Stop Shrinking Yourself and Be Bigger in the World!

Stop Shrinking Yourself and Be Bigger in the World!

How many "women's health" related articles have you seen telling you to minimize your thighs, reduce your body weight, tone your muscles, or eliminate your curves? 

There's no need to tone down who you are, minimize your message, reduce your presence in the world, or eliminate a part of yourself.

Your body is your sacred vessel that creates your self-expression of your voice, your story, your message, your calling, and shares your energy with the world!

These not-so-subliminal messages tell women that we need to shrink back from being who we really are! It's time to love your whole self - body, mind, emotions, and spirit! 

Our health is the energy we have in our bodies to express ourselves in our lives through our relationships, work, creativity and manifestation. 

It's not just physical, yet that's just one aspect in our lives in which we are given cultural programming that hold us back trying to shape us into something different. 

We live in a culture that is constantly trying to decrease our sense of value - we can see this directly related to targeting our bodies especially. 

It's time to look within and recognize the power we have as changemakers in our own lives and the world. There are so many forces trying to minimize our feelings of success, self-worth, and success. 

You are ready now to shine! You are beautiful and powerful just the way you are! It's time for women to speak, dance, work, share, and be bigger in the world today!!!

I want for all the women in my community to stop waiting, take action now to be more visible and present in the world, and make a bigger impact in your communities and lives, because now is the only time we have. 

Here's a secret - people respond more to your energy, to your passion, to your love, smile, and eyes, than to your makeup, hair or clothing. The more different you are the better - because you can stand up and people will remember YOU, in all your uniqueness. 

You are deserving of all the joy, love, prosperity, clients, work, creativity, sensuality, and bliss that you desire!

What do you really want in your life?

What are you waiting for?

Are you ready to claim your worth now?

I'm excited to share my monthly 2020 Visionary Women Seminar this Thursday on Sacred Prosperity - an important topic for women today wanting to grow your confidence, happiness, abundance, business, and vision! 

If you're ready to receive all that life has waiting for you - to step up in bigger ways, and to love who you are then I invite you to join me to discover the source of your abundance! 

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Healthy, Holistic & Hot: Growing Wellness Trends

Healthy, Holistic & Hot: The Growing Wellness Trends

Healthy living is the world's best trending movement.

This spring I drove across the United States from the Pacific Northwest all the way to New England - the long way via the California Coast, Texas, and up through the Southeast - everywhere I went I found healthy food, yoga studios, and new businesses and events popping up celebrating healthy living. 

I ran into pop-up yoga classes in the park in Oklahoma, organic food stores in small towns in Texas, amazing coops in Kentucky, and new juice bars in almost every city.

I met massage therapists, doulas, essential oil enthusiasts, martial artists, herbalists, chiropractors, and energy healers from the West to East Coasts.

It wasn't this way before. I remember when I moved away from my home state of New Hampshire 20 years ago and organic food was something most people didn't know about, and I had to drive far and wide to get it, and there was only one yoga class at a local community center.

Moving to the West Coast in the '90's felt like a whole new world of abundant organic food choices and healing arts practitioners, and was a great place to expand, learn, begin, and grow my work as a wellness entrepreneur.  

Now I've returned to the city I grew up in to find multiple grocery stores to shop for organic and healthy foods, an abundance of yoga studios, holistic centers, and movement studios offering everything from aerial yoga to Reiki to parkour.

There's farm-to-table restaurants, cafes with smoothies and bowls galore, and a farmer's market in the downtown. The healthy living movement has expanded everywhere and most rapidly in the past 10 years. 

I've driven across the USA now 7 times in the past 20 years, and it's easier than ever before to find holistic options across the country.

Now I'll cruise through a small town in the middle of the country and call out signs for holistic businesses as I see them: "Tai Chi! Yoga! Smoothies! Organic Coffee! Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! Underwater Massage!"

No longer do I carry a tattered copy of the Tofu Tollbooth (a fun, yet outdated, book from the 90's) on my roadtrips to find the few and far between health food stores. Now my smart phone gives me exact directions to an abundance of options for natural grocery stores and locavore restaurants wherever I go - and there's new ones opening all the time! 

