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Are you desiring a way to take your life and work to the next level?  

Momentum Method

The Momentum Method is a system of positive lifestyle skills for enhancing our mindset, vitality and manifestation mojo through creating opportunities for synchronicity & flow in our lives.

Learn the Simple Necessary Active Practices (SNAP) to create more energy, creativity and focus in your life.

Discover easy ways to SNAP into the flow for greater peace, confidence, success and accelerated achievement.

Increase your capacity for extraordinary living through deeper relationships, happiness and purpose. 

Understand how the scientific research in the fields of positive psychology, optimal human performance, unified physics, epigenetics, the gut-brain connection and heart intelligence can help us to live more empowered lives today. 

Get into the zone and increase your manifestation with a SNAP that will align your awareness with the universal flow

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Your Guides to the Momentum Method

Jahsah & Kara Maria Ananda
Momentum Method Co-Creators

Through years of experience supporting people through rites of passage in the journey of life, we have helped people worldwide to empower their health, relationships, business and spirit. The Momentum Method is the refinement of our system for active manifestation of goals that we use in our coaching practices and have integrated into our healing sessions, workshops, classes and life in a wide variety of fields for many years. This system is a way of igniting and cultivating the energy within us for our greater wellbeing with ease and grace. Once we harness that energy and allow it to move through us with focus upon our goals, we find enhanced intuition, happiness, peace and creativity that guides our way from within to fulfill our dreams.

Jahsah Ananda

Jahsah Ananda is a transformational coach, healer, musician, artist and co-founder of the HeroHive. He has 15+ years experience sharing the healing arts, music, sacred art, bodywork, ceremony, and coaching in the US, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Jahsah specializes in supporting people through rites of passage, life transformations, conscious relationships and self empowerment. Jahsah is dedicated to sharing support and tools for the healing and transformation of life on Earth. 



"Jahsah is an amazing healer, musician and artist with a wide range of techniques in his arsenal. It’s incredible that someone can influence people in so many ways, but Jahsah’s mission on Earth is to bring Love, healing, and enlightenment to people and he works tirelessly at it. Jahsah is such a beautiful soul, full of light; just being in his presence gives you a deep sense of peace." - Alina

"From the moment we connected, I knew I was going to experience something very special. Jahsah's talents are many; his love and comfort great. His gentle guidance has stayed with me and I use it everyday. Nothing has gotten through like this! He is definitely one of my angels! " - Cindy


Kara Maria Ananda

Kara Maria Ananda is a Healing Arts Educator, Holistic Business Coach, Speaker and Writer and the co-founder of the HeroHive. She is the creator of global online educational programs including the Healing Arts Business Academy, the Women’s Healing Arts Teacher Training and the Awesome Birth Teacher Training. Kara is an advocate for empowered living, women's health and transformational leadership through social business. She also offers business coaching for conscious entrepreneurs worldwide. 



"WOW! Kara is a POWERHOUSE of resources, insights, and inspiration! I became equipped to take my already successful business and fulfillment of my life's purpose to the next level. Kara filled me with insights and information that will support me for years to come.  I highly recommend her coaching, programs, and any other project she is involved with at any time.  Any investment in her work will bring major returns in the present and future of your projects." - Annie

"Working with Kara is my best business decision to date. Kara is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom AND she is fun and very personable! Kara's wise experience and guidance comes from her heart and soul."  Paula

The Momentum Method Curriculum

6 Part Online Global Program - Do At Your Own Pace 

  • Discover The Keys To Getting Into The Flow Of Manifestation.

  • Take Action To Create The Health, Relationships And Success You Desire.

  • Become A Force Of Inspiration Lighting The Way For Others To Achieve Their Dreams Too. 

Dare to live the life you dream! 

Together we are creating transformation in the world - one goal at a time. 

Get ready to embark on a journey to fulfill your destiny.


