Healthy Women Will Heal the World

Healthy Women Heal the World

Imagine a world in which all women were healthy...

What if females didn't feel shame, guilt, or fear about being a girl or a woman?

What if women had complete freedom to express their sexuality as they desire with complete control of their fertility without pharmaceuticals or surgery?

What if women all had the knowledge, choices, and confidence to stay healthy and care for their wombs, breasts, cycles, and hormones with joy, love and respect?

What if all women were able to reach orgasmic states of pleasure that were encompassing their body, mind, heart, and spirit with pure ecstatic bliss?

And what if women were all able to channel that ecstatic bliss energy into conscious, confident, and optimal wellbeing in every aspect of their life, relationships, and work?

Awaken and empower your full sexual energy, transform your life, and change the world. 

Do you want to support women today to stop the cycle of wasting so much energy on physical, emotional, and mental challenges relating to navigating being in a female body?

Would you like to empower women's wellness through teaching, coaching, and sharing holistic sensual self-care education on natural choices to bring balance, happiness and pleasure back into more women's lives?

Are you ready to channel your vibrant radiant sensual health and energy into bettering your relationships, health, and work in the world?

Do you crave a deep sense of purpose, path and power in your life, and the support to help you confidently manifest your dreams with flow and ease?

Would you like to free up your sexual energy to create a life filled with ecstasy, bliss, love, joy, pleasure and confidence?

Sexual energy is the energy of health.

Healthy people have the energy, vitality and enthusiasm to make changes and create the momentum for transformation. 

If we want to succeed at bringing wellness, peace, prosperity, and healing to all people and nature around us, we need to support ourselves and our communities to become enlivened, strong, resilient, and empowered with natural health wisdom and knowledge.  

Women today have so many choices and struggles throughout our lives with balancing our health and wellbeing, through the many transformational stages of our sexual lives. 

How much time have you spent in your life feeling depleted from hormonal imbalances and changes, including premenstrual issues?

How often have you worried about your fertility, whether you are wanting to avoid pregnancy, trying to conceive, or dealing with fertility and pregnancy issues?

Healthy Women Heal the World

So many women struggle today with health issues related to chemical and surgical intervention in our natural cycles, as well as increased pollution and toxicity of our environments, food, water, and air. 

In the US, c-sections are the #1 most common surgery performed on women.

Hysterectomy is the 2nd most common surgery.

By age 60 more than 1/3 of US women have had their uterus surgically removed. 

More than 2/3 of teenage girls are on hormonal birth control pills, made by the same companies that are making herbicides and toxic chemicals that are destroying our environments, contaminating our food, water and air, and causing breast cancer, infertility, and hormonal problems. 

The uterus is the center of a women's body, the prime organ that creates life and represents the feminine sexual power of creation, and it's the most controlled and colonized organ in the human body. 

Imagine if more women knew how to naturally support their cycles to reduce uncomfortable symptoms, balance their hormones naturally, feel confident in preventing or planning pregnancy without corporate takeover of our wombs.

Envision women fully able to feel sensual and confident in their bodies, reach full heights of orgasmic pleasure and naturally vivacious libidos, and able to share that solely with whom they choose in safe and consensual relationships. 

See those women feeling comfortable being a woman in the world, speaking their truths, and rising up with that energy to create movements, business, and projects to bring more energy for health, happiness, and conscious relationships into our lives and world. 

As more people connect with natural ways to support our naturally healthy bodies, then more individuals and communities will work together to protect the sacred land, plants, water, air, and earth that we are so intimately connected to and dependent upon for the water we drink each day, and the food that nourishes and sustains us. 

Empowering women's health and natural wellness is the key to creating a wave of women earth healers around the world who will work to advocate and protect our natural resources - the gifts of nature that provide for our wellbeing. 

We can do this because more women today are dissatisfied with the status quo and are reclaiming natural ways to find solutions that don't depend upon corporations, institutions, and governments - and their political intentions. 

Natural wellness is booming worldwide, with the US leading the way, and women are leading the way in supporting alternative medicine, healthy foods and nutrition, and mind-body-spirit wellness. 

Women also make 80% of the health care decisions today for their family, which is extremely influential in a $3.7 trillion global wellness market. 

Empowering more women today with natural health and holistic sexual education and resources is essential for creating ripples of transformation through the world on every level.

Women are influential, and when we channel our energy in empowered ways, we not only change our own lives, we change the lives of others. 

Healthy Women Will Change the World

If you are called to be a leader in the wave of women's wellness rising today, then your invited to become a Maia University VIP and experience a transformational journey through a comprehensive holistic program for women's wellness professionals and advocates today, with a full complete course curriculum in holistic women's health, business, and life for visionary women's wellness and empowerment.