Wellness is growing worldwide! 

Global Wellness Institute, Global Wellness Economy Monitor, January 2017

Global Wellness Institute, Global Wellness Economy Monitor, January 2017

While the US is the global leader in the wellness movement, healthy living is a growing global trend with Europe and China also leading the way.

From 2013 to 2015 the Global Wellness Industry rose 10.6% to $3.72 trillion, while the global economy actually decreased -3.6%. 

The options for healthy living and empowered holistic self-care is rising all over the world.

I see this in my work supporting holistic wellness educators, coaches, and professionals globally in my courses and coaching, and hear the stories of new opportunities and services being offered everywhere.

You can take yoga classes in Kenya, get doula services in Sweden, experience healing massage in the Netherlands, sit in a women's circle in Israel, go to the spa in Japan, learn energy healing in Malaysia, hire a midwife in Chile, and find herbal healing in South Africa.

Wherever you go, if you look around you'll find that self-care is the new healthcare.

More and more people are looking to support their health naturally to prevent sickness or disease before it strikes. 

What's Hot in Holistic Health

What's Hot in Holistic Health Now

The expansive wellness movement is creating new opportunities in healthy living for personal empowerment, professional practice, and wellness entrepreneurs. 

If you want to start or grow a wellness business - this is the best time to join the party (you know, the kind of party with raw cacao, flower essences, rooftop deck yoga, and crystal bowl music - rather than alcohol, drugs, or all-night warehouse raves). 

Here's some of the hottest trends in wellness for 2017 and beyond...

Beauty gets better.

The beauty industry is getting a makeover; now looking good is about feeling good.

Clean beauty, supplements, probiotics, mood support, massage, acupuncture, and brain practices to de-stress to get happy are shaping the high growth of the new pure beauty movement.

In addition to the new beauty practices being attentive to inner beauty, spa environments are getting a makeover too, as attention to beautiful architecture, healing spaces, lighting, sound, and saunas all become magnets for people desiring the most beautiful spaces to get their beauty treatments done. 

Happiness is key.

The largest focus in the wellness market is mental well-being.

Mood boosting and mind-body-spirit balancing is seen growing everywhere as spas, hotels, and health centers focus on creating beautiful environments, adding more meditation, sound healing, and creative arts programs.

Healthy food, supplements, essential oils, and bodywork are focused not just on physical benefits but the emotional and mental benefits too.

From breathwork, to brainwaves, to sleeping - health is now all about enhancing our minds and our moods. 

Accessibility Booms

It's easier than ever to find wellness in more communities thanks to the growing focus on healthy spaces and giving back to communities.

Wellness tourism and travel are a huge part of the growing healthy lifestyle market. Wellness hotels are popping up in all the big cities and cities are rebranding themselves as wellness destinations, promoting their local holistic practitioners, health centers, and nature activities for the health conscious visitor. 

In local communities, there are more mind-body-spirit classes and practitioners, and community gardens, labyrinths, and rejuvenating places are growing all over.

Practitioners are giving back in bigger ways, and now you can find classes on how to make green smoothies at senior centers, and yoga teachers at women's shelters. 

This is a great time to think outside of the box - and expand your offerings of wellness to the community in new ways. Now more than ever people are open and receptive to learning methods of feeling better, and staying healthy. 

Wellness at Work

The corporate world is hip to health. 

Employers are realizing the powerful benefits of helping their employees to stay healthy and happy. 

There's an increase in calm meditative spaces in offices for yoga, silence, and even napping, as well as more demand for yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, and fun fitness (like office mini-golf and playground slides) in the corporate world. 

Corporate wellness programs pay off by increasing job productivity and focus, as well as reducing absenteeism and sick-days. 

Nutrition Gets a Boost

We're going beyond superfoods, now the nutritional buzzwords are adaptogens, mushrooms, collagen, and liposomal delivery systems. 

