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Ecstatic Women's Wellness

  • Find out how holistic health can empower women's wellness, transform your life and change the world. 
  • Discover the legacy of wise women, midwives, healers, witches, herbalists, and priestesses from around the world.
  • Tap into your sensual power and embrace your vitality and sexuality.

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Empowering Women's Wellness

I'm Kara Maria Ananda, a healing arts educator, empowerment coach, writer, speaker, and the founder of Maia University for visionary women. 

My passion is to inspire visionary women to embody your highest level of optimal health, abundance, manifestation, and mindfulness. 

Discover all that I have to share in my courses, blog, and more! Contact me with any questions. 

Maia U is named after Maia, the Greek Goddess of midwifery, who brings to light what is within.

My mission is to support women's wellness leaders globally to follow their hearts and create transformational health in our global communities. 

Through awakening our highest potential of health and wellness inherent within our body, mind, and spirit, we can experience the energy needed to bring healing and transformation to the world, all people, and nature. 

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