Maia University offers a full spectrum of online courses for visionary women globally in: Women's Healing Arts, Conscious Birthing, Healing Arts Business, Social Media, Manifestation, Intuitive Coaching, Natural Cycles, Self-Care, Womb Health, Breast Health and more, plus new monthly masterclasses in the 2020 Visionary Women Seminar Series. 

Find Out More:

Turn On Your Intuition to Enhance Your Sensuality

How Women's Intuition Turns on Sexual Intelligence

When we are turned on, we're more responsive to subtle signals and energies from others - a touch, a breath, sounds, a look in the eyes...

Increased sensitivity of arousal allows us to experience greater connection, enhancing our sensual pleasure and communication skills. It allows us to tune in on deeper levels to ourselves and others. 

Intuition also let's us know when someone is not being totally honest or upfront with us, which is especially important for women, as men have been shown to be better at hiding emotions, which means that we need to be really perceptive to know when someone who may be sending you sexual signals is also hiding the truth about something important or just trying to take advantage of you. 

Intuition is a highly sensitive perception that guides us to become aware of subtle energy and communication, as well as get us in touch with our own higher intelligence. 

Did you know that intuition plays a big role in attraction to ideal sexual partners?

Our intuition is deeply connected with our sexual energy, and can help guide us to find the right relationships and harness the power of our sexuality in greater ways for more pleasure, satisfaction, and discernment.

Women have been shown to have greater abilities to read subtle cues from body language, facial expression, and read through verbal communication cues to perceive the subtle messages being sent from others. This also gives us a powerful ability to discover important information about our sexual partners and relationships!

However, when women are on artificial hormones, it can actually suppress our intuitive abilities and changes who we are attracted to.

So many women have found themselves going off of hormonal birth control pills and realizing that their current partner is not actually sexually compatible or longterm relationship material! 

In addition, research now shows that our intuition is connected directly to the subtle signals being received and transmitted from our top three centers of intelligence in our bodies: our brains, our hearts, and our gut.

Our heart actually creates changes in our body based on intuitive knowing before the brain consciously becomes aware of it! 

It's very important to pay attention to our intuition, for our own sexual relationships, to make sure we are attracting the right partners, to experience heightened states during lovemaking, to know when our partner may be hiding something from us - as well as to enhance all our relationships, communication skills, and professional skills. 

Many successful entrepreneurs have written and taught about the power of harnessing our sexuality vitality and intelligence for enhancing business and leadership.

Napoleon Hill, the author of "Think and Grow Rich" and one of the most popular teachers of the Law of Attraction, also spoke of "Sex Transmutation" or the power to channel our sexual energy into our work for greater prosperity, drive, charisma, and charm. 

Our intuitive intelligence is also important when working with others in the healing arts supporting sexual health and empowerment, such as women's health education, midwifery, birthwork, childbirth education, bodywork, movement arts, counseling, coaching and more, as we need to turn on our intuition to become aware of the subtle messages people are sending us about what's really going on with them that they may not feel comfortable talking about right away because of trauma or the imprinting of shame around sexual topics from childhood, religion, and culture. 

Midwives have used intuition since ancient times in supporting women through pregnancy and birth, which is a very powerful sexual rite of passage in a women's life.

Through building trust through conversation and touch in pregnancy, a midwife is able to be invited into the sacred space of birth, and pays close attention to subtle changes in the laboring mother's movements, sounds, flush of skin, and more to know how to best support her during this powerful experience.

Also, sexually active people have increased brain cell growth, including neurogenesis in the hippocampus, which is a part of the brain also connected to intuition!

Learn more about the role of heart-centered intuition for women healers in the Women's Healing Arts Teacher Training.

Enhancing your intuition can enhance your sex life, your intelligence, and enhance your professional skills as well! 

Become a Women's Healing Arts Teacher

Be a Certified Women's Healing Arts Teacher

The Women's Healing Arts Teacher Training is a 12 part online course to become a Certified Women's Healing Arts Teacher and be trained to provide holistic women's health education, advocacy, and mentoring. 

Join women from around the world in our dynamic global community of women's healing arts leaders!

You're Not Crazy: Why Women's Moods Matters

How many times have you been dismissed or belittled in your life because someone blamed your emotions, intuition and intelligence on acting hormonal?

"It must be that time of the month!"

Women's cycles and hormones give us a connection to expanded states of consciousness and can help us be more sensitive and aware to imbalances outside of ourselves.

For thousands of years, women's sexual cycles and hormones have been put down and pathologized, as a way to keep women activists and leaders suppressed. 

Hysteria, as in acting hysterical, was considered a women's disorder of the womb, which led to many women who acted out of the social norms of society, such as speaking out politically, or organizing groups of women to create change, to be committed to insane asylums or be forced to undergo surgical hysterectomies.  