Customizable whole food diets, meal plans, and enhancing our daily supplements and meals with extra boosts of nutrition are all hot right now. 

We're still living in a super-size world in which fast-food is available off every major highway exit in the USA, and gigantic cheeseburgers and fried food are pop culture favorites on food television.

Thus the need and demand for healthy food, weight-loss support, and nutritional awareness are rising to counter act the excessive eating culture.

Luckily, more choices are arising everywhere, and new ones every year - but with all the new products, education and personal guidance on how to utilize and stick with these options are essential too, and thus is creating lots of demand for health coaches, chefs, spas, and wellness practitioners to help guide people through these choices. 

Grow Your Wellness Business

Grow Your Wellness Business

The worldwide wellness industry is rising, and is impervious to other factors such as job rates, and global economy. In fact, the desire for self empowered wellbeing seems to have an opposite effect of growing stronger and faster, despite their being a slump in the global economy in recent years. 

Wellness is not a fad, our global information age is just raising more awareness about the impacts our lifestyle factors have on our health - from rest, exercise, nutrition, stress, and environmental influences. 

Now more people than ever before are interested and ready to integrate these holistic health practices into their self-care routine, daily meals, work spaces, date nights, family life, and travel activities.

The opportunity is greater than ever before for wellness entrepreneurs to innovate, integrate, and shine in new business ideas and customized healing arts experiential offerings. 

Are you ready to start or grow your wellness business?

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The Advanced Art of Manifesting Your Goals

The advanced art of manifesting your goals...

What is the problem when it feels like your desires are not manifesting?

I recently asked my community what goals they had that had manifested through vision boards (one of my favorite manifestation practices) and was wowed at the answers!

Many people shared that they had manifested their soulmate relationships, honeymoons on tropical islands, dream houses, paid off their car loans, created their successful businesses, accomplished their desired educational training, and more!

But others shared that nothing they wanted had manifested and said they didn't understand why "The Secret" didn't work for them. 

Beyond the Law of Attraction

Well let's address the big issue, which is that "The Secret" shares some information on the art of manifestation, but it's very simplified and watered down for marketing through the mainstream media.

The Secret talks about the importance of visualizing your goals through the Law of Attraction, but it doesn't share all the other techniques that manifestation masters have been teaching for centuries, including the ones who's information and books the movie is based upon.

Universal Laws of Creation

For one visualizing what you want IS important, but then you also have to speak and affirm positively what you are calling in from then forth. 

It's vital to no longer speak of past losses or challenges, or share your ideas with others who will talk about how hard that is, and try to dissuade you from your ability to create such new achievements in your life. 

There are many universal laws at work in the art of manifestation. Just as there are many forces at work in the laws of physics beyond electricity and magnetism, there are many forces that work in the quantum realm that effect how our thoughts and actions create results in our lives. 

Law of Action

Another thing that all comprehensive teachers of the Law of Attraction share, is that visualization to create magnetization is just one part of the process, but just as essential is the Law of Action.

You must not only visualize and believe but also take action - whether it's tiny or big, towards achieving your goals. Action creates momentum which helps to speed up the actualization of your desires in big ways! 

Law of Gratitude

Another important universal law at work in the art of conscious creation is the Law of Gratitude, which is the act of expressing thankfulness for the things you love, enjoy and appreciate in your life now. 

Being thankful for what you do have is powerful, because if you don't appreciate what you have then the Universe isn't necessarily going to bring you more.

The Law of Blessings

The Law of Blessings generates our power outward, strengthening our ability to see and send love and transformation to the world around us. 

Through the action of blessing our surrounding, we actively become a part of the healing of our world, transmuting every moment of our life into powerful opportunities for change!

Bless and praise what you see around you. Bless your challenges!

While the Secret is a good introductory documentary to the practice of manifestation, I find that some people can get very frustrated by not having accessed the more in-depth information that many of the teachers in that movie actually use and share.

Divine Timing

Another thing that I've found is that sometimes it takes time to manifest our desires, and it's vital to not give up hope due to impatience with divine timing.

