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Birth, Breasts, Wombs, Cycles, & Self-Care

Do you want ALL 5 of my Holistic Women’s Wellness Teacher Trainings and Courses in one package?

Women's Wellness Pro Course Package

In the Women's Wellness Pro program package you get membership to FIVE of my women's wellness courses including:

  • The Women's Healing Arts Teacher Training

  • The Awesome Birth Teacher Training

  • The Breast Essentials: Natural Breast Health Course

  • The Womb Cycles: Empowering Sensual Health Course

  • The Pleasure of Pampering: Sacred Sensual Self-Care Course

You are invited to this exceptional holistic women's wellness teacher training combo program!

Embark on a journey through the sacred sexual rites of passage of a women's life from fertility, menstruation, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and menopause. 

Discover natural ways of supporting women's wellness through meditation, energy healing, massage, bodywork, movement, dance, herbs, food, storytelling, and more. 

You get full access to these five incredible courses enjoyed by students and professionals around the world! 

Get the comprehensive women’s wellness course package covering women’s healing arts, birth, cycles, breasts, and self-care for Holistic Women’s Wellness Professionals, Teachers, and Advocates.

Our Curriculum Library

The Women's Healing Arts Teacher Training

This comprehensive holistic training covers the full spectrum of a women's sexual life passages from natural menstrual health, conscious fertility, holistic pregnancy and birth, the menopausal mysteries and sacred sexuality. 

Explore natural healing arts for feminine health including nutrition, herbs, massage, movement and more. 

Journey through the history of women healers and discover a holistic perspective of women's health for the body, mind, heart and soul.


The Awesome Birth Teacher Training

A holistic global program to support you in creating your vision of how you can best help mothers, families and babies. 

This course supports the birth entrepreneur, student, practitioner, advocate, and parent to expand their education, resources, language, clarity, confidence, and global network. 

This is a holistic and comprehensive program that is attended by a diverse student population from women's health and birth advocates from all over the world. 


Womb Cycles

Learn how to balance your hormones, naturally support your women's health in an empowered way, and manifest holistically with your womb cycles. Empower your menstruation, fertility, hormones and energy.

Discover holistic, traditional and scientific information to confidently create greater vitality, ease, sensuality and longevity in your life.

This is vital information that every women should learn but probably don't. Now is the time to reclaim our power and potential inherent in our womb cycles. 


The Pleasure of Pampering: Sacred Sensual Self-Care

Discover an ancient feminine paradigm of women's health focused on feeling blissful and ecstatic in our bodies to enhance our sensuality, health and success. 

Indulge in powerful practices for women's wellness including: healing baths, ecstatic dancing, relaxing massages, sensuous foods, orgasmic breathing, rejuvenation arts & more. 

Sacred sensual self-care practices such as massages, baths, naps and dancing all create positive transformations in our body, mind and spirit that result in de-stressing our body and nourishing our feminine sexuality - all naturally. 


The Breast Essentials

Discover the keys to holistic breast care in this 7 part online immersion.

Learn how to naturally empower your breast health, wellness, vitality and sensuality through a holistic understanding of women's health and holistic living arts including massage, movement, meditation, energy, breath, nutrition, super foods, clothing, environment, epigenetics and more.

Love your feminine body and enhance your longevity, vitality and sensuality.

Kara Maria Ananda

About Kara

Kara Maria Ananda supports visionary women to create transformation in the world today through online courses, mentoring, and events.

Kara is a Women’s Healing Arts Mentor, Holistic Business Coach, speaker, writer, and the founder of Maia University. 

She’s the creator of holistic online courses including the Women’s Healing Arts Teacher Training, the Awesome Birth Teacher Training, and the Healing Arts Business Academy.

Kara has over 20 years experience in healing arts education and entrepreneurship, from being a massage therapist, craniosacral practitioner, birth and postpartum doula, women’s health educator, herbalist, and hoop dancing teacher, to creating global online courses serving women in over 50 countries around the world in holistic health, business, and life. 

Kara can often be found hiking in nature, cooking up something magical, reading one of the books in her piles, dancing in circles, and spending time with her husband and three boys having adventures.

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I have been taking Kara’s courses for about 4 years now! I am continually amazed at the breadth of her wisdom along with her amazing content.

If you’ve never taken one of her courses though, I can assure you this woman knows her stuff! You will be amazed at her knowledge, but more so her skill of transmitting this knowledge. The best teachers are only as good as their ability to share the information they know. Kara does this with ease and honed skill..

I love Kara’s mission, her passion, and her commitment to helping other women become wellness leaders in the field of women’s health.
— Rebecca Sarich, CNM, Certified Nurse Midwife, Sexuality Coach and Women's Holistic Health Provider, www.rebeccasarich.com
WOW! Kara is a POWERHOUSE of resources, insights, and inspiration!
— Annie Botticelli, Astrologer, Business and Self-Development Coach, and Author, www.anniehelpsyou.com
Kara Maria Ananda is a visionary in the field of holistic women’s wellness & empowerment.
— Kristina Wingeier, Intuitive Astrologer, Healing Guide and Cosmic Muse, www.kristinawingeier.com
Kara gives all that she’s got to bring teachings forth from ancient wisdom all the way up to modern-day cutting edge up-to-date studies and combines all of her many skills and gifts and puts together nothing short of life-changing miraculous courses to help anyone ready to take the next steps in their life to embody their highest path and Higher Calling. Thank you Kara, From the bottom of my heart!
— Jessica H. Pacheco, Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Life Coach
Empowering natural women's health and holistic women's wellness through the Women's Wellness Pro Teacher Training online.