Do you ever feel frustrated with the state of the world or things in your life and have people act like you are out of whack?

You are not crazy!

In fact, crazy is not a real term. 

There are over 450 mental disorders defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the standard reference for the American Psychiatric Association, and "crazy" is not in that book.

It's a dismissive slang word that creates stigmatism for those suffering from real mental health issues, which encompass a very broad spectrum of mental health challenges. It perpetuates the problem with treating mental health issues, for people in fear of being labelled crazy may not then seek out support for real issues.

1 in 5 Americans suffer from mental health challenges in any given year, such as depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Yet, only 2 in 5 people actually seek out support, therapy or guidance in fear of being labelled crazy or dismissed as it "all being in your head". 

So imagine my shock when I visited my teenager's high school open house this week, and walked into his Intro to Psychology class only to hear the teacher go off with glee about how excited the kids were to study "crazy people", over and over again. 

Well, I wrote a 3 page letter to the principal (there were many, many red flags in her presentation and in her communication with me), spoke with the principal at length, got my son out of that class, and am having that teacher investigated.

That's what happens when you become empowered to trust your intuition, your feelings, and take action - you create change with confidence, you speak your truth, and you're going to protect those who can't speak up for themselves. 

We have a real issue with mental illness today in our society which is at the root of the problems with violence, drug abuse, and suicide we face today.

We need a compassionate understanding of how to honor our feelings, create real wellness today, provide resources, and support for those who suffer. 

Women today experience more challenges with mental health issues than men, due to the struggle for women in having health care providers take their symptoms seriously. Additionally, women are 40% more likely to develop depression, and twice as likely to develop PTSD. 

However, traditional treatments of talk therapy and pharmaceutical drugs often don't address the root cause of the issue, especially for women in which hormonal imbalances effect our moods, energy, and fatigue.

In addition, birth control pills can actually cause depression, which women have reported for years but is just starting to gain attention in the medical community.

There are many factors today influencing hormonal and mood imbalances, from herbicides and pesticides in our water, rain, food and environments, to plastic, toxic chemicals in cosmetics, processed food, and so much more. 

I've been highly passionate about studying the research on lifestyle medicine and positive psychology for years, including through the Institute of Coaching, affiliated with Harvard Medical School and the McClean Hospital, and incredible information is coming out now showing how positive lifestyle changes such as nutrition, diet, exercise, sleep, rest, meditation, stress relief, and social support are MORE effective at creating improvements and health and wellness than pharmaceuticals. 

Now science is catching up with traditional women's healing arts, shedding light on why natural healing works - by addressing the root causes, and supporting the body to heal itself, rather than put a band-aid on the blues.

Natural lifestyle changes to support wellness are essential for optimal health and wellbeing - and important for empowering women's health today. 

This is why I'm so excited to be sharing my Women's Healing Arts Teacher Training to empower women to bring balance and support into our lives, to find the resources and solutions that work, to know that there are natural options for many issues facing women today, and to uplift the rise of the feminine leader on the planet today! 

Our bodies are amazing, our intuition is powerful, and we can create healing and transformation in the world today when we own our feminine power, empower our health, and speak up to create change!

When a women is healthy, energized, and empowered, she has the confidence and power to speak up, stand up, and change the world! 

The Gentle Energy Solution for Powerful Health

When it Hurts So Bad, Nothing Else Works: The Gentle Energy Solution for Suffering

I walked into her hospital room and was greeted with a smile. 

She could barely move, and was in extraordinary pain, but was so grateful to have a visitor. 

I was working as an intern at the Swedish Medical Hospital in Seattle, WA, during my massage school training in 1998, providing hands-on bodywork to patients in the Acute Rehabilitation Unit weekly.

This woman made a huge impression on me and our time together taught me so much about the power of energy healing. 

When I first met her, she told me about how much suffering she experienced at every moment of the day.

She was recovering from multiple traumas, surgery and debilitation.

I talked with her about how she was feeling and what I was available to offer for support as a massage practitioner. 

Though she was joyful to welcome healing support, there arose a challenge as soon as I began to massage her.

She was in so much pain that any physical pressure was excruciating, and she would cry out at even the most light gentle massage strokes. 

I had to stop massaging her right away, but she begged me to please help her discomfort. 

Then I shared with her that I also practiced energy healing, and would be happy to offer that to her.

I shared how I could use my hands to direct the flow of healing energy to support her with the lightest stationary touch, or even above the body without touching. 

Her eyes opened wide in curiosity, and she nodded in agreement, so happy that I wasn't going to leave her alone in her room with her pain. 

She said just breathing hurt and could I please help with that?

My heart burst for this dear woman. 

I sat by her in her wheelchair and gently placed my hands on her while guiding her through focusing on slowly deepening her breath, and receiving the healing energy.  

