The Women's Social Media Business Academy

Social Media Savvy for Holistic Women Entrepreneurs


Are you ready to make a difference & spread your message online in an empowered feminine way? 

Join our comprehensive social media training program to be a confident and successful conscious women entrepreneur online! 

Social media is the best way to reach new people, build your brand, and spread your positive inspiration and message! 

Women are poised to be the social media leaders today as we thrive in making connections and creative communications.

Discover Your Social Media Style: 

  • Grow Your Conscious Business By Connecting Online
  • Know How To Reach the Right People Online
  • Share Your Brand Essence on the Right Social Channels
  • Be Prepared For the Changing Future Of Social Media
  • Understand Digital Storytelling, Art And Technology
  • Build Relationships Globally And Locally
  • Create an Authentic Online Community
  • Increase Your Income Through Soulful Social Media

The Social Media Business Academy includes:

  • 4 Complete Courses: The Feminine Freedom Social Media Training, CONNECT: Social Media Training, Best Practices for Social Media Training & Creating a New Paradigm of Divine Feminine Media 
  • 3 Bonus Trainings
  • 30 Video & Audio Modules
  • 10 Downloadable PDF Workbooks
  • 40 Easy to Implement Lessons
  • Membership in Private Online Mastermind

Do You Have A Holistic Business Or Message That You Want To Share To Inspire, Uplift And Educate & Reach People Around The World?

Social Media is the key to connecting with people locally and globally through building connections and sharing your message creatively. 

As we become the leaders in content creation on social media, we can use these incredible independent publishing and communication networks to grow successful businesses, support each other, and transform the world!

Social Media Is The Fastest And Easiest Way To Grow Your Business, Build Your Professional Reputation, And Create Community Connections Globally! 

I am excited to teach you how I've created an engaged interested community of thousands of people from over 75 countries all over world on my email list, plus over 3/4 million visitors to my website in one year through social media networking.

If you have an online business you can reach clients globally through social media. If you have a locally based business your clients will look online to read reviews and check out your social media interactions.

Your social media presence is only growing in importance, and customers of all kinds want not just great service but trusting relationships with providers and businesses. 

You Don't Need To Have A Huge Social Media Following To Have A Successful Online Business - But You Do Need To Have An Active, Engaged & Growing Network.

Women's Social Media Business Academy for Holistic Entrepreneurs

Social media is the BEST way to find the people online that are specifically interested in what you have to share - and get those people to come to your website. 

I will teach you how to do this. A small engaged network is WAY better than a huge following of people who are not your ideal clients and don't interact online or join your email list. 

When you understand the specific benefits and culture of each of the different social media networks and how to use them wisely to build your email list and grow your clientele, you can build a successful online global network of passionate customers that are interested in what you have to share. 

It's all about building relationships and sharing interesting content that inspires, informs and entertains people. Also social media is SOCIAL, so you need to interact and relate your community in a positive manner through comments, questions and connections.

The Rise Of Social Media Gives Conscious Content Creators & Visionaries A Direct Pathway To Become Global Leaders In Business And Transformation!

There are important strategies and mindsets involved in using your time and energy wisely on social media to grow your business and I'm ready to share my secrets with you.

You Don't Need To Spend A Lot Of Time On Social Media, You Just Need To Use It Wisely.

I will share with you how I plan my social media time for maximum impact and purpose.

Join me for this fun online academy to create your freedom lifestyle & business through social media!

To grow a thriving business today, depends upon building stronger relationships. 

Social media is the best way to reach out and connect with clients, customers and brand ambassadors all over the world. 

Become a connector and create your thriving business and community today!

It's time for a movement of visionary entrepreneurs, smart small business owners, conscious living advocates, health & wellness professionals and positive leaders to step into higher levels of connectivity through speaking, publishing, and supporting the new paradigm of consciousness to rise.

In order to create the world we want to live in it is vital that we rise together and share our ideas and wisdom.

It takes confidence, belief and some social media savvy to create the community and connections for social change, prosperity and wellness. 

Social media offers us an unprecedented opportunity to share our ideas, build conscious businesses, foster community and create transformation in the world. 

Through social media we have the ability to easily and inexpensively share our stories, art and build real relationships. It's amazing that we can share information and work with each other all over the world today. 

Together We Are Weaving the Web of the Future! 