Our dream house may have someone else in it right now, maybe it's not yet available, and maybe you have to move around for a while and be grateful for the home that one has, and that one HAS a home, rather than feel frustrated at not having the dream home yet.

Yet, through maintaining a positive thankful state, constantly blessing the situation that one is in, and maintaining a firm solid belief that what you desire - or better - is coming, good things do manifest!

Recognize What You Do Have

To those who feel that nothing you want has manifested, I pose a challenge, is there really NOTHING in your life that you want?

What IS in your life that you do desire and love?

Focus on that, just that, and appreciate it with gratitude and bless it with love!

Give love, blessings and thanks to the little things: like time to nap, great conversations with a friend or loved one, playing with your kids, a favorite song on the radio coming on, a meal with your favorite foods. 

Remember that many people around the world do not have such blessings or privilege and be grateful! 

Know that you now, reading this article on the internet, with your computer, tablet, or cellphone, all powerful advanced technology devices, and probably in a place with electricity, are more well off than any millionaire 150 years ago, who did not have ANY of those things!

Appreciate and notice what you do love about your life so more can grow.

Create Space for What You Want

If there are things you don't really like about your life, how can you release that now so as to make room for more things that you want?

Is there clutter? Old clothes you don't wear? Piles of magazines lying around?

I find getting rid of stuff, and clearing space, creates a magnet for new things.

Patience & Persistence

Don't give up! Some things come quick and others take time.

I've found blessings in little awesome things manifesting all the time, but some of the big ones I've dreamed of have taken 5, 10 or 20 years to manifest!

The bigger the blessings the more it's worth waiting and holding onto faith for!

There are still many things I've been quietly working on manifesting for a long time that I do believe I WILL manifest in my lifetime, I'm just waiting for the divine time when the world is ready - and so am I!

If you want to study more about the art of manifestation, there are many books available on the subject that go much deeper into it than the popular movie that keeps some of the important elements still secret. 

Read more here...

My Favorite Books on Manifestation: 

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder. This is a powerful comprehensive book on the many Universal Laws that support our manifestation process.

Originally published in 1962, Catherine Ponder is a well-known Unity Minister who has written and spoken about spirituality, prosperity, manifestation, health, and love for decades.

This is a great introduction to her work and if you enjoy it, I also recommend her other books The Prosperity Secrets of the Ages and The Prospering Power of Love

The Game of Life & How to Play It & more by Florence Scovel Shinn are wonderful books, first published in 1925.

Florence Scovel Shinn was an influential New Thought teacher and writer on the subjects of spirituality and metaphysics. 

She was a big influence on Catherine Ponder who I mentioned above, so there are a lot of similarities in their work. 

This book was very powerful for me when I was going through some challenges a few years ago, and reading the affirmations aloud created visible manifestations in my life that cleared obstacles that seemed impossible! This is a potent book.

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles is a classic book on manifestation originally published in 1910. 

This is the book that the creator of The Secret found that changed her life and influenced the creation of the movie. However this author also highly speaks of the importance of taking action after visualizing. 

These vintage books on manifestation spell out so much more of the practices that are at play in the act of conscious creation. 

This book is one that many extremely successful entrepreneurs read over and over again. 

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is the most famous of the older manifestation authors who have influenced the new teachers on the Law of Attraction, and was first published in 1937.

Considered a "must-read" by many business people, it's also a harder read because of the antiquated language and masculine-focused direction of the writing. 

Yet, in this book you will also read about the Invisible Counselors method that Napoleon Hill used to consult in his imagination with mentors, that was highly controversial at the time - but it very effective! 

If you love to read, get this book - and check out the chapter on his inner secret council. 

The Art of True Healing by Israel Regardie is a unique and quick read about a powerful energy healing practice to activate your body's energy field to enhance your manifestation. 

This little book is easy to read, and is a modern edited version of the original, first published in 1932. 