After a few minutes she sighed and said that it was so good and helpful, and that she could breath better than she had in weeks.

She could feel the energy moving through her body as a soothing warmth, and I could hear her breath begin to become more relaxed.

I ever-so-lightly placed my hands on her body, and would hold my hands above areas of the most sensitivity, while allowing the universal energy of oneness to move through me to support her relaxation and healing.

Every week when I would arrive for my shift, I would see if she was still there and visit her as soon as I could.

We formed a wonderful relationship and she taught me so much about the power of energy healing.

She was SO excited to receive the energy sessions and repeatedly would tell me how it was the best relief that she would have all week. 

Not only did our energy sessions ease her discomfort and stress, they helped to reduce her pain, enhance her rest, support her breathing, and also would center her mind to take her focus off of her pain and loneliness. 

When it Hurts So Bad, Nothing Else Works: The Gentle Energy Solution to Suffering

One day she wasn't there anymore, and I heard she had gone to stay with a family member. I was happy she was out of the hospital, but sad to no longer see her again. 

However her memory and what she taught me has stayed with me. 

While I was working at the hospital to provide injury treatment massage, deep tissue, circulatory massage, and myofascial release - the best results I had with any of my patients there was the hour spent with this woman doing energy healing, breathwork and guided visualizations each week. 

This deepened my appreciation for this ancient art of energy healing, and taught me how profound the healing effects can be of sharing energy with others through the lightest touch - or no touch at all. 

In fact, using energy healing allowed me to direct the healing support right to the areas that needed it the most, such as sites of inflammation or recent surgery, without having to touch the area, which would have been contraindicated for massage during such acute times.

This experience taught me that the gentlest approach can often create the most profound results. 

For 20 years, I've been studying and practicing energy healing. 

I've had many profound experiences since that have continued to confirm for me the effectiveness of this modality and taught me how to integrate and adapt this work for people in all ages and stages of life, including babies, children, pregnancy, labor and birth, injury, rehabilitation, elderly, athletes, and for animals too. 

The Maia Method: Energy Healing Practitioner Certification

Through this course you will learn practices for self-healing, offering energy sessions to others, and for teaching groups. 

The Total Solar Eclipse: Rebooting the Collective Consciousness for Peace

The Total Solar Eclipse: Rebooting the Collective Consciousness for Peace

The Total Solar Eclipse and Leo New Moon on Monday August 21st is an auspicious time for focusing on your vision of what you desire to create in your life and see in the world. 

Eclipses are opportunities to REBOOT the collective energy on the planet and in humanity, and their effects are felt through ripples of change in the weeks and months following. 

Total Solar Eclipses are especially powerful as they are so dramatic in resetting our awareness and reception of Sun's energy, which holds the light codes for consciousness, and is essential for all growth in nature.

Additionally, Solar Eclipses always occur on the New Moon, which is the beginning of a new lunar cycle and the best time for manifestation of one's goals in alignment with the waxing energy of the moon. 

To understand how eclipses can effect our consciousness, think about how when you upgrade the operating system on your computer, you then have to restart the computer to activate the new OS.

This is what is happening with an eclipse - it's like REBOOTING our collective consciousness with the new operating system for accelerated higher processing and awareness. 

The Total Solar Eclipse across the United States on August 21st, 2017 is an especially powerful opportunity for a total shift in energy in the season ahead, as it's a rare totality and pathway.

There are amazing synchronicities involved in the timing of this eclipse, which I am excited to share with you...

The epic Total Solar Eclipse will be visible from coast to coast across the US on the New Moon in Leo of August 21st from Oregon to South Carolina.

This Total Solar Eclipse is especially significant, as the last total solar eclipse in the US was 38 years ago, and it was only seen in 5 states.

The last time a Total Solar Eclipse was visible from coast to coast in the US was 99 years ago in 1918.

With this upcoming Total Solar Eclipse millions of people from across the US will be synchronized in paying attention, gathering together, and viewing the eclipse.

This creates an opportunity for the entrainment of our hearts and minds to awaken to new levels of higher thought as we tune into the movement and cycles of the amazing natural world we live in. 

The Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st is extremely powerful, awakening a higher level of collective consciousness, as the planetary and solar bodies align and reset our reception of spiritual light on the planet.

What energies could this bring to the US and the world?

To figure that out I looked back to see what happened in 1918 and was amazed and inspired to realize that it was the year that World War I ended.  

I got chills realizing this, because one of the most powerful stories I know demonstrating the amazing power of collective consciousness is from Napoleon Hill, the author of "Think and Grow Rich", who wrote of the amazing demonstration of unified thought that he witnessed upon the ceasing of war in 1918. 

WWI was one of the deadliest and most tragic wars across our planet, and it ended in a profound moment of peace that created waves across the Earth through the collective consciousness. 

