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The Visionary Women Seminars are video trainings for visionary women leaders, creators and entrepreneurs to manifest your big vision with clarity.

Now is the time to start activating your soul mission in a deeper way, grow your roots, and expand your vision of what's possible. So many opportunities are opening right now, especially if you widen your perception to new ideas.

Now is the time to rise up, raise your voice, tell your stories, and connect with like minded souls around the world. Together we have the unstoppable ability create change at a rate unprecedented on the Earth ever before - and it's up to us to decide what kind of change that is going to be.

Experience the Visionary Women Seminars, ongoing series of video trainings on integrative topics for conscious women entrepreneurs, healers, professionals, visionaries, change-makers, and leaders today. 

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Healing the Sacred Womb

Healing the Sacred Womb - Women's Wellness Leadership Seminar

The womb is a sacred space with a women's body. Womb is the Old English word for uterus. I love this word for it feels warm and cozy, and less clinical than uterus. It also rhymes with room, reminding me that the uterus is the first space that all humans come into this world through. It's also a place in our bodies that we can connect with, as we find the space and room in our lives to grow the sexual creative power that is inherent within women's bodies, and is able to be harnessed for many purposes of manifestation, self-awareness, empowerment, and healing.

The word uterus comes from Latin, related to the Greek word hustera, from which the term hysteria is derived from. Hysteria was a psychological disorder of madness and hysterics, which has a controversial history of having been a label for which women were diagnosed with who spoke out and acted in ways not considered appropriate in older times. It stemmed from the misguided notion that a women's uterus would travel all over her body and cause her to act in emotional, dramatic, and attention-seeking behaviors. For this reason, in the pursuit of nurturing healing and connection to our female organ of menstruation, fertility, and creative power, I choose to use the word womb. 

Today, women still struggle with reclaiming the creative and sensual power of our wombs, maintaining health and balance in our sexual organs and cycles, and expressing our feminine nature. Yet, the womb is a resilient source of power, vitality, and life-giving energy that connects each women to the unbroken line of human experience and consciousness. 

The womb is a portal for which new souls incarnate into human bodies, and is also a powerful center within our bodies in which women can connect to a deeper connection of their own soul and life-force for strength, growth, and guidance. We can access the power of our wombs to bring balance to the core of our bodies and generate ecstatic sexual pleasure.

Through embodying our womb power we can connect with an ancient feminine internal guidance system that links our heart, mind, and soul to our life-giving creative and sexual energy for enhanced confidence and self-knowing. 

In this seminar, we will be exploring specific ways in which to use meditation and somatic practices to harness our womb wisdom for healing, releasing old energy patterns, enhancing pleasure, and tapping into greater levels of manifestation. 

Through healing our relationship to our womb we can cultivate greater energy, clarity, and confidence to sustain us on the path of feminine leadership in service to bringing peace, love, and healing to the world - and more joy and abundance to our lives!

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