Utilizing the chakras and Kabbalah, this energy practice combines a meditation that activates the centers of our body, moves energy through our auric field, and then uses this enhanced charge of our body, mind and spirit to power our affirmative prayers and declarations for the manifestation of health and prosperity.


I'd love to hear from you!

Are there books, practices, or resources that have helped you to develop your powers of manifestation?

Please share in the comments below. 

Many blessings, 


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The Power of Conscious Business to Create Transformation

The Power of Conscious Business to Create Transformation

Do you feel called to create or grow a conscious business today to support wellness, abundance, and transformation in the world?

The new paradigm of conscious business is spreading globally through building communities both locally and globally through online connectivity, as well as live.

We can create movements, spread ideas, develop our skills, communicate across the globe, meet in online groups, share our art, and tell our stories through online digital media. 

Creating connections online through your website, newsletter, blog and networking is the fastest way to grow your business and make a difference. 

Whether you are working with people in person or virtually, having an online presence will support you to reach your goals, and inspire and support more people in an impactful way. 

Through your work as a holistic entrepreneur you may be working in the health, wellness, coaching, education, or creative fields, and in all of these avenues, through online media you can grow your business and spread your message. 

Your online platform is the best way to build relationships with your clients and community, as well as grow your impact and income in all the health, wellness and conscious living fields.

Through the amazing interconnected web of the internet and social media, we can spread positive information around the world building relationships across communities, countries and continents. 

Your current and future clients are online and on social media. People check the internet and their smartphones for reviews, websites and referrals before calling an acupuncturist, chiropractor or spa today.

Whether it's checking out a new restaurant, looking up a an event, or finding a health coach, we want to see social proof that a business feels right to us before getting in our cars, picking up the phone, joining an email list, buying a product or booking a session online. 

Your active online and social media presence tells potential customers whom are checking you out online that you are in business and ready to connect, plus introduces your work to all new people, and makes it easy for other people to refer you.

It's important that you fulfill your dreams, provide your service to the world, and help uplift people's lives through your positive inspiration, wisdom and gifts.

The more you share free content online that is helpful and inspiring the greater your presence as a thought-leader, speaker, teacher, and expert in your field is known.

Sharing blogs, articles, videos, podcasts, images, art, writing and social media posts online makes your message more well known and shows that you are knowledgeable about your niche. 

As people learn about who you are through high-quality creative content and find your posts helpful, then people will share your info, referrals will be coming in from your community, and opportunities to network online and in person manifest organically through events, guest blogging, teleseminars and more. 

As long as you have an internet connection and a computer, tablet or smartphone, you can be creating amazing multi-media content that inspires, educates and uplifts people, and creates transformation and healing in the world today!

Through writing, speaking, photography, art, and video we can share who we are, what we care about, and what we are here to offer through our online communication. 

Your website is your online home, your digital platform and portfolio. Social media truly represents the web that connects billions of people today.

Making your website social so people can engage with you via your website, through email, comments, booking appointments, accessing new content, and more can build more connections and community in the social age. 

As more conscious entrepreneurs grow businesses today that care about people, the planet and prosperity, we will create greater health and vitality for the world.

Through deepening our connections we are spreading positive information, relationships and support. 

Through sharing your creative content online through blogging, videos, podcasting or social media, you can reach many more people both locally and globally while growing your business. 

As a conscious entrepreneur today, you can bring health, wellness and prosperity to people in a powerful way through your work and calling.

Get connected and share your wisdom!

All the best, 


The Healing Arts Business Academy

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Sacred Prosperity: Connect with the Source of Your Wealth

Sacred Prosperity - Connect With the Source of Your Wealth

It is right to desire greater wealth, success, prosperity and abundance. 

Life's natural expression is for growing into a greater levels of health, joy, happiness, relationships, and achievement.

Prosperity is the state of being prosperous, and is more than just money - it's about recognizing and appreciating the blessings of the world around you.

It's about enjoying all the good things of life, from our home, environment, great food, friends, family, and having the ability to say YES to what you want in your life! 

Do you struggle with feelings that asking for your worth in your work and service is not spiritual?