In Napoleon Hill's book "The Law of Success" he writes of the incredible experience he had on 11/11 in 1918, now known as Armistice Day, just a few months following the last "Great American Eclipse".

"On Armistice Day, 1918, we had evidence in abundance to prove the reality of the principle of telepathy, on a scale such as the world had never before witnessed.  I remember, distinctly, the impression made on my mind on that eventful day.  So strong was the impression that it awakened me about 3:00 o'clock in the morning, just as effectively as if someone had aroused me by physical force.  As I sat up in bed I knew that something out of the ordinary had happened, and so strange and impelling was the effect of this experience that I got up, dressed myself and went out in the street of Chicago, where I was met by thousands of others who had felt the touch of the same influence.  Everyone was asking: 
What had happened was this: 
Millions of men had received instructions to cease fighting, and their combined joy set into motion a thought wave that swept the entire world and made itself felt in every normal mind that was capable of registering this thought wave.  Perhaps never in the history of the world had so many millions of people THOUGHT OF THE SAME THING, IN THE SAME MANNER, AT THE SAME TIME.  For once in the history of the world EVERYBODY felt something in common, and the effect of this harmonized thought was the worldwide "mob psychology" that we witnessed on Armistice Day. "
- Napoleon Hill

This Total Solar Eclipse is an especially powerful window of time to open to the positive potential of collective consciousness rising, and to stay focused on our hearts to be ambassadors of peace, healing, and transformation.

The path of the eclipse will take several minutes to cross the land of the United States, and thus the energetic effects of the eclipse will manifest in our collective consciousness over the following months and years. 

What we focus on, whether despair or hope, conflict or peace, divide or unity, is what we will be putting our energy toward. 

During times of potential for big energetic upgrades, there is often upheaval and discomfort as things shift. Frequently the media will play upon this in order to keep people entrained to a state of fear.

I recommend limiting one's exposure to outer stimulation during this time, and taking time for meditation daily leading up to the eclipse, during the time of totality, and ongoing as a daily practice to anchor in the new frequency. 

We cannot turn a blind eye to the challenges of the world, but we must stay strong and focused on supporting each other to create the solutions for peace, community, and prosperity for all. 

Are you ready to open to new levels of energetic frequency and service to the world's healing and evolution?

It's already happening! Stay focused and grounded through this weekend to prepare for this potent eclipse energy Monday, and be a beacon of peace.

Throughout history, eclipses have been honored as a time of big change - either people were fearful of them, or they celebrated them as a time of peace. 

In ancient cultures, people did not know why eclipses were happening, and predicting them only became a practice in some places in the past couple thousand years, with limited success.

Without understanding the science behind eclipses, ancient people were often scared when suddenly the sky would go dark during the day, or the moon would go dark at night.

Yet, now that we know why eclipses happen, and that they are regular occurrences, there is nothing to fear. 

Eclipses have been also been signs of peace since in 585 BC a Total Solar Eclipse occurred during the battle of the Medes and Lydians. The darkening of the skies was a sign to the warring parties that they should make peace with each other, and they put down their weapons and ended their war.

It's time to rise up and dare to express those big dreams and goals you have within you! The world is changing, shifting, and ready for next level activation.

Let's harness this powerful energy for peace and find greater ways to support each other to rise up in our own power unified in love and respect. 

Meditation for Peace

Breathe deeply and rhythmically, feeling your whole belly expand with your breathe. 

Envision a sphere of light above your crown illuminated with divine light. 

Now imagine the light from this sphere flowing down into your body, flowing like a waterfall through every cell of your body. 

See all the cells of your body glowing with this radiant light. 

Feel your body and energy field full of this 100% divine healing light. 

Bring your thoughts to your intentions and visions, focus on what you desire to manifest in your life and for the world. 

Know that all is connected to the pure divine energy of the Universe, and that one light guides us all. 

Feel this energy of peace through your body, mind and spirit. 

Ask for a message from your higher self, guiding you to know what you can do to bring more peace to the world today. 

So it is. 

Many blessings and gratitude, 


How I Met My Astronaut

I was at the mall, hoping to win a trip to Space Camp for my winning essay on space exploration in the future.

It was the spring of 4th grade, and I had entered a writing contest, because SPACE CAMP!

What kid didn't want to go to Space Camp and get a chance to float around in an anti-gravity room?

Unfortunately, I didn't win. I came in second place as the runner-up, and the nice talkative girl I became friends with at the award ceremony won first place.

My consolation was that I would get to meet the Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the 6th man to walk on the moon, who was present to award the winner and enjoy a buffet with us in the party room.

I got a photograph with Edgar Mitchell, who for years later my mother referred to as "Your Astronaut", such as calling me to share that "I was watching TV and saw Your Astronaut talking about aliens."