The Academy Curriculum Includes:

  • The Feminine Freedom Social Media Training 

  • Connect: Art, Storytelling and Technology Course 

  • Best Practices for Social Media Series 

  • Creating a New Paradigm of Feminine Media

  • The Sacred Trinity of Online Business Success Interview

  • The 3 Secrets to Social Media Storytelling Training 

The Feminine Freedom Social Media Training

9 Part Video Training to Become Social Media Savvy Today from Blogging to Podcasting

Women are the biggest users of social media. As we also become the leaders in content creation on social media, we can use these incredible independent publishing and communication networks to grow successful businesses, support each other, and transform the world!

Social Media Education for Conscious Businesses

Part 1: Blogging

  • How to Be a Successful Online Publisher in the Social Media Age
  • The Common Mistakes Bloggers Make That You Want to Avoid
  • How to Set Up Your Blog So People Will Share Your Content on Social Media
  • Why Your Blog is the Most Important Way to Optimize Your Social Media Presence

Part 2: Facebook

  • Get Traffic From the #1 Social Media Website Today to Your Website
  • What You Must Know About Facebook Business Pages and How to Optimize Them
  • How to Create Content That People Will Share on Facebook
  • Why Facebook Pages Are So Important for SEO & Expert Positioning

Part 3: Twitter

  • Spark Interest in 140 Characters or Less
  • How to Connect With Your Ideal Clients and Find Out What They Are Interested In
  • What You Need to Know To Get More Favorites & ReTweets
  • What Changes Are Happening on Twitter That You Should Know About
The Social Weavers Academy: Social Media Education and Mastermind for Holistic Entrepreneurs

Part 4: Pinterest

  • How to be Very Very Pinteresting 
  • Why You Must Be on the #1 Women's Social Media Network
  • How Pinterest Users Spend More Money Than on Any Other Social Media Network
  • What You Need to Do to Make Sure Your Content is Getting Shared on Pinterest

Part 5: Instagram

  • Discover Tips to Free Your Inner Photographer
  • How Instagram is Leading the Way with Visual Content 
  • Why Videos, Photos and Art Are the Highest Engaging Content Online
  • How to Connect with Your Ideal Community on Instagram Through Hashtags

Part 6: YouTube

  • Your Videos Are Key to Reaching Huge Amounts of Customers 
  • How to Create Videos That Make You Show Up at the Top of the Search Engines
  • Top Tips for Creating Videos on Phones, Cameras, and Computers
  • Know What Kind of Videos Create More Interaction and Shares
The Social Weavers Academy: Social Media Education and Mastermind for Holistic Entrepreneurs

Part 7: Google+

  • How to Use Google+ to Rank Higher on the #1 Website in the World
  • Why Hangouts Are Changing the World of Teleseminars and Webinars
  • How to Use Hangouts to Rank Higher on YouTube
  • Top Google+ Tools for Communicating with Your Community

Part 8: Tumblr

  • Why Tumblr is an Amazing All-in-One Opportunity for Businesses
  • How to Create a Website, Blog, and Community with Tumblr
  • Why GIF's Rule on Tumblr and How to Make One
  • Top Tips for Reaching New Audiences Through Tumblr

Part 9: Podcasting

  • Learn to Make Your Voice the Star on iTunes
  • How to Create Awesome Audio Recordings for Your Radio Show
  • Why Hosting a Podcast on iTunes is the #1 Thing Smart Entrepreneurs Are Wanting to Do
  • How to Easily Integrate Your Podcast and Your Blog for Easy Publishing

CONNECT: The Social Media Course

6 Modules on the Art, Storytelling and Technology of Social Media Communication

The Social Weavers Academy: Social Media Education and Mastermind for Holistic Entrepreneurs

Part 1: The Communication Foundation

  • Create a social strategy that is right for your business from the start
  • How to tell people what you do, why you do it and how you can help them
  • Know which social media networks are best for you to focus on
  • Optimize your share ability on your website, blog and newsletter

Part 2: Weaving The Web With Your Words

  • Expressing your unique story through your authentic language
  • The right way to write online
  • Creating compelling copy that makes connections
  • Simple ways to find content to write about

Part 3: Your Brand Design

  • DIY Graphic Design for Everyone
  • Brand All Your Social Media Networks With Your Iconic Style
  • How to Create Awesome Quote Graphics and Posters
  • The Art & Psychology of Fonts and Colors

Part 4: Video Style

  • How to Be an Awesome Phonetographer 
  • Top Tips for Being Confident in Front of the Camera
  • Social Sharing Video Tips for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and More
  • DIY Lighting, Filming and Styling Secrets

