Momentum Mudras E-book

Create Calm, Peace & Flow in your Life with the 7 Momentum Mudras

Momentum Mudras Ebook with 7 Practices for Peace, Calm & Manifesation

The Momentum Mudras E-Book is a 7 day program to boost your energy, get in the flow & accelerate your powers of manifestation with quick & easy practices you can do anytime.

Get 7 daily affirmations, mudras & music to inspire you to create your optimal health, happiness & success.

Created by Kara & Jahsah Ananda with color photography showing the daily mudras, an affirmation for each mudra, and additional recommended practices to enhance the mudras. 

A link is provided to listen online to original musical tracks by Jahsah for complimentary sound healing to accompany and enhance the Momentum Mudras. 

  • PDF Digital Download

  • 10 pages

  • Color photography

  • Instant download upon purchase

  • You can print with a color printer

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