hormonal imbalances effect our moods, energy, and fatigue.

In addition, birth control pills can actually cause depression, which women have reported for years but is just starting to gain attention in the medical community.

There are many factors today influencing hormonal and mood imbalances, from herbicides and pesticides in our water, rain, food and environments, to plastic, toxic chemicals in cosmetics, processed food, and so much more. 

I've been highly passionate about following the research on lifestyle medicine and positive psychology for years, and incredible information is coming out now showing how positive lifestyle changes such as nutrition, diet, exercise, sleep, rest, meditation, stress relief, and social support are more effective at creating improvements in health than pharmaceuticals. 

Now science is catching up with traditional healing arts, shedding light on why natural healing works - by addressing the root causes, and supporting the body to heal itself, rather than put a band-aid on the blues.

Natural lifestyle changes to support wellness are essential for optimal health and wellbeing - and important for empowering women's health today. 

This is why I'm so excited to be sharing my Women's Healing Arts Teacher Training to empower women to bring balance and support into our lives, to find the resources and solutions that work, to know that there are natural options for many issues facing women today, and to uplift the rise of the feminine leader on the planet today! 

Our bodies are amazing, our intuition is powerful, and we can create healing and transformation in the world today when we own our feminine power, empower our health, and speak up to create change!

When a women is healthy, energized, and empowered, she has the confidence and power to speak up, stand up, and change the world! 

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