There is a false teaching embedded within the last couple thousands years of human history that spreads the destructive thought that poverty is virtuous and holy. This is actually a lie written into spiritual teachings designed to keep the mass population poor and complacent, and thus more easily ruled and controlled. 

In the feudal times of the Medieval Ages when poverty was rampant, the religious leaders focused upon teaching that being poor was more spiritual to keep the population from revolting against the lords and noble rulers. 

It is your true birthright to seek to embody the riches of your spirit in all aspects of your life. 

Do you wish to help change the world today for bringing greater health and peace to people as well as to protect our natural wonders of the world and environment?

To create buildings, natural conservation projects, clean air, water purification systems, new schools, homes, birth centers, and health centers it takes money.

To raise or adopt children, to feed them, house them, and provide them with the means to grow into fully capable, healthy and intelligent adults takes money. 

To have access to higher education, tools to utilize your skills and gifts, and the ability to play instruments, to read books, to learn new things to better your life and the world takes money. 

It is a sacred calling to be in conscious cultivation of financial wealth in order to manifest the optimal use of our world and lives, and enrich the lives of others. 

Money is not evil, it is not good or bad, it is a tool that is pure energy, and how you choose to use that energy is what gives it meaning. 

It's time to choose to be wealthy in body, mind, spirit and life, and to use the tools that the world provides with us in the highest way to further our spiritual callings and path! 

It's not practical to go back to a barter system in our increasingly global economy, you cannot barter with someone in another country or far-away region for livestock or baked goods in exchange for professional services. 

The energy of money is the most powerful and direct force for the exchange and circulation of wealth today on the planet.

You can learn to use this force for great spiritually directed purposes.

It's vital to recognize money as a manifestation of the blessings of abundance and appreciating both receiving and giving this energy in your life. 

To be wealthy is to fully utilize your gifts, ambitions, thoughts, actions, and service to enhance your life and the world. 

In order to achieve all that life has waiting for you, you need to be wealthy and fully welcoming of the spiritual path of prosperity. 

Our source of all wealth is purely divine and loving.

It is the Source of All Life within and around us wanting to express itself in the world fully through us. 

Whatever you call this Source of All Life: Universe, God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Creator, Quantum Energy, or the many others names of Sacred Source, it is divine, loving, and wants for you to be successful. 

Is there a desire within you to make a difference in the world today?

Is there more that you want from life?

Would you love to have more freedom to spend time with your family, travel to beautiful places, enjoy leisurely activities, improve your home, enhance your health, wear gorgeous clothing, and eat delicious food? 

Are you wanting to be a force of healing and transformation in the world to bring greater peace, prosperity, health, education, and services to communities and families worldwide?

It's time to step into your Sacred Prosperity and know that the Universe has got your back! 

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Why I love doTERRA essential oils for my body, home and family

Why I choose to use doTERRA essential oils and love them for my body, family, home and work!

I was asked today why I choose to use doTERRA essential oils rather than other companies, and turns out I had a lot to say on the matter!

I did a lot of research before joining doTERRA into all the top essential oil companies today and am blown away by the integrity, ethics, sourcing, testing, research, and philanthropy of doTERRA.

A few of the things that were significant for me is that they are more rigorous in their testing than any other company out there, they test every single batch of oil with 5 different methods, both in their own extensive labs, as well as every batch is always again tested in a third-party independent lab.

One of the third party labs they work with is owned by Dr. Pappas, who is the world's leading essential oil chemist, and doTERRA is his largest client. While he's strongly independent, he speaks volumes about the integrity and purity of doTERRA which is positively assuring!

The fact that they require every batch of oil to undergo this extensive testing by them, and by an outside lab, and then provide testing results on every batch of oil through their Source to You website is what makes doTERRA the premier choice of health professionals, hospitals and research companies.

I have many doctors and nurses on my team who have assurance in doTERRA because of the outstanding effort they put into assuring the purest oils. In addition, John Hopkins University is using doTERRA oils in their research studies on essential oils, because they tested a variety of companies oils and found that doTERRA's oils had the highest therapeutic profile, the most regular chemical consistency (meaning your not going to get different quality oil each time you buy it), and it was the purest oil they tested.