Part 5: Online Networking

  • How to Grow Your Email Newsletter List Through Social Media
  • Hosting Teleseminars and Webinars Online
  • Building Real Relationships Through Social Networking
  • Creating a Dynamic Community & Movement Around Your Business

Part 6: Social Media Marketing

  • Creating Your Social Media Editorial Calendar
  • Share Your Message With Your Specific Clientele With Facebook Ads
  • How to Connect With Your Ideal Clientele Through Social Media
  • Seeing Real Results Through Social Media Connections

Social Media Best Practices for Holistic Women Entrepreneurs

Social Media Best Practices Series

6 Video Trainings with Quick and Easy Tips

Optimize the Top Social Media Platforms

  • Facebook Page Best Practices Training

  • Twitter Best Practices Training

  • Pinterest Best Practices Training

  • YouTube Best Practices Training

  • Google+ Best Practices Training

  • Instagram Best Practices Training

Creating a New Paradigm of Feminine Media

Creating a New Paradigm of Divine Feminine Media Today

6 Part Audio Training

Modern media is changing and it’s time for the new feminine leaders to step up and share our wisdom, truth and authenticity through these new channels of sharing information and empowerment.

It’s also vital for us to understand and view the conventional forms of media with love and understanding as well as conscious discernment so that we can understand how media shapes women’s beliefs systems, how we can interact with media in a positive way, and how to influence the shift in modern media toward expressing empowered feminine messages.

Through the incredible opportunities in independent publishing and social media, anyone can be a media star, and this is the more powerful way to spread your sacred healing message and work to the world to be a part of the rise of the divine feminine today.

In this course I'll share tips for both being a rising thought leader in conscious media as well as healing the traditional media worldview. 


  • Why Spiritual Feminine Leaders Need to Be at the Forefront of Creating the New Paradigm of Conscious Media Today

  • How Conscious Media Can Heal Women’s Body Image Issues: Bringing Light to the Full Spectrum of Women’s Beauty in Media

  • How to Consciously Navigate Media Opportunities as a Priestess

  • The Independent Publishing Paradigm for Priestesses: YouTube, Amazon, iTunes & More

  • Social Media Secrets for Divine Feminine Entrepreneurs 

  • Healing the Old Paradigm of Media - Bringing the Holy to Hollywood

The Sacred Trinity of Online Business

Expert Interview with Kara Maria Ananda on the 3 Essential Elements of a Successful Online Business.

  • How to Monetize Your Newsletter

  • How to Price Your Courses

  • Why Numbers Aren’t as important as relationships

  • How to Utilize Social Media Smartly

  • How to be an entrepreneur

  • How to Get Started With Facebook Ads

  • How to build your own website

  • What features you MUST have on your website

  • and tons more of amazing information and stories…

Holistic Entrepreneurship with Kara Maria Ananda

3 Secrets to Social Media Storytelling

Special Audio Training on Sharing Authentically Online

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Anne Rebecca

"I love, love, LOVE the Social Media training. It is so inspiring and sooooooo jam-packed FULL of practical info and tools we can use. Thank you so much!" 
- Anne Rebecca, Doula, Yoga Teacher & Health Coach



Paula Youmell

"Working with Kara is my best business decision to date. Kara is helping me move my healing practice out into to the world. She is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom AND she is fun and very personable! Kara's helping me with social media know how and I could not have accomplished this without her wise experience and guidance that comes from her heart and soul." - Paula Youmell, RN, Health Coach


Gabrielle Brick

"Kara's expert business coaching advice has been a tremendous help to me as a single mother and multi-preneur wondering where to find the time to engage effectively online. She has helped me create strategies and organizational skills in social media. In just one month my engagement on Facebook and Twitter has seen a tremendous increase! Understanding how to work SMARTER, not harder, and achieve fast results in today's online world, is essential. Kara is a gem." - Gabrielle Brick, Executive Coach


Dr. Amanda Noelle

"I am FLOORED by how incredible Kara is at teaching social media! In just 15 minutes, I learned more from Kara than I have learned from many coaches, online webinars, and training programs. Kara Maria Ananda is a rising star who helps entrepreneurs grow their online BLI$$nesses through social media in a sacred transformational way." 
- Dr. Amanda Noelle, Women's Spiritual Business and Life Coach


Emily Evans Russell

"I am so grateful for having Kara's years of wisdom and experience as a contribution to building my conscious business and improving the lives of women all around the world." 
- Emily Evans Russell,