Part 1: EMBODY

  • How To SNAP Into The Flow With Simple Tools

  • How Heart Intelligence Can Tune Up Your Body

  • Power Poses, Mudras & Embodied Intent

  • Move Your Body, Change Your Mind

  • Entraining To The Rhythm Of Life

  • Anchoring Our Energy Into Our Body

  • Grounding And Connecting To The Earth

  • The Momentum Mudra Advanced Practices



  • Simple Healthy Food Habits For Increased Energy 

  • Elixirs, Teas, Smoothies & Super Powered Libations

  • How To Prepare Healthy Snacks In A SNAP

  • How To Transform Your Water Into An Elixir Of Life

  • Vital Elements Of A High Performance Diet

  • The Connection Between The Gut And The Brain

  • How Food Effects Your Mood & Your Mind

  • Rest For Success: The Healing Power Of Rejuvenation



  • How To Activate Your Body, Soul & Environment

  • Make Epigenetics Work For You

  • How Your Relationships Effect The Way You Feel

  • Tools And Practices To Shift The Energy In Your Space

  • Organize Your Way To Success

  • Sound And Vibrational Healing For Flow States

  • Creating A Sacred Space



  • The Kinetic Creative Power Of Kundalini

  • How Movement Taps You Into The Energy Of Life

  • Tapping In The Source Field

  • Encouraging Flow States

  • Creating Happy Hormones For Brain Powered Wellness

  • Super Charge Your Flow Of Manifestation

  • Implement Systems To Increase Your Progress To Your Goals



  • How To Unlock Your Creative Gifts

  • The Synergistic Power Of Visualization & Action

  • The Magnetic Power Of Our Creative Expressions

  • Therapeutic Healing Through Art And Creativity

  • Why Journaling Makes People Smarter And More Successful

  • Tips And Practices For Harnessing Creative Potential

  • Powerful Ways To Amplify Your Visioning Practices


Part 6: FLOW

  • How To Unleash Your Unstoppable Flow

  • The Power Of Movement Meditation

  • Why Flow States Are Key To Unlimited Human Potential

  • Upgrading The Limbic System For Higher Vision & Healing

  • Creating Your Own Destiny

  • Manifesting With The Cycles Of Nature

  • Tools For Maintaining The Momentum Mindset


Unleash Your Creative Potential! 

You receive:  

  • Access To Our Private Online Interactive Classroom

  • Downloadable & Streaming Video Modules For The 6 Parts

  • PDF Handouts With Practical Exercises For Each Section

  • 6 Momentum Mindset Audios With Jahsah And Kara Ananda


Manifest Your Dreams with the Momentum Method Training! 

Get exclusive access to our private membership site online with videos, audios and printables in each section. 

Discover a manifestation coaching system that empowers people with simple practical ways to think better, feel better, live better and achieve more with greater ease.

BONUS: Conscious Questing Course

A 7 Step Adventure In Manifesting A Magical Life 

1. EMBARKING: Beginning a New Journey of Enchanted Living

2. VISIONING: Declaring Your Mission to the Universe

3. INTUITING: Guidance Through Signs, Synchronicity & Dreams

4. FLOWING: Attuning to the Cycles of Energy & Nature

5. ACTIVATING: Raising Your Vibration For Health, Love & Happiness

6. BELIEVING: Staying Confident & Present In the Labyrinth of Life

7. BLESSING: Magnetizing Abundance Through Gratitude


*You Receive the 7 Part Audio Training Created By Jahsah & Kara Maria Ananda FREE

Practitioner Certification Training - Available Now!

The Momentum Method Training provides you with the resources to use the Momentum Method in your personal life and private practice with clients or consultations to support the manifestation of personal and professional goals. To receive Level 1 certification you need to complete the course and submit a written review for assessment. 

The Momentum Method absolutely supports my goals toward manifestation of abundance of happiness, health, financial well being, and professional satisfaction and growth. This method has given me a recipe for achieving these things. I appreciate also how one step builds on the next, and each serves as a foundation for the previous step. When I think of where I was prior to beginning the Momentum Method program and where I am now, it is incredible. I’ve moved forward in so many significant ways, and I can feel myself getting closer to my goals. The steps are realistic and achievable and because of this, I am inclined to participate in the steps on a daily basis. This offers consistency, which is a behavior of forward movement and success. I’m so excited to continue to observe my forward movement over the next few weeks and months.
— Tara Bulin


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