This is all extremely important to me as I want to ensure that especially mothers, children and people with compromised immune systems are using the safest and most effective oils. 

The other factor that is very prominent for me is their Co-Impact Sourcing initiative which guides their work sourcing their oils from communitites around the world in ethical, environmental, and socially responsible ways. Other oil companies go and buy up land, farms and distilleries around the world, and also produce large amounts of their plants in greenhouses in the US.

doTERRA instead works to connect with the local farmers, wild crafters, distillers, and people around the world and helps them to form coops, strong local businesses, gives them better pay then other companies, ensures they receive payment based on providing the top quality oil rather than the most quantity oil, so regardless of how much they are able to produce in a season, they get paid what they are promised in order to produce the most pure therapeutic potent oil.

In addition they provide massive amounts of funding and relief efforts in communities they work with and beyond, helping to create schools, wells, facilities, health clinics, birth centers (which is especially important to me!), and even homes, as well as funding micro-loan programs, agriculture training programs, and menstrual health and pads programs (also important to me!).

In addition, in places they have created schools where previously girls had not been allowed to get education, they made sure that both girls and boys were admitted and welcome at school, and are making a huge effort to support education and health care for girls and women worldwide. I just love that! 

I could go on and on, but what really I noticed was that the oils smelled better, stronger, and more powerful to me, and the supplements were really what I wanted and I love that they are all non-GMO, and have no pesticides, synthetics, molds, mildews, heavy metals, or any cross contamination, as well the oils come from plants grown in their indigenous climate by farmers who own their own land and businesses, not purchased out from under them.

Most importantly they work incredibly! I've used essential oils for 28 years and I've had more clear effective results from using doTERRA oils than the many other brands I've previously tried, and that to me ensures me that I'm providing my self and family with the best possible pure plant power to enhance our lives! 

The best thing is that the company culture is very positive and uplifting and I've made tons of friends through doTERRA all over who are all on a mission, not only to support natural health, but to make a difference in the lives of others, and it's been a great experience. 

Discover what my favorite pure therapeutic essentials oils are for my body, family and home.

Find out more about how you can join my growing global community of doTERRA Wellness Advocates - plus get 25% off all your orders, plus earn free products, AND get personal support from me here:

Do you use doTERRA essential oils?

What are the significant things that YOU love about doTERRA and using essential oils for your natural wellness? Please leave a comment below and share! Thanks so much!

Feel free to contact me personally with any questions, I'm happy to help you find the best oils for you and to know how to use them safely, appropriately and personally. 

Many blessings, 


How to Blog So People Will Read It (& Share!)

How to blog so people will read it & share!

I know a lot of people want to start a blog, or blog more consistently, but feel like it's a chore, or that it takes too long, or are afraid no one will read it, or that too many people will read it. 

I want you to feel confident, empowered and joyous to be a blogger and to spread your message, grow your business, and make a difference in the world today - because people are waiting for your story!

They want to hear what you have to say! The most perfectly aligned souls are going to be magnetically attracted to your articles and LOVE reading your story at the most perfect timing!

I love blogging! I've been writing online through a multitude of platforms, blogs and websites since 2000 and LOVE that we have this incredible ability to self-publish for free or low-cost, share our thoughts, words, and messages, and connect with people ALL over the world, sometimes instantly!!! The power of communication, publishing and changemaking is in our hands with the internet and blogging today.

I truly believe that creating a blog is one of the most powerful ways to reach people today, as well as to grow ANY business, whether it's online based or a brick-and-mortar biz, and helps to really allow your community, clients and customers to get to know who you are better - and keep coming back to you for support and education. 

If you have a website, having a blog on that same site is absolutely the most powerful way to boost your search engine ranking. Most of the hits to my site come to individual blog posts, bringing new people to my website all the time.

I've been consistently blogging at my current website for the past 5 years and it's been amazing to use all my years of experience to grow an amazing platform in which blog articles keep bringing people to my site even years later after I've published them.