Turns out My Astronaut was really into consciousness, psychic power - and the potential of alien life.

Even though I didn't get to go to Space Camp and get spun around in an astronaut training device, it was the beginning of a 30 year fascination with the work of Dr. Edgar Mitchell who founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) the year after he came back from the moon.

IONS has been dedicated for over 40 years to studying the potential of human consciousness and how our thoughts, beliefs, and our intentions affect the physical world.

Over the years I have vastly enjoyed the work that they have shared, especially in the studies of verifying the practice of how subtle energy healing modalities work, the impetus behind spontaneous remission, and how quantum physics explains the timeless practice of distance healing, from prayer, intention, meditation, and shamanic healing.

I'm grateful to My Astronaut for creating such a great research community - and for our chance meeting at the mall back in the '80's!

The Science of Magic

I was asked yesterday what makes my energy healing program The Maia Method special: "What is the magic?"

Starhawk defines magic as "the art of sensing and shaping the subtle, unseen forces that flow throughout the world…" and further describes that magic is a technology and applied science of how energy creates patterns and directs the flow of energy through those patterns.

In the past, magic was seen as a mysterious effect of our will on the world to create change in ways not understood by science.

Now we live in the age of information, where science and spirit are integrating together, and we have volumes of research studies over many decades demonstrating with proof how our will and consciousness can create change, healing and transformation through the application of energy and intention.

Today, high-profile doctors and scientists are speaking up about the proven power of energy healing.

Dr. Mehmet Oz stated on Oprah's talk show, that “Energy Medicine is the future of medicine.”

Dr. Oz has featured on his mainstream medical health show lots of energy healing modalities including Reiki, chakra healing, sound healing, and more!

He has also frequently highlighted the powers of energy healing to help cancer patients, heal heart disease, ease depression, and has had energy healers accompany him into surgery to support his patients.

In The Energy Healing Experiments, Harvard trained Dr. Gary E. Schwartz has compiled data on hundreds of scientific research studies proving the effects of energy healing, conducted over the past several decades. He includes studies on spinal nerves regenerating, ovarian tumors shrinking, rapid bone healing, and more.

Dr. Eben Alexander, who spent 20 years in neurosurgery, 15 of them at Harvard, has in the past 8 years expanded his work after miraculously healing from bacterial meningitis, to study and teach on how consciousness is not actually created in the brain, as he previously taught in conventional neuroscience.

Instead he's now on a mission to share how consciousness exists beyond ourselves and we are actually all one with the universe, in the new wave of leaders out to demonstrate that true healing comes from not just physical health, but from understanding the connection between science and spirituality.

There is more to life than just the physical.

The energy of life moves through everything - our bodies, thoughts, emotions, environment, elements, light, and the fabric of consciousness.

Energy Medicine is the Future of Medicine

Adventures in Energy

Over the past 20 years I had studied energy healing after having an experience in which I started to visibly see energy moving around people's bodies, and through our interconnected relationships based upon one's will.

I've been on a healing arts journey this whole time, learning and practicing a vast array of modalities: Yoga, Reiki, Massage Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Jin Shin TARA, Acupressure, Sound Healing, Breathwork, Shamanic Healing, and a wide variety of Integrated Healing Modalities.

In addition, I have through my experience with clients, groups, and self-care developed over years my own energy practices, meditations, visualizations, symbols, and ways for effectively and rapidly moving energy through healing work - while also protecting one's one energetic boundaries, and honoring our client's ability to heal themselves.

I have weaved the teachings of energy healing into all my work and training courses over the past two decades, from birth to women's health to business and manifestation.

I have found that through integrating these disciplines together with an understanding of the scientific research today, that there are certain practices that anyone can use to successfully tune into the flow of universal energy, enhance one's intuition, and find the best methods for creating energetic transformation and healing.

The Maia Method is a holistic heart-centered practice that synthesizes my 20 year journey through Energy Healing, and helps you to be confident in both self-healing and supporting others through their healing, by knowing how to intuitively assess the right flow of energy for each situation.

My passion for this field of study is endless and continues to grow.

I would love for to you to join me in this exciting new course, in which I am sharing the art and science of integrated energy healing...

The Maia Method

Energy Healing Practitioner Certification

Through this course you will learn practices for self-healing, offering energy sessions to others, and for teaching groups.

It's perfect if you are a health practitioner, yoga teacher, bodyworker, midwife, doula, coach, educator, parent, entrepreneur or new to the healing arts and desiring to help people and utilize your gifts in new and exciting ways!

Learning to master energy will give you the power to create incredible advances in any application of this energy that you choose, making the need for physical exertion less, as you support the natural flow of the movement of energy within everything through the power of divine love.


