7 Steps for Naturally Healthy Breasts

The Breast Essentials: 7 Day Online Program for Naturally Healthy Breasts

Empowered Breast Health Naturally

Discover the keys to holistic breast care in this online immersion.

Love your feminine body and enhance your longevity, vitality and sensuality!

The breasts have long been honored as a source of power in the female body. Images of ancient goddesses are decorated with visible and abundant breasts. The breasts symbolize nurturing, fertility, love, prosperity and harvest. 

Yet, today the breasts have been stripped of their sacred meaning and it's time to deepen our respect and understanding of the fundamental physiology, vitality and wellbeing of the living female breast. 

Learn Holistic Self-Care for Healthy breasts.

Discover how to naturally empower your breast health, wellness, vitality and sensuality through a holistic understanding of women's health and holistic living arts including massage, movement, meditation, energy, breath, nutrition, super foods, clothing, environment, epigenetics and more! 

In each module of this 7 weeks online program you will receive a video sharing about holistic living arts practices for naturally healthy breasts. 

By the completion of the course you will be inspired to nurture and care for your breasts for greater health, energy, pleasure and connection.

The Breast Essentials Curriculum

The Breast Essentials: Empowered Breast Health Program by Kara Maria Ananda

1: Nurturing the Holistic Breast

  • How to Keep Our Breasts Healthy Through Holistic Living Arts
  • The Evolutionary Breast & the Development of Human Civilization
  • The Power of the Breasts Through a Women's Cycles and Stages of Life

2: Cultivating a Healthy Feminine Lifestyle

  • Clothing the Organic Breast: What to Look Out For in Bras and Fashion Today
  • Epigenetics and Our Breast Beliefs: The Power of the Mind to Shape Your Destiny
  • The Culture of Plastics and Our Breast Health 

3: Caring For the Sensitive Skin of the Breast 

  • The Special Characteristics of the Breast Skin
  • Nourishing and Nurturing the Skin with Healing Oils, Herbs and Masks
  • How to Create Your Own Eco-Luxury Breast Spa in Your Home

4. Bodywork for the Breast

  • How Self-Massage Can Support Breast Vitality
  • Lymphatic Massage Practices for Healthy Breasts & Increased Detoxification
  • Acupressure and Tapping Techniques for Breast Health

5. Moving the Mammaries

  • The Benefits of Bouncing Boobs
  • Exercises and Dance Moves for Breast Health: Doing the Boobie Boogie
  • The Yoga of Breast Health: Movement & Mudras

6. Nourishing the Breasts & Body

  • Real Food for Healthy Feminine Bodies
  • Healing Our Hormones Through Whole Foods
  • Herbs and Superfoods for Women's Breast Health

7. Energizing Our Breast Vitality

  • Breathwork for Healthy Breasts
  • Energy Healing Practices for the Breasts
  • Cultivating the Power of the Breast-Heart Connection


The Breast Essentials: Empowered Breast Health Program by Kara Maria Ananda


  • 7 Video Lessons
  • Watch the Videos in Our Private Online Classroom
  • Download the Videos to Your Computer, Laptop, Tablet or Phone
  • Bonus Materials With Immediate Access Upon Registration. 



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About Kara

Holistic Breast Health with Kara Maria Ananda

Kara Maria Ananda is an inspirational coach, speaker, writer and teacher empowering optimal health, business, relationships and life. She has over 17 years experience as a wellness entrepreneur in massage, craniosacral, women’s health, birth, education and coaching. She is the creator of many global holistic online educational programs including the Healing Arts Business Academy, the Women’s Healing Arts Teacher Training and the Awesome Birth Teacher Training. She's the author of the book "How to Have an Awesome Birth" and the popular article "Viva la Boobies!". She's published in numerous websites and magazines worldwide, and is a featured teacher at events, conferences, retreats and summits in the US, internationally and online. She offers conscious business coaching for holistic entrepreneurs, health professionals and visionary leaders globally and in Sedona, AZ. 


“You are doing amazing work for women, the community, and the planet. As a practitioner and teacher in the health field myself, I am not looking only for information, but for inspiration and ideas. You are a wonderful teacher!”

- Dr. Angelika Schultz, US & Germany



“BRAVO!!! Kara Maria Ananda. You created a summarized, condensed version of some of the most fundamentally important truths about keeping our breasts healthy. I LOVE your work! I love your mission to share truth, love and health with all. You are amazing! Thank You.” 

- Jessica Pacheco, Certified Women’s Healing Arts Teacher



“Love it! Thank you, Glorious Being, for creating a movement! You have my respect, love and blessings. xo”

- Amrita Grace, Founder of the Breast Cancer Mystery School




"Kara Maria Ananda is a visionary in the field of holistic women's wellness & empowerment."

- Kristina Wingeier,