Several of my articles have gone big, with Viva la Boobies! reaching over a million readers, and other articles reaching up to 75,000. Then there are other articles that have not had huge viral spikes, but have consistently brought in new readers month after month from being shared on Facebook, Pinterest, and found through Google searches.

Now is the time to grow your blog, to share your empowering message, to use this amazing gift that we have of independent publishing being at the tips of our fingers.

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Blogging is amazing! It's my favorite way to share information online, it brings people back to your personal site, and is WAY more powerful than any social media platform. 

Creating and growing your own blog is the best thing you can do to grow your business, spread your message, and be a changemaker today!

Want to know how to craft your blog posts so that it's easy for people to read them and how to get other people to share on social media and keep sharing and coming back to read for months and years?

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How to blog so people will read it (& share!)

How to Create Online Courses with Simplero

How to Create Online Courses and Membership Sites with Simplero

When you want to create an online course, it can seem so overwhelming to sift through the options of where to host your course, and how to integrate it with your website, newsletter, shopping cart, affiliate programs, sales pages, and more.

The exciting thing I want to share with you is that it's now exponentially easier and more intuitive to launch and grow your online courses, programs, or membership sites because there is simple all-in-one, easy-to-learn program available today.

Even if you've tried to create an online course before and felt stumped by learning how to really design and share your work online, you can do it with greater ease and smoothness today. 

To help you navigate the wide variety of options today, I'm going to reveal to you what I love and use to run my online courses.

Easy Online Courses with Simplero

My online courses are the heart of my business and allow me the joy of sharing my teachings and work with amazing people all over the world.

I started focusing on online courses almost 7 years ago and tried several different options for hosting and managing my courses.

In 2013, I was starting to feel overwhelmed with tracking all the different pieces of my online programs and needed something new.

So I spent months researching all the different options that I could use to take my courses to a new level and make it easier for me to grow my courses into a full online school. 

Then entered Simplero and it truly has simplified my creation and management of my online courses. I've now been using Simplero for 4 years and love it!

I discovered Simplero through meeting Calvin Correli the CEO and founder through an online entrepreneur community and I was really impressed with his passion for this product and Simplero's easy integrated platform.

The unique thing about Simplero is that Calvin was a life coach creating online courses and built this platform specifically to meet the needs of what creative entrepreneurs like him were facing, realizing that there really was no other all-in-one platform available that was easy to use. 

Simplero has so much included in it for people creating online courses, and it's become the heart of my business, where I host all my online courses, as well as my newsletter list, shopping cart, and even allows you to create affiliate programs, landing pages, popups, webpages, and automate email systems.

Simplero is designed to make it easy for anyone selling digital content, information products, or online courses or programs online.

If you're a coach, teacher, or entrepreneur wanting to expand your online reach and services - definitely check it out! 

You could do everything through Simplero if you wanted to. This has made it so much easier for me, rather than paying extra for newsletter services, shopping carts, and assistants to manage it all.

So much of what I was needing support for, Simplero was able to do through their platform, freeing up more of my time for doing what I love - creating content, sharing courses, and spending time with my family. 

Calvin has been so helpful as I've grown my online courses through Simplero, with outstanding customer support, even personally making videos to answer my questions and show me exactly how to do what I wanted. Now he has a whole team of amazing customer support people who are ready to help anytime. 

The best part about it is that you can sign up for free and try it out as long as you want.

I took 6 months testing Simplero and setting up a course before I finally committed and became a paying member, and I am glad I did, because it's grown my business tremendously and created so much more freedom in my life.  

I highly recommend Simplero if you want to create online classes, membership sites, or share digital products online, and want an all-in-one platform with great customer support. 

Get started with a free trial membership, and you won't pay until you want to send your first email or receive your first sale.

Check out Simplero & learn more here:

Note: This post contains affiliate links. I only recommend products and services that I've personally used and enjoyed. Use my links at no extra cost to you and help support my blog, win-win!