“Then, looking beyond the Earth itself to the magnificence of the larger scene, there was a startling recognition that the nature of the universe was not as I had been taught. My understanding of the separate distinctness and the relative independence of movement of those cosmic bodies was shattered. There was an upwelling of fresh insight coupled with a feeling of ubiquitous harmony - a sense of interconnectedness with the celestial bodies surrounding our spacecraft. Particular scientific facts about stellar evolution took on new significance.”
- Dr. Edgar Mitchell

Love Yourself & Unleash Your Creative Fire

Stop Shrinking Yourself and Be Bigger in the World!

How many "women's health" related articles have you seen telling you to minimize your thighs, reduce your body weight, tone your muscles, or eliminate your curves? 

There's no need to tone down who you are, minimize your message, reduce your presence in the world, or eliminate a part of yourself.

Your body is your sacred vessel that creates your self-expression of your voice, your story, your message, your calling, and shares your energy with the world!

These not-so-subliminal messages tell women that we need to shrink back from being who we really are! It's time to love your whole self - body, mind, emotions, and spirit! 

Our health is the energy we have in our bodies to express ourselves in our lives through our relationships, work, creativity and manifestation. 

It's not just physical, yet that's just one aspect in our lives in which we are given cultural programming that hold us back trying to shape us into something different. 

We live in a culture that is constantly trying to decrease our sense of value - we can see this directly related to targeting our bodies especially. 

It's time to look within and recognize the power we have as changemakers in our own lives and the world. There are so many forces trying to minimize our feelings of success, self-worth, and success. 

You are ready now to shine! You are beautiful and powerful just the way you are! It's time for women to speak, dance, work, share, and be bigger in the world today!!!

I want for all the women in my community to stop waiting, take action now to be more visible and present in the world, and make a bigger impact in your communities and lives, because now is the only time we have. 

Here's a secret - people respond more to your energy, to your passion, to your love, smile, and eyes, than to your makeup, hair or clothing. The more different you are the better - because you can stand up and people will remember YOU, in all your uniqueness. 

You are deserving of all the joy, love, prosperity, clients, work, creativity, sensuality, and bliss that you desire!

What do you really want in your life?

What are you waiting for?

Are you ready to claim your worth now?

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Healthy, Holistic & Hot: Growing Wellness Trends

Healthy, Holistic & Hot: The Growing Wellness Trends

Healthy living is the world's best trending movement.

This spring I drove across the United States from the Pacific Northwest all the way to New England - the long way via the California Coast, Texas, and up through the Southeast - everywhere I went I found healthy food, yoga studios, and new businesses and events popping up celebrating healthy living. 

I ran into pop-up yoga classes in the park in Oklahoma, organic food stores in small towns in Texas, amazing coops in Kentucky, and new juice bars in almost every city.

I met massage therapists, doulas, essential oil enthusiasts, martial artists, herbalists, chiropractors, and energy healers from the West to East Coasts.

It wasn't this way before. I remember when I moved away from my home state of New Hampshire 20 years ago and organic food was something most people didn't know about, and I had to drive far and wide to get it, and there was only one yoga class at a local community center.

Moving to the West Coast in the '90's felt like a whole new world of abundant organic food choices and healing arts practitioners, and was a great place to expand, learn, begin, and grow my work as a wellness entrepreneur.  

Now I've returned to the city I grew up in to find multiple grocery stores to shop for organic and healthy foods, an abundance of yoga studios, holistic centers, and movement studios offering everything from aerial yoga to Reiki to parkour.

There's farm-to-table restaurants, cafes with smoothies and bowls galore, and a farmer's market in the downtown. The healthy living movement has expanded everywhere and most rapidly in the past 10 years. 

I've driven across the USA now 7 times in the past 20 years, and it's easier than ever before to find holistic options across the country.

Now I'll cruise through a small town in the middle of the country and call out signs for holistic businesses as I see them: "Tai Chi! Yoga! Smoothies! Organic Coffee! Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! Underwater Massage!"

No longer do I carry a tattered copy of the Tofu Tollbooth (a fun, yet outdated, book from the 90's) on my roadtrips to find the few and far between health food stores. Now my smart phone gives me exact directions to an abundance of options for natural grocery stores and locavore restaurants wherever I go - and there's new ones opening all the time! 

Wellness is growing worldwide! 

Global Wellness Institute, Global Wellness Economy Monitor, January 2017

Global Wellness Institute, Global Wellness Economy Monitor, January 2017

While the US is the global leader in the wellness movement, healthy living is a growing global trend with Europe and China also leading the way.

From 2013 to 2015 the Global Wellness Industry rose 10.6% to $3.72 trillion, while the global economy actually decreased -3.6%. 

The options for healthy living and empowered holistic self-care is rising all over the world.

I see this in my work supporting holistic wellness educators, coaches, and professionals globally in my courses and coaching, and hear the stories of new opportunities and services being offered everywhere.

You can take yoga classes in Kenya, get doula services in Sweden, experience healing massage in the Netherlands, sit in a women's circle in Israel, go to the spa in Japan, learn energy healing in Malaysia, hire a midwife in Chile, and find herbal healing in South Africa.

Wherever you go, if you look around you'll find that self-care is the new healthcare.

More and more people are looking to support their health naturally to prevent sickness or disease before it strikes. 

What's Hot in Holistic Health

What's Hot in Holistic Health Now

The expansive wellness movement is creating new opportunities in healthy living for personal empowerment, professional practice, and wellness entrepreneurs. 

If you want to start or grow a wellness business - this is the best time to join the party (you know, the kind of party with raw cacao, flower essences, rooftop deck yoga, and crystal bowl music - rather than alcohol, drugs, or all-night warehouse raves). 

Here's some of the hottest trends in wellness for 2017 and beyond...

Beauty gets better.

The beauty industry is getting a makeover; now looking good is about feeling good.

Clean beauty, supplements, probiotics, mood support, massage, acupuncture, and brain practices to de-stress to get happy are shaping the high growth of the new pure beauty movement.

In addition to the new beauty practices being attentive to inner beauty, spa environments are getting a makeover too, as attention to beautiful architecture, healing spaces, lighting, sound, and saunas all become magnets for people desiring the most beautiful spaces to get their beauty treatments done. 

Happiness is key.

The largest focus in the wellness market is mental well-being.

Mood boosting and mind-body-spirit balancing is seen growing everywhere as spas, hotels, and health centers focus on creating beautiful environments, adding more meditation, sound healing, and creative arts programs.

Healthy food, supplements, essential oils, and bodywork are focused not just on physical benefits but the emotional and mental benefits too.

From breathwork, to brainwaves, to sleeping - health is now all about enhancing our minds and our moods. 

Accessibility Booms

It's easier than ever to find wellness in more communities thanks to the growing focus on healthy spaces and giving back to communities.

Wellness tourism and travel are a huge part of the growing healthy lifestyle market. Wellness hotels are popping up in all the big cities and cities are rebranding themselves as wellness destinations, promoting their local holistic practitioners, health centers, and nature activities for the health conscious visitor. 

In local communities, there are more mind-body-spirit classes and practitioners, and community gardens, labyrinths, and rejuvenating places are growing all over.

Practitioners are giving back in bigger ways, and now you can find classes on how to make green smoothies at senior centers, and yoga teachers at women's shelters. 

This is a great time to think outside of the box - and expand your offerings of wellness to the community in new ways. Now more than ever people are open and receptive to learning methods of feeling better, and staying healthy. 

Wellness at Work

The corporate world is hip to health. 

Employers are realizing the powerful benefits of helping their employees to stay healthy and happy. 

There's an increase in calm meditative spaces in offices for yoga, silence, and even napping, as well as more demand for yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, and fun fitness (like office mini-golf and playground slides) in the corporate world. 

Corporate wellness programs pay off by increasing job productivity and focus, as well as reducing absenteeism and sick-days. 

Nutrition Gets a Boost

We're going beyond superfoods, now the nutritional buzzwords are adaptogens, mushrooms, collagen, and liposomal delivery systems. 

Customizable whole food diets, meal plans, and enhancing our daily supplements and meals with extra boosts of nutrition are all hot right now. 

We're still living in a super-size world in which fast-food is available off every major highway exit in the USA, and gigantic cheeseburgers and fried food are pop culture favorites on food television.

Thus the need and demand for healthy food, weight-loss support, and nutritional awareness are rising to counter act the excessive eating culture.

Luckily, more choices are arising everywhere, and new ones every year - but with all the new products, education and personal guidance on how to utilize and stick with these options are essential too, and thus is creating lots of demand for health coaches, chefs, spas, and wellness practitioners to help guide people through these choices. 

Grow Your Wellness Business

Grow Your Wellness Business

The worldwide wellness industry is rising, and is impervious to other factors such as job rates, and global economy. In fact, the desire for self empowered wellbeing seems to have an opposite effect of growing stronger and faster, despite their being a slump in the global economy in recent years. 

Wellness is not a fad, our global information age is just raising more awareness about the impacts our lifestyle factors have on our health - from rest, exercise, nutrition, stress, and environmental influences. 

Now more people than ever before are interested and ready to integrate these holistic health practices into their self-care routine, daily meals, work spaces, date nights, family life, and travel activities.

The opportunity is greater than ever before for wellness entrepreneurs to innovate, integrate, and shine in new business ideas and customized healing arts experiential offerings. 

Are you ready to start or grow your wellness business?

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